The Global Evolution Of Business Summit
The Global Evolution Of Business Summit
Created 2 years 4 months ago
Organizer Kerry George
The Global Evolution Of Business Summit
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Timezone: Mountain Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Fri, Apr 22, 2022 4:00 PM (2 years 3 weeks ago)


The Global Evolution Of Business Summit is an opportunity for business leaders and networking organizations to gather and share their wisdom with the larger business community of the world. We are looking for speakers who have networking groups of substantial size, or business gurus with a significant following who want to share their expertise as we come together with unity and purpose to help the global entrepreneurial community to connect and collaborate.

Do you have a networking organization? A large Facebook group for entrepreneurs? Significant meetup groups that come together for educational or networking purposes? Are you making a difference in the world of entrepreneurs? We are looking for you to come and share “What is new?” What have you seen evolving in the world and how does it impact businesses? Are you an expert in marketing? Networking? Collaboration? What is new?

We want to celebrate your achievements and center you on the world stage!

CIBN Connect will be your hosts and we will feature you as the experts that you are, by bringing you the recognition that you deserve as a global influencer! Speakers who desire to assist as facilitators during the larger networking meetings during the summit will be invited to do so. They can help running break-out groups and showing the attendees how to network effectively. It is not compulsory if you have other obligations with your time. You may decide to do so after you have been accepted as a speaker.

Speakers may offer a VIP gift to those who take the upgrade. It should be valued at $500 or more.

Speakers are JV partners for this event and will receive 50% of the upgrade for the attendees who take the upgrade of 97$ and who registered with their link.

Events Partnerships (sponsorships) will be sold for this event for $997 USD and $1997 USD. Our speaker JV partners will receive 50% of the sale for any Epic Partners that join at that level. 

If sales are made to the attendees by CIBN Connect over the next 90 days after the summit a 35% commission will be paid to the registering JV partner 30 days after their payments clear the bank.

Speakers can participate for free but they must have an audience and a growing networking organization or large FB group to qualify. 

We will do a half hour pre-recorded interview with our speakers and they may promote themselves and make an offer in these videos.

Speaker JV partners will be rewarded in placement on the page according to how well they are promoting the event. Updates will be made weekly based of numbers registered.

Networks & Fundraising, the WIN WIN
Bernie Franzgrote Synergy Architect | Co-Founder | Connector | B2B

It is a WIN-WIN when raising funds that support a charity, your network and local businesses. This is a good way to reach outside of your normal channels. 

Three WINning points:

  • The Fundraiser WIN
  • The Marketing WIN
  • The Impact WIN
Business Marketing
Business Development PR (Public Relations) +6
Podcasting: Elevating Your Business, Your Brand, Your Credibility & Your Networking
Carl Richards Podcast Strategist

In this presentation we will talk about:

  • The 5 Podcasting Myths
  • Benefits of having a podcast
  • 3 P's to Successful Podcast Launching
  • How Your Podcast Enhances Your Networking
Business Education +4
Business Digital Marketing +5
Creating Business Success on A Global Scale: 4 Foundations to Scale
Christine Campbell Rapin CEO & Business Success Coach

Ready to scale your business on a global stage? Sounds great, but HOW do you do it? Is it just a question of doing more??? Not, quite... it requires intentional strategy, clarity of messaging and a strong foundation so you don't end up working 24/7 and risking burnout.


Come to this presentation and you will learn: 

• Myth bust on what it will take to grow on a global scale.

• What are the 4 essential foundations for every successful business to bridge the gap. 

• To give yourself permission to after your dreams.

• Opportunities to network on a global stage. 


Business Leadership +1
Business Personal Growth +10
How to Use Joint Ventures and Partnerships to Grow Your Business
David Riklan Founder -

USE COUPON Code; “global”, to get this VIP Gift offer for free. 

During this powerful session, you will:

Learn why Joint Venture Partnerships are the # 1 marketing strategy in the digital age.
Identify exactly who would be your ideal Joint Venture Partner.
Develop a process for gaining support from new partners.
Find out how to connect with the TOP names in your industry.
Get easy steps to get featured on podcasts and other virtual events.

Business Education +1
Business Business Development +3
Let's Start Some Conversations!
Eveline Gwynn Chief Operating Officer

Are you looking for a way to effectively grow your business using multi-channel outbound lead generation that sets you up as a known expert in your field? Would you like to try a method that generates sales appointments for your business and enables you to increase sales opportunities and revenue?

