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Helping you create a profitable coaching business!
MBA, Bachelor in Engineering (Electronics)

Steve Eriksen is the Founder of EventRaptor - the BEST solution for making Virtual Event Management easy!

He's also a tech integration specialist and automation enthusiast.

In his previous role as the Chief Technology Officer for Mary Morrissey, a life coach certification organization with an 8-figure revenue, he was responsible for all the tech that went into their events with thousands of attendees. When Steve hosted a summit for his own coaching business, he couldn't find a good system to help him run his event.

So he took his technical background in the events space, combined it with his real-world experience as an event host, and created EventRaptor, a system that makes virtual event management easy.

Everything you see on this site was born out of Steve's frustration trying to use other event management software, and wanting to create a solution that makes it EASY to host your own virtual event.

Steve is happy to come to your virtual event to talk about EventRaptor, virtual events in general, how to make your virtual event successful, how you can eliminate 90% of the effort involved in setting up your own virtual event, and how that can transform your business.

Note that affiliates are already earning thousands of dollars in commission from EventRaptor. This presents a great opportunity to generate additional income and add value to your event.

Of course, Steve will follow your rules and guidelines, and he has an excellent lead magnet for attendees interested in virtual events. He can also offer strategy sessions, demos and more, as well as a free entry into the EventRaptor Speaker Directory.

More about Steve: over 20 years of studying effective marketing techniques such as Direct Response marketing and NLP (language patterns). Fan of marketing experts Dan Kennedy and Jay Abraham. Former CTO of a major life coach certification and personal development company, self-confessed tech nerd, developer, father, husband, and scuba diver.


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How To Craft Profitable Virtual Events

Many of us are looking to generate sales and income by doing virtual events. Steve shares effective strategies and tactics for crafting virtual events that convert the audience into buyers.

The talk can be changed based on your audience and your topics, and takeaways can include:

  • Why you need to do a virtual summit as soon as possible in your coaching career
  • How to effectively create a community and position yourself as a leader, through meetings and virtual events
  • Top 3 tips you should include in your virtual meetings or events
  • And much more

You can book time with Steve to discuss this talk, here:

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