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Own Your Stage
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Organizer Steve Eriksen
Own Your Stage
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The Own Your Stage summit is looking for partners!


The Own Your Stage summit is for Speakers, Coaches, Therapists, Authors, and small businesses looking to be successful and grow their businesses by speaking. 

We’re looking for kick-ass coaches that teach people how to improve their presentations, maximize sales and income from speaking, build their authority, land more speaking gigs, and more.

Do you…

  • Have a successful speaking career?
  • Teach or work with speakers?
  • Have advice, gold-nuggets, or resources that would benefit speakers?
  • Teach something that speakers would really benefit from?

If you hit any of the above, we'd love for you to apply to speak at the summit. Our last summit averaged 40 attendees live in the room at any time, and we’re looking for a similar result this time too.

Why you should speak at the summit:


Reach your ideal prospects

Monetization opportunities (see below)

Invite to a networking session so you can start JVs and strategic alliances with other providers that serve speakers. Feb 11 at 2PM ET


Here’s how the event works:

  • Own Your Stage is a public event that’s completely free to attend. Because we’re not charging for tickets, we have a limited marketing budget and are looking for partners to share their content and promote the event to their tribe.
  • The event consists of several days of presentations from our partners in Zoom meeting mode.
  • Partners can provide either a live or pre-recorded presentation on a topic that will benefit our audience of speakers. Each live presentation should be 40 minutes, including time for audience Q&A.


To ensure we’re providing as much value as possible, we’re requesting the following from our partners:

  • Please ensure your presentation is relevant to the audience and the theme of the event. If you have content that is not relevant to speakers, please ensure you modify it so that it’s directly relevant.
  • So that we can reach as many people as possible, please promote the event to your email and social media followers. We’ll provide you with graphics, copy, and a personalized link. Ideal promotional times are:
    • A week before the event starts
    • 1-2 days before the event starts
    • The day before your talk, promoting your talk to your list
  • Please do not promote any paid offers or affiliate links to other products or services. We currently have two selling slots available for partners - please contact us for more details.

Monetization opportunities

During the event, we’ll be prompting the audience to take two actions:

  1. Create a free speaker profile in EventRaptor
  2. Purchase a VIP pass to the event, giving lifetime access to the recordings from the event, as well as access to a paid event following the summit

You can earn from promoting the summit, both through VIP affiliate commission as well as purchases of EventRaptor products and services.

  • You get 50% affiliate commission on VIP ticket sales (est. $25-$50 per sale)
  • You’ll earn 30% affiliate commission on any EventRaptor membership sales for 2 months following the summit, from those who sign up using your link, (est. $250-$400 per sale)

We also offer a limited number of sponsorship opportunities for the event, please contact Steve (steve@eventraptor.com) for more details.


To get started, click the “Apply” button at the top of the page and fill out your details - we’ll get back to you soon!

The Top Three Body Language Tips for Creating Solid Sales!
Alexanne Stone NLP Trainer & Body Language Expert

You have seven seconds to develop likeability, credibility, confidence, and TRUST!

With as much as 93% of your body language affecting the outcome of building strong relationships that result in “Yes”, how do you know what message you're sending? Not only that, how do you know what someone else's body language is telling you? Will they buy? Won't they buy? Am I asking for too much? Should I lower my offer?

Discover the Top Three Tips to knowing how to read and close sales using both your verbal and non-verbal language. Know how to handle what you see, but don't quite know what it means. What's the difference between “Lean In” and “Lean Back” and what do you say? 

Do you want to close more sales? You'll walk away from this presentation with more confidence and the ability to turn your conversations into solid sales!

Expert Secrets To Turn Speaking Leads Into High Paying Clients
Alexis Caldicott Business & Event Consultant

So Confused Why Speaking Leads Aren't Buying That… 

… You Don't Know Whether to Scratch Your Watch or Wind Your Butt? 

It's no surprise when 67% of what attendees hear you say is forgotten & GONE within 24 hours!  Speakers MUST have a marketing strategy to takes leads OUT of the audience & puts them INto their client roster. Without it, you were simply “Edu-tainment” (education + entertainment).

