The Ultimate Online Business Resource Summit
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Organizer Michelle Nedelec
The Ultimate Online Business Resource Summit
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Earn at least 5 Figures with every Retreat you Lead!
Ann Gordon Gordon RetreatSuccess Coach

Get paid to travel the world with your best clients while helping them to have life-changing Aha moments while you play, laugh and experience amazing adventures together. Retreats are the ultimate transformational experience that you can give your clients. They are fun, powerful and you don't even have to deliver a ton of content. Follow a proven Retreat Success System to create, fill and lead transformational retreats as a powerful new addition to your business. 

Business Leadership +1
Education Internet +2
Position Yourself as The Go-To Expert in Your Niche Market
Debbie Allen The Expert of Expert

Discover how to stand out in a crowded marketplace as the go-to expert in your niche industry. This innovative marketing Master Class will show you how to position yourself and your business as an industry leader and/or authority in your industry.


Learn how to quickly accelerate income-generating opportunities and gain more high-value customers, more referrals and more sales. You will discover innovative marketing strategies that you can implement in your business right away.


Marketing Business +1
How To Build A Monetization Monster to Market Your Business.
Doug Sandler CEO Turnkey Podcast

How to use a podcast to market your business and make money. 

Education Marketing +1
Podcast Host Podcast Marketing
Protect Your Assets: Bite-Sized Legal Basics for Brilliant Entrepreneurs
Heather Pearce Campbell

Bite-sized Legal Basics for Brilliant Entrepreneurs (so you can boldly build your business!): Have you ever wondered what it takes to build your business the right way so that you avoid some of the biggest legal pitfalls? Does the process of safeguarding your business sound so overwhelming that you haven’t even started? Or perhaps you think that certain (big business) strategies don’t apply to you? Join me in this presentation where I break down legal basics to help you more powerfully lead your business and make the right strategic decisions (from the start)

How to Create Your Own Economy
Jaden Sterling CEO SSP Software

Regardless of the economy you can create multiple streams of income when you:

Use Money as Leverage

Invest and earn higher rates of return than banks pay

Borrow against your stocks at low rates

Use sophisticated (not complicated) financial strategies

I will share how to do all the above


Superhero YOU 3 Keys to Unlock Your SUPER Business
James Lam Big Cheese

Find out how to build a business around you!

Join me to learn the 3 keys you absolutely need to get YOUR MESSAGE out to the world, and build the business of your dreams!

👉 Your best ever opening About Us line for your website to have potential customers leaning wwwaaaayyyy in!

👉 How to design your products that work to enhance your gifts, and attract your ideal customers (and lots of them!).

👉 What marketing you should actually focus on instead of dabbling with a bit of everything!

The Art & Science of Profitable Joint Ventures
Jay Fiset He is dedicated to facilitating great business relationships and supporting people to organize their life and resources around their passions and gifts.


  - The 3 required beliefs you must align your life and business with to succeed at Joint Ventures…

 - How the key to your success lies not with your product or service but with the keen understanding of your clients' problems before they want or need you and after they have consumed your products or services.

 - How to craft an irresistible and magnetic Joint Venture INVITATION and never have to “pitch” again!

Education Marketing +1
Business Business Plan +3
Sales is Not Four-Letter Word
Jennie Bellinger Sales is Not a Four-Letter Word

Jennie Bellinger is a Certified Professional Coach and the host of the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Podcast. She works with badass direct sales moms who are ready to double their monthly income. An entrepreneur since 2010, she understands the desire to contribute to your family's future and be present with them in the here and now, and how difficult balancing those two priorities can be. So Jennie has learned the hard way (while building two separate businesses, raising two kids, and navigating a divorce) to fulfill that need to contribute and be there for her children.


Jennie is also known as The Direct Sales Domme. Luckily, as a Certified Professional Coach, her methods are very effective, not painful.

Blockchain for Economics
Koleya Karringten Executive Director

Over the past 5 years, there have been an incredible number of predictions about how blockchain based technologies, from cryptocurrencies to new data management and contract systems, will have the power to transform our economies and our lives. In this Blockchain for Economics discussion, we’ll be exploring some of these applications and what this transformative technology might mean for how we do business, exchange value and build a fairer and more equitable future for our global financial systems.

Apply Investment Nightmares to Achieve True Wealth
Lauren Cohen Navigating Across Borders Speaker

Learn how to turn investment nightmares into wealth-oriented dreams as attendees will learn about the tricks to successful cross-border investing and business expansion.

Law / Legal Mindset
Immigration Business +3
How to Grow Your Business Through Speaking
Leisa Reid Founder

Want to make a bigger impact in your business? Leisa Reid shares expert secrets on how to utilize the popular technique of public speaking to broaden your reach and attract more ideal clients easily. This session is most suitable for business owners and entrepreneurs who want to use the power of public speaking to groups to attract their ideal clients and make an impact on the world.