Eveline will show a method you can use to find new leads, re-engage clients, not yet ready clients, and dormant leads, without relying exclusively on referrals, using communication tools and platforms you are likely already using.

Business Education +1
Email Marketing Training LinkedIn Marketing
Grand Connection - Get Known! Get Found! Get Paid! With Gerry Foster
Gerry Foster & Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt Co Founder of the Grand Connection

Connect, Create & Collaborate at the Grand Connection EDUnetworking global business event, with expert speaker Gerry Foster the Brand Evangelist.  

Establishing a profitable brand can make or break your business, especially if you offer skills, talents, and services. Standing out in a sea of perceived sameness to your competitors becomes even more challenging. Setting yourself apart from other businesses that do what you do requires a strategic branding approach to stand out, get known, get found, and get paid like never before!

Join our Grand Connection community to network, meet like minded businesses from around the world and learn practical and meaningful branding strategies to succeed. 

Business Education
Marketing Business +3
How To Use A Large FB Group To Build Your Network
Haley Gray Marketing Geek

How to use a large Facebook Group to build your connections, network, and business! (Without having to grow your own!)

Business Leadership +1
Facebook Social Media +8
$ Know Your Worth $
Isis Latham Vice President

This little child inside of us can show up at the most inopportune times. Or sometimes it is the critical parent that shows up. When this happens it derails us. It costs us our sale and most of all, it leaves us feeling humiliated and less than. You deserve to WIN! So let's uncover what Transactional Analysis is and how to take charge. 

Financial services
The New Networking
Kerry George Mentoring, Networking, Mastermind & Business Expert

Networking was the same for thousands of years. It was being done belly to belly on the Silk Road and in Merchant Guilds in exactly the same way that we have been doing it in weekly clubs over the last 100 years. About 25 years ago this began to change with the advent of emailing, social media, and online opportunities. Then in 2020 the whole world changed. Join Kerry George as she talks about how to add your social to your networking for maximum effectiveness and profit that you never knew was possible!

Business Leadership +4
Marketing Business +12
Collaborative Books: Should they be part of your marketing plan?
Krystal Hille CEO of Hille House Publishing

Collaborative books have gaind significant momentum in recent years as a marketing tool for credibility and client aquisition. 

They've also received criticism. What's all the hype about? Why would anyone pay to play? Is this really an effective marketing option? So many important questions!

Key Themes: 

  • How we got here: How did these books come about and why are they so popular right now?
  • Bottom Line Impact: What do we need to know about the good, the bad and the ugly of being a collaborative author?
  • Future Landscape: Where is the industry going an what are your best next steps?
Leadership Marketing
Storytelling Lead Generation +23
Now - Any Biz That Wants One Can Have It's Own 24/7 BizDev Capability - For Less Than The Cost Of Just 1 Average Wage Employee!
Mark Layder The BizConnector Business Strategist

“ The effect was amazing… everyone was talking about it. It made a real impact on me. Mark's work & approach is unique”

(Bob Lemon Pres.Life Plus Int'l - commenting on never having seen a BizConnector work before)


The internationally renowned author and long time Editor of Success Magazine - OG MANDINO said it like this:

Mark's work “ is a precious road map to a better business & life, a map that will guide you to success and happiness and wealth you never dreamed possible.” 


…. There IS a better-simpler way to design & run a business! Discover it for yourself. BIZCONNECT 

Design Leadership +3
Communication Lead Generation +13
Coffee Time Networking!
Morning Coffee Networking With Kerry & Cheryl Networking

Coffee Time Networking with Kerry George and Cheryl Erickson


Global Online Speed Networking
Nestene Botha Chief Executive Dreamer Explore ProTech

Create shared prosperity through powerful alliances. Do business in a global village. Meet entrepreneurs from around the world and ACTUALLY get a chance to connect with them on a level that is so much deeper than just business.

The Global Online Speed Networking Event is informed by Explore ProTech's famous slogan "Coffee First, Business Later." It's where B2B service-based entrepreneurs from around the world meet to connect and build relationships that last and more importantly, produce real business opportunities.

Abundance Entrepreneurship +8
The Secrets of Empowering Negotiation
Richard Kaye Business Growth Strategist

Everything you do is a negotiation! From the moment you wake up—the first negotiation you have is with yourself. When you wake up in the morning, you negotiate: Are you going to get out of bed now, or snuggle under the covers for a while?

What if you knew the seven “magical” words which have the potential to increase what you get paid for something, or reduce what you pay for something?

Learn these words and so much more . . .