During this presentation you'll learn:

  • #1 Reason Speaking Leads Aren't Buying From You
  • Marketing Methods Guaranteed to Increase Your Success 67%
  • Ways to Magnetize Your Ideal Clients & Weed Out the Tire Kickers
  • Masterful Ways to Guide Your Speaking Leads EXACTLY Where You Want Them To Go!

Don't miss this high level training!

Marketing Client Attraction +14
Making $ Every Time You Speak
Dannella Burnett EncoreEliteEvents & SpeakersNeedToSpeak

Speaking without monetization is just talking.   Are you positioning yourself to make money every time your speak?  Not all gigs are created equal and the right gigs can make a massive impact to your profit and influence.  Be prepared, positioned, ready to be profitable and get the right gigs! 

Authentic Follow Up After Speaking… More Clients And Abundance With Ease
Debbie Hoffman President

So many speakers struggle to consistently enroll clients, because they don’t have a reliable sales and follow-up system in place. They spend so much time, energy and money creating their perfect presentation…a beautiful website…developing programs and packages…running Facebook ads…but they’re not getting the results they desire because they’re not following up after their speaking gigs.

Follow up and sales is all about connecting and building relationships. People who feel connected to you are more likely to work with you. 

Debbie Hoffman, Sales & Follow-Up Expert, will introduce you to her heart-centered approach to growing your business by focusing on building relationships, creating value and serving the needs of potential clients and referral partners. She understands what it takes to to come from the heart and get more ‘Yesses’.

During her presentation, she will share from her wealth of knowledge on the art of follow-up.

You’ll discover how to:

  • Follow up after speaking engagements in a more authentic way that builds deep and profitable connections… without being salesy
  • Develop a reliable follow-up system that keeps clients (and income) from slipping through the cracks
  • Produce a consistent flow of highly qualified and enthusiastic clients who are excited to work with you
Five Relationship Hacks to Creating Raving Fans of Your Customers and Build Sustainable Business Growth
Dr. Renee Gordon Dr. Renee Gordon

Relationships are the key to building wild growth within your business. Dr. Renee, influenced early on by the book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, will take you on a journey of applying these updated five relationship hacks to your own organization. As she says, “luv’n on your clients should be your #1 mission in the growth of your business, revenue, and longevity”.

Business Development Target Marketing +2
How to Meet Cool People and Turn Casual Connections Into Cash Clients (YES! The fortune IS In The Follow Up!)
Ely Delaney Automated Systems Strategist

We’ve all heard “the fortune is in the follow up”, but what does it really mean?

With technology, we’re more connected to the world yet further from those right next to us.

Discover how to grow a recession-proof business using “Old School Relationships” with “New World Tech” and build loyal clients that last for decades.

Sales Email Marketing Training +1
How to Make $10k from stage when speaking
Erin Loman Jeck CEO

Come learn the fastest path to clients and customers with speaking to sell. If you have ever gotten off a stage and received glowing reviews or even a standing ovation, BUT no one bought what you were offering, YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!

I will teach you how to build the know, like, and trust before you ever enter the room, and make money before you even leave home.

Business Media +1
Speaker Training
10 Speaker Bookings in 10 Days
Jackie Lapin Founder of SpeakerTunity, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company and Expert at Helping Leaders Get Booked

Disappointed at the dearth of speaking opportunities on your calendar? Haven’t really buckled down to get things moving? Living on wishes that someone will just ask you to come fill their stage?

Stop with the pipe dreams and start the flow!

10 Speaker Bookings in 10 Days is your answer. This presentation will give you the kickstart you need to fuel your speaking engine!

You will discover:

  • How you can turn 10 days into the beginning of a lifetime of speaking opportunities
  • A day-by-day strategy that builds on itself
  • The exact steps to take to start the flow of speaking gigs
  • Solutions for reducing your research and connection time getting to bookers

Prime this cascade and watch it spill over into a flood of opportunity!

Public Speaking
How to Be a Published Author and Established Yourself as the Expert in Your Field
Jim Connolly High Performance Coach/Consultant, Speaker, Author, Book Publishing Sherpa

Getting noticed and being heard above the noise is a challenge we all have as speakers, entrepreneurs, and business owners.  Being a published author is your edge in being top of mind to your perfect customers. Get clarity to who, what, and why a book in your hand is the most powerful marketing weapon that you can have and how it fits into your branding/marketing plan so you can optimize your organization to support your perfect life.

