Own Your Stage April 2024
Own Your Stage April 2024
Created 4 weeks 2 days ago
Host: Steve & Jennie Eriksen
Own Your Stage April 2024
Timezone: Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Event date(s): -

Registration ends: Mon, Sep 30, 2024 11:59 PM (7 months 1 day from now)

Open: Accepting Speaker Applications Until Sunday, 10 March, 11:59 PM

The 5th Own Your Stage summit is looking for partners!


The Own Your Stage summit is for Speakers, Coaches, Therapists, Authors, and small businesses looking to be successful and grow their businesses by speaking. 

We’re looking for kick-ass coaches that teach people how to improve their presentations, maximize sales and income from speaking, build their authority, land more speaking gigs, and more.

Do you…

  • Have a successful speaking career?
  • Teach or work with speakers?
  • Have advice, gold-nuggets, or resources that would benefit speakers?
  • Teach something that speakers would really benefit from?

If you match any of the above, we'd love for you to apply to speak at the summit.

This is the fifth Own Your Stage summit.

Some results from the first summit:

  • The lowest attended session had 51 people live in the audience
  • The highest attended session had over 80 people live in the audience
  • We averaged between 65 and 75 live attendees throughout the event
  • We sold 109 ‘VIP Upgrades’ to the audience


About the event

  • Own Your Stage is a public event that’s completely free to attend. Because we’re not charging for tickets, we have a limited marketing budget and are therefore looking for partners to share their content and promote the event to their audiences.
  • The event consists of 2 days of presentations from our partners in Zoom meeting mode.
  • Partners can provide either a live or pre-recorded presentation on a topic that will benefit our audience of speakers. Each speaker session will be 45 minutes, including time for introductions, your talk, and audience Q&A.
  • This is a fantastic opportunity to speak to a highly interested, highly targeted niche of your ideal target audience.
  • Several of our speakers have generated thousands of dollars from new clients by speaking at our summits!


Partner guidelines

  • Please ensure your presentation is relevant to the audience and the theme of the event. If you have content that is not relevant to speakers, please ensure you modify it so that it’s directly relevant.
  • Your presentation should include only a short introduction to yourself, and the main part should focus on teaching the audience key concepts, methodologies, strategies, or tactics.
  • So that we can reach as many people as possible, you are required to promote the event to your email and social media followers. We’ll provide you with graphics, copy, and a personalized link. Ideal promotional times are:
    • 1-2 weeks before the event starts
    • 1-2 days before the event starts
    • The day before your talk, promoting your talk to your list
  • You cannot promote any paid offers or affiliate links to other products or services. Also, any links you provide to the audience must be approved before the summit. You can talk about what you do and offer a gift to the audience so they are added to your list, and then promote to the audience who are interested in more information.
  • It is free to speak if you follow the speaker rules and you get at least 25 registrants for the summit using your promoter link. If you do not follow the rules or do not get sufficient registrants through your link, there will be a speaking fee of up to $147, depending on the number of registrants.
  • We also promote actively to our community - for our last event, we had 209 registrants from our own lists and efforts.

Monetization opportunities

During the event, we’ll be prompting the audience to take various actions, which may include:

  1. Create a free speaker profile in EventRaptor
  2. Purchase a VIP pass to the event, giving lifetime access to the recordings from the event
  3. Purchase a monthly subscription offer for our CRM and Event Management System, at $99 a month
  4. Sign up for our Six-figure Virtual Summit Program

You can earn from promoting the summit, both through VIP affiliate commission as well as purchases of EventRaptor products and services. To qualify for the affiliate commission, you need to bring in at least 25 registrants for the summit.

  • You get 50% affiliate commission on VIP ticket sales after payment processing costs (early bird is $27; full price is $47)
  • You'll additionally earn up to $200 in affiliate commission on purchases of the subscription offer; earned as $50 a month for up to 4 months of the subscription period.

We also offer a limited number of sponsorship opportunities for the event, please contact Steve (steve@eventraptor.com) for more details.


To get started, click the “Apply” button and fill out your details - we’ll get back to you soon!

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