The Virtual Speakers Success Summit
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Organizer Erin Loman Jeck
The Virtual Speakers Success Summit
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Timezone: Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Fri, May 10, 2024 5:00 PM (1 week 2 days ago)


🌠 Calling All Speaking Sensations: The Virtual Speakers Success Summit Wants YOU! 🌠

Are you a dynamo on the stage, ready to drop wisdom bombs and light up lives with your words? The Virtual Speakers Success Summit is on the hunt for speakers like you to join our star-studded lineup for an electrifying 3-day event that's set to transform the speaking landscape!

Why Speak at Our Summit? 🎤

  • Showcase Your Expertise: Share your insights, strategies, and stories with an eager, diverse audience hungry for your wisdom.
  • Expand Your Reach: Connect with thousands of attendees, including event organizers, industry influencers, and potential clients from around the globe.
  • Join a Community of Changemakers: Collaborate with other top-tier speakers in a vibrant community committed to mutual success and innovation.
  • Boost Your Brand: Elevate your personal and professional brand by being featured alongside the best in the biz.
  • Drive Your Mission Forward: Use this platform to further your impact, spread your message, and drive your mission forward in meaningful ways.
  • Monetize Your Participation: Discover new avenues to monetize your speaking engagements, from corporate bookings to lucrative partnerships.

We’re Looking For Speakers Who Are:

  • Passionate about delivering value and engaging with audiences on a deep, authentic level.
  • Eager to share cutting-edge strategies and insights that work in today's world of public and virtual speaking.
  • Ready to inspire action, drive change, and make a lasting impact with their message.
  • Interested in leveraging the summit to grow their network, increase their visibility, and enhance their speaking career.

What’s In It for You?

  • Promotional Power-Up: Benefit from our extensive marketing efforts, social media buzz, and promotional materials designed to showcase your brilliance.
  • Networking Nirvana: Connect with other industry leaders, form valuable relationships, and open doors to new opportunities.
  • Audience Amplification: Get in front of a highly engaged audience, including decision-makers, thought leaders, and potential clients who are ready to be wowed.
  • Expert Exchange: Participate in exclusive speaker masterminds and networking sessions to exchange ideas, strategies, and best practices.

Ready to Light Up the Virtual Stage? ✨ Join us as a speaker at the Virtual Speakers Success Summit and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of speaking. Let's embark on this adventure together, creating a ripple effect of inspiration, education, and transformation that will be felt across the globe.

Apply now to become a speaker and let’s make this summit an unforgettable journey of growth, impact, and fun—because the more fun we have, the more money we make, right?

Submit Your Speaker Application Today!

How to Optimize Your Revenue with High Ticket Sales
Alyson Franz Revenue Optimization Strategist

In an interactive discussion between Erin Loman Jeck and Alyson, Alyson will discuss many of the way that coaches, consultants and online entrepreneurs leave money on the table by not optimizing their sales process and what they can do to increase conversions.  Learn how to reverse engineer your sales and much more in this energetic, detailed discussion!

Sales Increase Profit and Revenue +1
Wealth in a Weekend - How to Generate A Year's Worth of Income in a Single Weekend + pdf
Amanda Moxley Best Selling Author, Speaker and Coach

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners and High Level Entrepreneurs Are Making That's Keeping them from Generating Last Year’s Income In A Single Weekend

  • Secrets on how to go from making 20% profit to 50%+ at live and virtual events, retreats, and workshops.
  • Event Budget Cheat sheet!
  • ​How to Go into Your Event Profitable vs Expensive Energy Leaking Exhaustion!
  • 12 Steps to Easily Fill your profitable events.
  • Outline to make a year’s income in a single weekend!​​
  • ​​​My time-tested AMOX money tips so you can go into your events in the green (and generate PURE PROFIT from your event with my budget strategy! (pdf download)
  • ​​My 3-step system to easily fill your events (I'll walk you through the important steps & details of how to market, fill, lead & ROCK out your own events) pdf download
  • ​​How some of my clients have generated more than last year’s income in a weekend (one client generated over $750k from her first event… and another one 400k!)
9 Essential Questions Method: The Essence of Fulfillment
Anaiis Salles Visionary Creativity Consultant

My 9EQ Method ‘Me Too Mom’ 8 week hybrid personal development adventure is the only program available that reveals the long term, hidden damage of being the scarred child of a jealous mother or an absent father. Stop 'ping-ponging' between Self-Sabotage and Self-Sacrifice so that through Self-Awareness you find freedom and joy.