Business Marketing +1
Marketing Client Attraction +8
Stories: Your secret weapon for outselling the competition
Julie May President and founder

Have you been speaking at events (virtual and in person) for a while and just haven't been getting the sales you want at the end of your presentation? Are you looking to host your own events to convert your audience into your products and services?

In this presentation, I'm going to be sharing with you some of our most ninja secret weapons for converting your audience into your high ticket programs and being able to help them have long term success. 

How To Profitably Use Networking To Further Your Speaking Career
Kerry George Mentoring, Networking, Mastermind & Business Expert

Is networking a good place to get speaking gigs? 

What are the advantages of being part of a business network?

How would a speaker network profitably?

These and many more questions will be answered by Networking Guru Kerry George who has ran over 6000 networking events!

Speakers have some unique needs, yet they have many of the same challenges that other business owners have. They need paying gigs. They need people to connect them to the decision makers that hire speakers for those gigs. Bottom line revenue comes either from being paid to speak, or by speaking at a conference that lets you sell from the stage. Selling from the stage is awesome, as long as you are good at it and as long as you have something to sell.

Find out how a network of amazing professionals can keep you from making mistakes. 

Discover how your networking can get you the gigs you want.

Learn how to fill seats at your own speaking events.

You will be amazed and wowed!

Business Leadership +4
Marketing Business +12
It's Just a Matter of Time
Marc Haine Experience Designer

As speakers, we are built to serve. But too many of us try to deliver too much in too short a time span to be effective. In this engaging presentation Coach and Speaker Presentation Timer app developer, Marc Haine will break down the components of your presentation and uncover the perfect timing you need to gain and keep your audiences' attention while avoiding the deadly boring habits many speakers have.

He will also show how using the right technology will not only keep you on track but will also keep you from, what actors call, “breaking the 4th wall.”

Business Leadership
How to Network without talking to strangers
Michael Whitehouse The Guy Who Knows a Guy

We think of networking as being all about shmoozing, handing out business cards, and being outgoing. What it's really about is creating value and making connections. You don't have to attend events to network. You don't have to know a lot of people to be a connector. You don't even need to ever talk to strangers to be a great connector and networker. Michael Whitehouse will teach you how.

Business Leadership +2
How to Double Your Speaking Sales on your follow up calls without being pushy.
Steve Brossman The Sales Innovator

STOP losing money from your talk. 

As a Speaker you love speaking… yet this talk will double even triple your impact and your sales by knowing exactly  how to excite those who didn't take action on the day to get on a call  AND how you can have them ASK TO BUY without being pushy or salesy. 

You will be given a proven Blueprint to follow: 

  • To boost the buying energy before the call.
  • To have a 100% Show rate on your calls.
  • That creates a powerful yet stress free sales process.
  • Multiplies the ROI on all the work that goes into the talk.

This has been used by life coaches selling their first ever program to sales professionals selling $½ mill per month.  If you are in between you need to be here. 

How Owning Your Stage Can Increase Your Authority, Enhance Your Influence and CREATE SALES!
Steve Eriksen Founder and CEO

Steve shows you how virtual summits are an excellent way to increase your authority and influence, and how you can easily host your own digital event.

He'll cover the the foundational strategies that will help you get sales, and will share some options for how you can create a virtual event that suits you and you have full control over, rather than falling into the trap that many experience - where your digital event takes over your life for months. If you have ever thought about running a virtual summit, workshop or webinar, but didn't know how to get started, or thought it was too much work - this is a talk you'll want to attend.

Business Marketing +2
Internet Communication +12
Your Path to $250,000 or more in sales, even if you have no idea how to get started
Steve Eriksen Founder and CEO

As a speaker, your aim is to sell your products and services.

In this summit, there have been amazing presentations and interviews to help you get on stages, improve your engagement, deliver great talks, and more.

But how do you put it all together? How do you create a solid reliable and repeatable system you can do again and again, to bring you to $250K or more in sales?

