Own Your Stage
Own Your Stage
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Organizer Steve Eriksen
Own Your Stage
Timezone: Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Sun, Dec 31, 2023 11:59 PM (4 months 2 weeks ago)


The Own Your Stage summit is looking for partners!


The Own Your Stage summit is for Speakers, Coaches, Therapists, Authors, and small businesses looking to be successful and grow their businesses by speaking. 

We’re looking for kick-ass coaches that teach people how to improve their presentations, maximize sales and income from speaking, build their authority, land more speaking gigs, and more.

Do you…

  • Have a successful speaking career?
  • Teach or work with speakers?
  • Have advice, gold-nuggets, or resources that would benefit speakers?
  • Teach something that speakers would really benefit from?

If you match any of the above, we'd love for you to apply to speak at the summit.


This is the fourth Own Your Stage summit.

Some results from the first summit:

  • The lowest attended session had 51 people live in the audience
  • The highest attended session had over 80 people live in the audience
  • We averaged between 65 and 75 live attendees throughout the event
  • We sold 109 ‘VIP Upgrades’ to the audience


About the event

  • Own Your Stage is a public event that’s completely free to attend. Because we’re not charging for tickets, we have a limited marketing budget and are therefore looking for partners to share their content and promote the event to their audiences.
  • The event consists of 3 days of presentations from our partners in Zoom meeting mode.
  • Partners can provide either a live or pre-recorded presentation on a topic that will benefit our audience of speakers. Each speaker session will be 55 minutes, including time for introductions, your talk, and audience Q&A.
  • This is a fantastic opportunity to speak to a highly interested, highly targeted niche of your ideal target audience.
  • Several of our speakers have generated thousands of dollars from new clients by speaking at our summits!


Partner guidelines

  • Please ensure your presentation is relevant to the audience and the theme of the event. If you have content that is not relevant to speakers, please ensure you modify it so that it’s directly relevant.
  • Your presentation should include only a short introduction to yourself, and the main part should focus on teaching the audience key concepts, methodologies, strategies or tactics.
  • So that we can reach as many people as possible, you are required to promote the event to your email and social media followers. We’ll provide you with graphics, copy, and a personalized link. Ideal promotional times are:
    • 1-2 weeks before the event starts
    • 1-2 days before the event starts
    • The day before your talk, promoting your talk to your list
  • You cannot promote any paid offers or affiliate links to other products or services. Also, any links you provide to the audience must be approved before the summit.
  • It is free to speak if you follow the speaker rules and you get at least 25 registrants for the summit using your promoter link. If you do not follow the rules or do not get sufficient registrants through your link, there will be a speaking fee of up to $147, depending on the number of registrants.

Monetization opportunities

During the event, we’ll be prompting the audience to take various actions:

  1. Create a free speaker profile in EventRaptor
  2. Purchase a VIP pass to the event, giving lifetime access to the recordings from the event
  3. Purchase a monthly subscription offer for our CRM and Event Management System, at $99 a month

You can earn from promoting the summit, both through VIP affiliate commission as well as purchases of EventRaptor products and services. To qualify for the affiliate commission, you need to bring in at least 25 registrants for the summit.

  • You get 50% affiliate commission on VIP ticket sales after payment processing costs (early bird is $27; full price is $47)
  • You'll additionally earn up to $200 in affiliate commission on purchases of the subscription offer; earned as $50 a month for up to 4 months of the subscription period.

We also offer a limited number of sponsorship opportunities for the event, please contact Steve (steve@eventraptor.com) for more details.


To get started, click the “Apply” button and fill out your details - we’ll get back to you soon!

Get Real, Get Unruly & Get Rich
Ann Bennett Brand Profit Builder

The biggest mistake that entrepreneurs make is not spending enough time to get the power of their Renegade Brand: A Brand that expresses your true self and creates a unique experience for your customer. With a Renegade Brand you become not only the one people want to work with but…the only one they want to work with.

When you can dial in your Renegade Brand there is no competition because there is no one quite like you. It’s not what you do but who you BE that ignites people connect and work with you. It’s not that you are not good enough, not smart enough…it’s that you are not YOU enough.

We are in a time of mass-distraction and digital dementia and millions of options and it’s only going to get worse. In-order-to cut through the noise of 3 billion websites and hundreds of communications hitting your in box every day you must become a Disruptor.

In this humorous, sizzling, and sassy talk Ann will show you how to use your Renegade Brand Archetype to cut through all the B.S. and marketing hype to make real and meaningful connections with your audience. So that you work with your right fit clients, create massive results for them, and make more money than you ever thought possible all while having the time of your life!

"Aha!" – Making Magic as an Introvert Speaker
Dallas Amsden Speaking Trainer for Introverts

We've all felt that moment; right? That moment when a speaker is talking and something happens in the room –– an “Aha!” occurs –– a moment …of truth, of clarity, of “Magic.