Learn to trust and embrace your unique journey of self-awareness, self-reflection, and self-expression. Discernment, confidence, and respect lead to a grounded, centered and satisfying life formed through YOUR co-creative DNA blueprint. Discover just how good it feels to live in the Essence of Fulfillment.

Education Family & Parenting +2
Personal Growth Resilience +3
Finding Your Topic
Chris Hanlon

So you have been asked to give a talk, and you have said yes… But what are you going to talk about? You know your stuff and could talk all day on your topic of expertise. But you only have 45 minutes! Choosing anything means leaving out everything else. How do you keep context with only half the story?

Chris has helped speakers craft a 15-minute TEDx talk from their life's work (talk about pressure!). In this presentation, Chris will take you through the process he uses with his TEDx speakers to find the right angle for an accessible talk that opens the door for future communication with your audience.

Business Education +2
Unleashing Your Badassery & AI Tools to Attract More Clients On-Demand
Christie Ruffino Profitize Your Purpose™ Coach

Learn how to use your unique brand, partnered with leading-edge AI tools and automations to create an online marketing machine that generates a consistent, reliable, and unlimited flow of ideal prospects and clients for your business — on auto pilot! (With a little help from Christie's AI assistant, Brandi Bot 🤖)

Key Points Covered

  • Master Your Brand’s Narrative: Craft a compelling brand story that resonates deeply with your target audience, establishing a strong emotional connection.
  • Optimize the Customer Journey: Map and enhance every touchpoint to provide a seamless, engaging experience that converts prospects into loyal customers.
  • Create Irresistible Offers: Learn how to develop 'bait' that attracts your ideal clients and effectively communicates the unique value of your services.
Business Marketing +1
Marketing Client Attraction +3
Make Shifts Happen: From Mindset To Heartset To Create A Magnetic Life
Dawn Gaden LPC, Self Image Expert, intenSati Leader

Do you feel discouraged, stuck and unfulfilled, ready for a shift in how you feel? Do you feel like you're on autopilot, going through the motions of life and not getting what you really want? Are you ready to bust out of the box of mediocre, align mindset and heartset and unleash your creativity, voice and the power of your brilliance? Are you ready for a shift?

It’s time to amplify your life for more joy! Now is the time to end the trance of unworthiness, lack and limitation, and consciously create the life you desire!

I.V.E.A. is the secret system to get you off of autopilot and into the joy of living a magnetic life.

You will learn to:

  • Turn on your INTUITION to your inner personal power
  • VISUALIZE and create the image for your success and happiness
  • Elevate your EMOTIONS - it’s your compass for success
  • Take inspired ACTION
The VIP ‘Care-Is-Magic’ Marketing Secrets To AutoMagicially Grow Your Business Fast!
Dean Hankey Marketing Magician & People Pro!

Make More & Massive Money Doing What You LOVE Leveraging The Multi-Million Dollar Money Making Marketing Magic EXPLOSIVE ‘C4’, Care-Is-Magic Secrets of Show Business To GROW Business Without Breaking The Bank!

Low (to No) Cost, Super HIGH Impact, Income Generating Marketing That ROCKS With Real Revenue Rewards and Results!

  • Discover The Super Simple, 3 Step VIP Care-Is-Magic Methods for Getting What You Want On Command & Demand! (Real Jedi Magic Here!)
  • How To Create ‘FULLFILLED, (FULL of the Right People, FILLED With Real profits!) Packed & Profitable’ VIP Events Without Any of The Pre-Existing List, Leads, Experience or Expense… Guaranteed!!
  • The Proven, Powerful, Profit Producing System Strategy For Getting More Business, Making More Money & Serving More People! (Not Necessarily in THAT Order! - Hint! HINT!)

Success Systems, Tools, Templates For Real ‘Care-Is-Magic, Money Making Marketing Magic RESULTS For You and Your Business!