In this talk, Steve will share with you the system he is creating for a select few exclusive clients to help them grow their business to $250K or beyond.

You can use Steve's system even if you are getting started - in fact, Steve is refining the methodology he used to launch his own coaching business, and sharing with you the exact steps you need to take.

THIS IS NOT A SALES PITCH. There won't be an order form. Just solid gold giving you a plan for how to grow your own business.

Business Marketing +2
Internet Communication +12
(LUNCH TIME DEMO) EventRaptor Meeting & Summit Solution
Steve Eriksen Founder and CEO

Curious to know how easy it is to set up and run a virtual event like a meeting, webinar or summit?

Come and join me as I do a walk-through of the EventRaptor platform, warts and all. We're still in beta with lots of features and development coming, so we're offering an truly amazing lifetime deal for those who want to run their own events.

And - as a speaker, you truly should run your own events!

Business Marketing +2
Internet Communication +12
The 3 key stories every presentation needs to grab attention and sell without high pressure sales tactics
Steve Werner Webinar & Story-Selling Master

How to build a riveting presentation that auciances love, learn from, and buy from - all without embarrassing, high pressure sales tactics.

Event Planning / Organizing Sales +1
Backstage Secrets to Build Your Business On Stage
Toni Caruso CEO

Everyone is a speaker. Whether you are 1-on-1 or 1 to many you are speaking. Studies show that the fastest way to build your business is through speaking. If you don't know the business of speaking; you may be missing out on opportunities to be more visible on and off the stage. So how can you make the most of every stage you step upon? That is what Toni is here to share with you. It's time to step on-stage, engage the audience, and maximize your impact. You will learn…

  • The types of stages available and how to negotiate each one.
  • The Business of speaking; behind the curtain tips you need to know that may be keeping you from making a bigger impact or being ask back again and again.
  • The do's and don'ts when speaking on other peoples' stages.
Public Speaking
Your Voice Matters!
Wendy Corner CEO

Everyone has a message to share and few of us are equipped to do so effectively!

In this live and interactive presentation we will explore one of the 7 Pillars of Influential Communication - Power!

How we use the voice, which conveys ~40% of our message, is a BIG part of being a successful speaker. 

We will look at 5 aspects of the wonderful instrument you have sitting in your neck and factors that impact your voice. (This content has previously been offered at $227.)

Fall in love with your voice and how you can use it to best effect (and avoid damaging it!) in ALL communication and especially from the stage.

Your voice really does matter!

Business Education +3
Public Speaking
Become an Expert Who Speaks Professionally
Debbie Allen, CSP The Expert of Experts

During this content-rich and interactive presentation you will discover a proven step-by-step action plan and proven marketing strategies to build a highly profitable speaking business with multiple income streams. Learn how to effectively reinvent when you speaking business when the world changes around you.

How To Amplify Your Authority & Attract New Clients
Tom Bailey Founder of Succeed Through Speaking

Amplify Your Authority and Get Your Message to Market With Confidence & Clarity So You Can Raise Your Profile or Gain New Clients!

Amplify Your Authority

Have you been putting off speaking, presenting or getting in front of your market? I'm sure you don't want to put it off any longer! In this live demonstration, you’ll see the exact Expert Authority Accelerator that Experts & Entrepreneurs from London to New York are using to get their message to market with confidence and clarity using a proven 3-step framework in under 90 days.

During This Live Demonstration, You’ll Discover:

  • How speaking with confidence, congruence and conviction is the missing piece to your marketing puzzle.
  • The three critical characteristics that any expert or entrepreneur must possess in order to successfully build their profile in any industry.

This is a live demo designed to grow your speaking & presenting capability. There is nothing to buy.

Business Education +1
Marketing Business +4
How to Create 6 Figure World-Class Digital Events, even if you don't have a list, don't have a signature story, and don't have any money
Ken Krell #1 Online Event Strategist

How to Create 6 Figure World-Class Digital Events, even if you don't have a list, don't have a signature story, and don't have any money

Be a ROCKSTAR! Speaking on stage or on screen
Monica Bozinov The Inner Game of Money

As a speaker you need to step up, be seen and be heard.

And that can be nerve wrecking!

So how do you do it?