And if you're tired of hearing things like “Great talk!” and “Nice job!” after your talks but not getting conversions, then you need to be able to find and create those moments… 

BUT… how do you create those moments, especially if you're an Introvert Entrepreneur??

Well, contrary to popular belief, most Introvert Entrepreneurs don't have trouble getting on stage. Introversion does not equal "Shy," and when the lights go on, a lot of Introverts can take the stage and PERFORM …however… those moments don't occur because you know how to PERFORM.

In this session, Dallas will help you move past the PERFORM so you can leverage your introversion authentically and create moments that will have audience members come up afterward and say, Wow! How do I work with you!?!

Business Entertainment & Art +4
Communication Storytelling +13
Making $ Every Time You Speak
Dannella Burnett EncoreEliteEvents & SpeakersNeedToSpeak

Speaking without monetization is just talking.   Are you positioning yourself to make money every time your speak?  Not all gigs are created equal and the right gigs can make a massive impact to your profit and influence.  Be prepared, positioned, ready to be profitable and get the right gigs! 

Are You Seeking Publicity?
Dr. Richard Kaye Business Growth Strategist

One of the fastest ways to grow your business is with Profitable, Powerful Publicity . . .

During this segment you will learn . . .

  • what are the distinctions between PR, advertising, and publicity
  • how to pitch to show hosts (including radio and television)
  • why talk radio programs are looking for you
  • what not to do when pitching
  • how to get invited back
  • and, of course, a lot more . . .
What's Your Story, Morning Glory?
Elizabeth Johnston Story Coach

Story is your wingman, no matter what stage you find yourself on - networking events, virtual dinner parties, pop-up masterminds, summits, podcasts, FB lives -- anywhere!

Learn how to welcome story into your business as naturally as a flower unfurling in the sunlight. In this workshop, you'll learn 

  • why story is so important to your business,
  • how to master your story mindset, and
  • how to craft stories that resonate with your right-fit clients that you love to work with.

Let story open the doors for you in your business so you show up as your brilliantly, iridescent self!

Client Attraction Abundance +1
Mastering the Art of Selling from the Stage: Boosting Conversions and Unleashing Your Sales Potential
Erin Loman Jeck Speaking Coach- TEDx Speaking Coach

Erin has lost power in her house! She will record a video for us, and we will make it available later as a free replay.

Unlock the secrets of powerful stage selling with 'Mastering the Art of Selling from the Stage.' In this transformative experience, you'll discover how to captivate your audience, build trust, and unleash your sales potential. Join us on a journey that combines the psychology of connection with expert insights, and learn how to monetize your message, make a lasting impact, and inspire action in others. Elevate your speaking and selling skills to new heights with the guidance of a leading authority, Erin, who empowers purpose-driven entrepreneurs to think big and play to win!

Psychology Prosperity +2
Failure is Actually THE BEST Option
Holly Bertone Mindset Coach, Consultant, Speaker

As successful speakers, professionals, and overachievers, we do it all. But then, life challenges happen. It's easy to be grateful when you are successful.

But what happens when something goes wrong? 

They say that failure is the only option. Let's beg to differ. It's actually THE BEST option. 

In this thought-provoking talk, Holly shares her 4-step process on why leveraging failure is the best path to success so that you can increase mental resilience and have the clarity and confidence to turn your struggle into your greatest strength.

Business Health & Well-being +2
Resilience Mindset Coaching +5
Get on More Stages with Guerrilla Publicity
Jill Lublin Premier Publicity Authority

If you want to be the #1 influencer in your industry, you’ve got to get bigger media visibility.

Based on her international bestseller, Guerrilla Publicity, Jill shares simple strategies to help you go from unknown to newsworthy.

Sharing her proven secrets to understanding what the media wants, Jill provides you with short-term, doable tactics that boost visibility for you and your brand.

  • Proven secrets to understand what the media outlets want
  • Get instant, actionable techniques that will boost your visibility.
  • Learn how to drive prospects to your door and profits to your pockets!
How Coaches and Entrepreneurs Can Instantly Profit by Speaking on Four Types of Stages
Kimberly Crowe Founder and CEO

Gain practical insights into each stage of the speaking journey, including a hidden treasure that gives you extraordinary influence and powerful messaging.

Learn how to leverage these stages to amplify your message, enhance your personal brand, and drive real action.
Transform into a magnetic speaker who not only grabs attention but also sparks meaningful change.

3 Mistakes Stopping Conversions from Your Lead Magnet
Kimberly Weitkamp Marketing Strategist and Coach

You might be losing more leads than you think…even before they join your list!  Inside this presentation, you’ll discover the top three mistakes people make when creating a lead magnet…and how they actually stop people from converting. 

Discover how a few small tweaks can completely transform your entire lead generation process. Marketing and lead generation doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. You can be visible to more of the right people at the right time with the right messaging. We’ll cover:

What’s stopping conversions…

The power of picking the right topic…

How to get engagement on your lead magnet…

…and so much more!