5 Simple Shifts Any Entrepreneur Can Make to Generate 5, 6, even 7 Figures as a TV Host...Even If You Have NO Experience!
Diane Forster TV Host & Producer - TV Network Presiden

Learn the 5 Simple Shifts that most entrepreneurs and professionals need to make in order to STAND OUT!  Diane has helped thousands of women reinvent their lives and has helped launch hundreds of successful, profitable TV Shows that help you Build Your Brand, Business, and Bank Account!  If you are looking to Get More Media Attention, Attract More High Paying Clients, Make More and Work Less, this presentation is for you!

Mastering the Art of Selling from the Stage: Own the stage and convert audience to clients on demand
Erin Loman Jeck CEO- Executive Speaking Coach, Tedx Speaking Coach

Erin will be guiding speakers through the journey of turning an audience into a client base with confidence and authenticity. Erin's approach centers on the Psychology of Connection, where she reveals the subtle techniques to build trust and rapport with any audience, leaving them not just inspired but compelled to take action.

She discusses the strategies to "Own the Stage," ensuring a powerful presence that exudes authority and approachability. Through personal stories and real-life examples, Erin demonstrates how to craft messages that resonate deeply with audiences, creating a seamless transition from inspiration to conversion. By learning to anticipate audience needs and strategically weaving calls to action into your talk, you'll transform passive listeners into engaged clients.

Erin's insights are a roadmap to unlocking your speaking potential, helping you monetize your message, and maximizing your impact on any stage.

Psychology Prosperity +2
Unlocking the TEDx Stage: A Blueprint for Crafting and Securing Your TEDx Talk
Erin Loman Jeck CEO- Executive Speaking Coach, Tedx Speaking Coach

Come learn the essential steps to create a compelling TEDx talk and navigate the application process successfully. Erin Loman Jeck, a seasoned TEDx speaking coach, will share insider tips on structuring your presentation, identifying key themes, and captivating the TEDx selection committee. The audience will leave with actionable insights on positioning their unique message for the TEDx platform and boosting their chances of being selected to speak.

Psychology Prosperity +2
Your money blocks are killing your business
Erin Loman Jeck CEO- Executive Speaking Coach, Tedx Speaking Coach

Unlock Your True Earning Potential: Overcome the Subconscious Barriers to Success

In the dynamic and transformative talk, "Your Money Blocks Are Killing Your Business," we delve deep into the invisible barriers that hold entrepreneurs back from achieving their financial dreams. Discover the hidden world of subconscious beliefs that silently dictate your business, sales strategies, and income ceiling. Whether you're on the brink of six figures or aiming for seven, this session is your key to unlocking profound insights and actionable strategies.

Join us as we explore the psychology of money—how your deepest fears and unchallenged narratives shape your financial destiny. Learn to identify and dismantle the beliefs that sabotage your success. Through a blend of psychological insights and real-world applications, you'll leave equipped to break through your blocks, elevate your business, and finally step into the financial success you deserve.

Prepare to challenge your mindset, transform your approach to money, and ignite significant growth in your business!

Psychology Prosperity +2
Unlock Your Potential: Ask Erin Anything About Business & Speaking!
Erin Loman Jeck CEO- Executive Speaking Coach, Tedx Speaking Coach

Supercharge Your Success: Dive into a Free Power Hour with Erin!

Ready to turbocharge your business and speaking career? Join Erin for an electrifying hour of laser-focused coaching designed to tackle your most pressing challenges. Whether it's scaling your business, mastering the stage, smashing through money blocks, or generating multiple streams of income, Erin has the insights and strategies you need. From uncovering limiting beliefs to securing paid speaking gigs, no topic is off-limits! This is a rare opportunity to receive personalized advice from a top-tier speaking and business coach—absolutely free. Don’t miss out on this chance to elevate your entrepreneurial game and soar to new heights. Claim your spot now and let Erin help you transform your potential into extraordinary success!

Psychology Prosperity +2
How to become a transformational speaker that is highly sought after on stages
Erin Loman Jeck CEO- Executive Speaking Coach, Tedx Speaking Coach

Join us at lunch time and find out how to be a highly sought after speaker!