I am sure you have been told to: “Get out of your own way” just like I was.

Let me show you the fastest, almost magical way to do just that.

Join me for 25 fun, interactive and transformative minutes and become the ROCKSTAR you know you are!

It is your time now to ROCK it on stage!

Speak with Confidence Workshop
Lori Robertson SpeakHer Coach

What if there was a way to master the fear and confidently share any message, anytime?

Your message is worthy of sharing. It's the gift you have for someone who needs it. And when you use your message to help someone else, you unlock meaning, impact and purpose in your own life.

So why do we let fear hold us back? It's how we're wired!

But fear doesn't get the last word.

Through this workshop, you'll learn the mindset and skillset to combat that fear that wants to keep you quiet (and safe!) so you can speak with confidence.

First, we'll examine the physical symptoms we all experience when fear shows up. And physical tactics we can use to disarm the fear and channel that energy into excitement to speak up and serve.

Next, we'll talk about how our emotions can hold us back. But feelings don't have brains. Thankfully, we can use intentional thoughts and beliefs to shift our perspective.

Finally, we'll get into the nitty-gritty of confidence. We'll learn what makes a confident speaker and how we can cultivate confidence for ourselves.

Public speaking isn't a talent given only to a unique few. It's a skill to be learned and mastered by those whose passion and purpose are stronger than the fear. 

I can't wait to help you tip the scales in your favor! 

3 Keys to Unlock the Power of Your Voice from the Virtual Stage
Carissa Karner Fearless Public Speaking Coach and Licensed Psychotherapist

Feel FEARLESS when you step into the spotlight.

Would you like to feel confident and comfortable anytime you step up to speak?

Whatever your comfort level as a speaker, this presentation will show you how to unlock the power of your voice from the virtual stage so that you can speak to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

In this talk, you will pick up the process to:

  • Speak your message with confidence and authority.
  • Avoid making the one mistake that’s sure to turn off your audience.
  • Access the courage that already lies with you so you can be ready to speak anywhere.
  • Tap into the warehouse of stories from your life so you are never at a loss for what to say.
  • Stand out as a speaker that knows how to shine in the spotlight.

If you want to speak WITH confidence and WITHOUT anxiety, then don’t miss this stand-out presentation. 

Education Health & Well-being +1
Public Speaking Speaker Training +1
3 Shifts To Skyrocket Your Business With More Visibility, Revenue And Impact Using Video
Dallin Nead CEO of Content Supply Co.

If you struggle with growing your audience and getting the word out about your product or service, this workshop will help using the power of VIDEO

I'll show you the PLAN you need to monetize your knowledge, influence and message online with video in 3 easy steps.

LEGACIES, LEGENDS & HEROES: Tell Your Story to Build Your Community
Jim Chong Principal

Are you ready to change the world?  Ready, Set, Grow!  During this presentation, you will learn how your story will help you build your audience, own the stage while helping others be magnetized and inspired to do something big.   You will learn why understanding the concept of legacy and story is key to enhancing your “why” and helping you achieve your success in positively influencing others.  Learn practical tips on how to build your audience, your bottomline, and stand out in the crowd.  Understand the synergy of speaking, writing, and why they are key to how you will be remembered.

MIC DROP STORIES: How to find them and tell them so your customer leans in for more
Johanna Walker Public Speaking Coach

You've likely heard a thousand times (and then some) that stories are hard-wired into our DNA, and that stories are the best way to connect with your audience and convert them into loyal followers. When you tell the right story well, a story can cut through the noise and make a straight shot to your customer's heart and soul, which is exactly where they buy from. 

You already know that, because you're a savvy business owner, but truth be told, most people have no idea how to do that well. They don't know how to find the best stories to tell, or how to craft them into highly relevant, relatable, client-converting stories that show your humanity, convey your message AND deliver value. 

Join this session to learn:

  • How to identify the RIGHT story to tell
  • The biggest mistakes to avoid when telling your story
  • The keys to telling a compelling, client-converting story

Tune in to this fun, value-packed session to learn the secrets to telling better stories from ANY stage – and getting a YES from your audience every time you speak.

Leadership PR & Communications
Marketing Storytelling +8