In this talk you will learn:

  • The #1 Secret to a Steady Stream of Speaking Referrals
  • 2 Speaker Strategies to Attract Your Ideal Clients
  • The Speaker’s Attraction Formula
Speaker Training
Start Here: How to Use Custom Boxes to Acquire Customers and Transform Their Lives
Mark Stern Founder, Custom Box

An Ultimate Online Business Resource Summit Exclusive Session!

Custom Boxes unlock a brand new opportunity for how you can serve your customers, clients, and joint venture partners.

For the first time ever, the Custom Box Agency is revealing how you can use physical boxes as a powerful strategy to acquire new business. We'll discuss:

  • How Custom Boxes are a powerful traffic source to amplify your online products and services
  • How Boxes can increase conversions and lower attrition rates
  • What a “Self Liquidating” Box is (and how we're testing it in the market)
  • What should be highlighted in an Acquisition Box Experience
  • The Two Words every business owner should use to indoctrinate your prospective clients and customers

Come join the experience live with Mark Stern in this interactive session.

Business Marketing
Marketing Business +9
Unlock Your Transformational Message On Video
Michelle Kopper Founder & CEO

Want to know how to talk about what you do to engage and enroll your best clients on Video or Livestream?

...and how to craft your client-enrolling marketing message from the inside out so it feels as good as doing the work you love AND helps you enroll more clients?

In this inspiring and illuminating interview with Voice, Video & Visibility Expert Michelle Kopper you will discover how to power up your visibility with confidence using the most engaging and far-reaching visibility platform of our time: Video and LIVEstreams!

Get the REAL SCOOP about how to break through the noise in today’s world.

  • What’s working right now to be highly visible in a way that turns followers and fans into ideal clients and some of the common mistakes people make as well as how to avoid them...
  • Why VIDEO is so VULNERABLE and what to do when you get that "deer-in-the-headlights" feeling when you go live, hit the record button, or walk on stage.
  • Why do some entrepreneurs and experts “do everything right” and work all their visibility tools and still not have as many clients as they want?
  • The secret ingredient that lights up your marketing and visibility so that your best clients are drawn to you like a lighthouse in a storm.
  • How to unlock your secret-sauce so that your visibility and confident energetic presence flows like water to magnetically attract your favorite clients so they show up ready to hire you on the spot.
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Position Your Business to Scale
Michelle Nedelec Creative Director - Digital Marketing Agency specializing in Affiliate Marketing
In the online world of business, it's increasingly important to set your business up in a way that positions you to scale, if that's your goal.  Discover why you want to scale your business and how to do so effectively if that's your end game.  The online world of business can be incredibly complicated and thwart with difficult and confusing decisions, but it doesn't have to be.   Join Michelle while she simplifies the choices you have so that you can make a clear and competent decision about your technology and where your business is going. 
Business IT consulting and services +2
Marketing Technology +16
How to use speaking to grow your business to beyond your wildest imagination!
Moira Ni Ghallachoir

Moira shows entrepreneurs a powerful pathway to enrolling more clients, making way more money and having a globetrotting lifestyle  – without the complicated strategies. So they can finally enjoy the success and the freedom they started their business for in the first place. She went from being a youth worker living in London making 30k a year to a business mentor and speaking, building a multiple 6 figure revenue in less than 3 years. She has captivated audiences worldwide with her powerful talks, her retreats in Paris, New York and Dublin as well as her newest venture - stylish secret supper style gatherings for big thinking entrepreneurs to get their message out in a big way anywhere in the world. 


How to be a category of one
Simon Severino CEO and Founder

to follow

How to SCALE with Virtual Events
Steve Eriksen Founder and CEO

If you've got a product or service to sell, the only way to make sales is to get your offer in front of people.

You can do that one by one - or you can grow fast when you're in front of more people.

And there's no better way of getting in front of people than hosting your own virtual event!

Steve will discuss the MINDSET around virtual events, to ensure you get it right the first time! This isn't a motivational mindset talk - it's about the key tactics and strategies that will propel you on your road to success.

Tune in for Steve's talk!

Virtual Events Webinars
Power Your Profits
Susie Carder Profit Coach

Learn how to create a plan that is aligned perfectly with what you want from your business and your life.   

Identify the highest income producing activities that need to be done daily while avoiding the things that will not make money.

The one big hurdle that prevents most entrepreneurs from ever reaching their goal as well as the steps needed to overcome this so the business can reach its highest earning potential.

Business Financial services
Business Plan Entrepreneurship +3
Connections to Cashflow: Must-know Secrets for Building a Network that REALLY Works
Virginia Muzquiz Referral Alchemist

Most of the business owners in your network are running unconscious referral algorithms. They don’t really think about you until someone asks for a recommendation, and then they drop your name. If you are lucky, you’ve met a couple of referral archeologists who are willing to DIG in their network to see what opportunities they can find hidden in their “Rolodex.” And then, there are the elusive referral alchemists who can seemingly make referrals appear out of thin air! Jim Rohn said we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with… so if you want to hang out with the alchemists, you need to learn to BE an alchemist… and that is what Connections to Cashflow is all about!