You will leave this program having new skills, language, and strategies for improving your bottom line.

Business Education
Communication Business +2
Productive Networking Takes A Strategic Approach
Siobhan Fitzpatrick CEO and Founder

Networking requires two things - having a GAME PLAN and HELPING OTHER PEOPLE.

No matter what industry or profession you’re in, actively networking is critical to its success. And while it may often feel like it’s a full-time job in itself, having a strategic plan in line with your goals will pay dividends.

During this presentation, Siobhán will share her FIVE tips to strategical build your network and create a return on your investment.

Business Leadership +3
Marketing Business +7
How to make $10,000 or more with a simple virtual event
Steve Eriksen Founder and CEO

It's indisputable - events is one of the key revenue generators for a TON of successful, authors, coaches and therapists. Steve has been part of events generating millions of dollars for the host.

Until COVID, creating events was out of reach for most of us - but now, the world has turned virtual and even total newbies can create generate 5-figures or more with virtual events. In this talk, Steve shares how you too can generate $10,000 or more with a simple virtual event!

Business Marketing +2
Internet Communication +12
The 6 Grand Principles of Networking
Susan Jarema President & Co-founder

Join Carolyn and Susan, co-founders of the Grand Connection, to discover key networking strategies that will impact the success of your business. This duo will share how to make the most of your networking investment to build purposeful partnerships that create value and success. It is important to build a strong well-connected network with solid trusted relationships founded on integrity and credibility. In this valuable talk, you will learn best practices to create significant collaborations, supportive and profitable referral partners, and meaningful joint ventures. "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Marketing SEO +1
How To Get Nine Times The Prospects To Raise Their Hand and Ask For More Details From You Using Strategic Risk Reversal
Tom Matzen Chief Movement Maker

Over the last 33 years the single most helpful business strategy I ever learned was the power of a great guarantee. In this talk I'll show you the exact six steps to create your own, with ease. The single easiest way to dramatically grow your impact, influence and income.

Business Marketing
Marketing Lead Generation +1
Superpower Your Purpose: Harness the Power of Collaborative Podcasting
Tonya Dawn Recla Executive Director

Do you have a message to share with the world about your purpose? Do you want to harness the power of podcasting to expand your influence? Then this presentation on the power of collaborative podcasting can show you how. As creator of the Superpower Network, in the top 1.5% of podcasts globally and top 20 podcasts for personal development, Tonya Dawn Recla shares the secrets of their success and the pitfalls to avoid in podcasting. Join this inspiring presentation that shines light on the energetic nature of podcasting and invites you to leverage it to superpower your purpose! 

Entertainment & Art Marketing +2
Podcast Creation Podcast Host +3
Self-Leadership in Networking
Wendy Kraft Owner

Explore the profit of developing long-lasting relationships via “digital hospitality” and being service-minded, in this online networking age. She will share techniques and principles you can apply that will help you advance in business through networking-even when you “are barely in business" & may feel awkward networking because of limited experience and/or cash flow. She will share tips and strategies that, when applied, set you as an asset to the organization as a whole, and well-remembered and appreciated by its owner(s) organizer(s). 

Wendy will show you how to use these strategies to simultaneously build your own network, business, and bank account.

Education Leadership
Communication Personal Development +8
The Exitpreneuer Test: How many vacation days can you take: 1 day, 1 month, 1 year?

I loved the journey as an entrepreneur, and still do. But I will be honest: I started a business where I couldn't be off phone or email for 1 day. It took me nine years to be able to leave for 1 month. And thirteen years to leave for 1 year, this was the year I sold my business and received time and resources beyond my imagination.

I will share Exitpreneurial secrets of building a mission-driven business that gives you the freedom, stability, and fulfillment you deserve in return for your effort, money, and risk you put into your business. 

Through this talk, you will learn

  • 3 Keys to build an exit-driven company
  • The difference in company value
  • How to build a team that drives through your journey
Entrepreneurship Business Consulting +1
Networking Networking Networking
Zechariah James Founder - 𝗖𝗜𝗕𝗡 𝗖𝗼𝗻𝗻𝗲𝗰𝘁

Let's get this party started with networking! Join in for the first networking session of the summit! 

Zechariah James and Kerry George the founders of CIBN Connect are going to show you how to network like you have neve networked before. This is pre-coffee Kerry at her finest (She is not a morning person), and Zechariah James leading the charge with 4 different ways to network and breakout rooms like you have never seen them before.

Business Leadership +2
Abundance Networking +1