Lead Generation
What it means to be Santa
Mike Facherty Santa Mike

Santa Mike will talk about being Santa and The S.A.N.T.A. Mantra (Show Appreciation, Nurture Thoughtful Actions). He will also suggest an easy way to show your children and other people your appreciation and provide a free gift to help you do it.

TEDx Impact Accelerator
Navdeep Pasricha TEDx Speaker Coach

How to become the ‘go to’ choice In your field, and accelerate your impact, without It taking decades, even if you’re short on time.

Learn the 3 secrets to:

  • Land your TEDx Talk in as little as 30 days, when most take years;
  • Design your talk so it grows your business for decades, not months;
  • Leverage it so clients choose you over anyone else.

PLUS you’ll have the opportunity to sit in the Hot Seat with the TEDx Coach so you can gain clarity and confidence on your message for the masses!

Business Leadership +3
Presentation Skills Public Speaking +3
Monetizing Your Message through Public Speaking
Orly Amor Business Coach for Public Speakers

Monetizing Your Message through Public Speaking

Many entrepreneurs don’t know how to leverage their skills and experience to maximize their earning potential and many Professional Speakers are struggling to get booked and make money doing their craft. In this talk Orly Amor shares the many opportunities available to Professional Speakers and business owners to grow their brand and position themselves as Subject Matter Experts as a public speaker.

Orly has worked with hundreds of Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Entrepreneurs and helped them triple and quadruple their sales from the stage.

In her talk, Orly shares the secrets of the speaking business as only a 27-year veteran can and in this talk she brings her top tools, techniques, and strategies for setting yourself up for success.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned speaker this talk is for everyone.

You will learn how to:

  • Get booked to speak in 30 days or less.
  • Set your speaking fees.
  • Leverage the most powerful speaker marketing strategy.
  • Sell yourself as a professional speaker.
Business Mindset
Behavior Modification Body Confidence
5 Steps from White Belt Worker to Black Belt BOSS in your life/biz - for Introverted Working Professionals
Raja Vaidya Master

Your invaluable benefits:

  1. Discover that over 95% of leadership success comes from training, not birthright.
  2. Leverage insights from my extensive $100k, 6-year investment in personal growth, condensed for your quick transformation.
  3. Be inspired by my real-life achievements, from vast interviews to significant weight loss and ascending as a top-tier speaker.
  4. Gain exclusive strategies that propelled a stuttering foreigner to global recognition as a Master Black Belt Champion.
  5. Begin an authentic transformation journey with integrity and conviction. Your desired future awaits; are you poised to seize it?

Coach Raja “Believe it and Become it”

Business Health & Well-being +3
Bullying Client Attraction +19
Overcome Virtual Meeting Mistakes to Increase Engagement and Sales
Robbie Samuels Event Design Consultant & Zoom Producer

Despite many online entrepreneurs embracing Zoom even before the pandemic made it a household name, even 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs are facing challenges, snafus, and disruptions while launching new products or delivering their programs. 

  • Participants unmuting at inappropriate moments throwing off the speaker
  • Participant accidentally drew on a slide, causing a major distraction in chat
  • The Zoom account did not have breakout rooms enabled
  • Low attendance compared to high registration numbers
  • A large number of participants dropped off the call before the call to action

You’ll learn specific steps to mitigate these disruptions so your participants can focus on your content.

Virtual Events Event Planning / Organizing +4
How to EFFORTLESSLY Create Leads and Convert Them Into High Ticket Clients!
Steve Eriksen Founder and CEO

Join us to discover the 5 really foundational elements you need to incorporate into your business to be successful.

After having seen hundreds of coaches struggle, and having been part of an organization that trains and educates life coaches, I'll share with you what separates successful coaches, and those who continue to struggle to make a living from their coaching business.

Business Marketing +2
Internet Communication +12
Are You Stuck? How to Obliterate Your Obstacles and Finally Start Growing!
Steve Eriksen Founder and CEO

Are you stuck? Finding all the marketing and tech systems too complex and difficult to implement?


Would you like to just get it working without the hassle?

Join us for this session!

Business Marketing +2
Internet Communication +12
Vulnerability on Stage: How to connect deeply with your audience
Vince Warnock Author, Podcast Host and Visibility Coach

Imagine if you had a superpower that enabled you to connect with your audience on a much deeper level!

Imagine if they leaned in to every word you said!

Well that superpower exists and the beauty is…..you already have it!

Learn how to harness the power of vulnerability in a way that is both safe and powerful.

How to Network Your Way On Stage
Virginia Muzquiz Referral Alchemist

Just networking (showing up to events) is never enough to produce a result.  In this fast-paced presentation, you'll discover how to get yourself REFERRED to the stages you most want to be on.  

Business Marketing