Join the Transformational Speakers Program:

Psychology Prosperity +2
Why Successful Life and Business Coaches Use Speaking as their No.1 Strategy for Client Attraction & Lead Generation
Jackie Lapin Founder of SpeakerTunity, The Speaker & Leader Resource Company and Expert at Helping Leaders Get Booked

8 Essential Strategies That Optimize Speaking for Coaches for Consistent Revenue Generation and Client Attraction

Growing a business as a life or business coach can be very rewarding, drawing upon your expertise to help clients achieve success. But the nature of coaching is that, should you be successful, your clients graduate to independence. Which means you are always looking for new prospects to fill your client list!

Coaches who use speaking as a means to attract new clients find it immeasurably easier to fill their client rosters than those who rely on referral or other means of marketing! One-to-many success on stages, leaves more time for living a life of balance. So how do you get booked consistently for the speaking engagements, podcasts and other opportunities that uplevel your client attraction?

That’s what you’ll learn in Why Successful Life and Business Coaches Use Speaking as their No.1 Strategy for Client Attraction & Lead Generation!

How to Create, Run, and Host Simple, Profitable Virtual Events
Janelle Anderson Speaking Confidence Coach

Dive into the dynamic world of virtual events! This talk is your gateway to unlocking the potential of virtual events in transforming your business. Imagine tapping into strategies that not only elevate your revenue but also expand your client base and skyrocket your brand's visibility. You'll discover the secrets behind profitable virtual events – the kind that captivates audiences and opens up new revenue

 streams. Gain insider tips on creating engaging content that resonates with your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

If you are eager to harness the power of virtual events – whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this presentation is for you. You'll leave with actionable insights, inspired ideas, and the confidence to host virtual events that truly make an impact. So, are you ready to raise the bar for your business with virtual events?

Business Mindset +1
Client Attraction Storytelling +5
How to Choose a High-Converting Lead Magnet Topic
Kimberly Weitkamp Marketing Strategist and Coach

You might be losing more leads than you think…even before they join your list!  Inside this presentation, you’ll discover how to choose the right topic for a lead magnet…and how the wrong topic actually turns people away! 

Discover a simple process to completely transform your entire lead generation process. Marketing and lead generation doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. You can be visible to more of the right people at the right time with the right messaging. We’ll cover:

What a lead magnet is…and isn't…

The power of picking the right topic…

The 7-Step Conversion Process…

…and so much more!

Lead Generation Digital Marketing +3
Get Real About Realizing Your Authority
Linda Negron Director of Marketing Operations

Does the world recognize your authority? Do you? Linda Negron explains what you can do to realize your personal path to power. From using your Authority-Card to speaking on stage, there’s always a way to amplify your authority and seize opportunity. 

Family & Parenting Health & Well-being +3
Developing your identity
The Author Advantage: Elevate Your Brand Authority and Transform Your Book into a Client Magnet
Lynda Sunshine West Founder & CEO, Action Takers Publishing

In "The Author Advantage," join Lynda Sunshine West, founder of Action Takers Publishing and 36 times #1 International Bestselling Author, as she reveals how your book can elevate your brand and attract clients. This dynamic session delivers practical strategies and transformative insights, ensuring your authorial debut is not just a launch but a leap toward unparalleled brand recognition.

You'll walk away with:

  1. Insights on Positioning Your Book as the Ultimate Business Card
  2. Strategies to Extract and Amplify Key Insights from Your Book
  3. Knowledge of How to Establish Yourself as an Authority in Your Space
  4. Techniques for Using Your Book to Maximize Your Visibility
  5. Understanding of How to Monetize Your Book

Whether you're an aspiring author or a seasoned entrepreneur, "The Author Advantage" will equip you with the tools, strategies, and inspiration you need to transform your book into a powerful tool for client attraction and brand elevation. This session promises to empower you in your quest to build an unforgettable brand.

How to Soar After a Free Fall
Nikki Green Life & Business Resiliency Expert

On the roller coaster of entrepreneurship, how do you maintain mental resiliency to keep going after your goals?  One minute your are creating your genius and can see all around from the peak. The next, you are in free fall at breakneck speed.

How do you find resilience in yourself and your business to get through the trough and up to the next peak?

It can be the difference of one mental step!

Business Leadership
Leadership, Mental Performance Overcoming Mental Blocks
Monetizing Your Message through Public Speaking
Orly Amor Business Coach for Public Speakers

Many entrepreneurs don’t know how to leverage their skills and experience to maximize their earning potential. In this talk Orly Amor shares the many opportunities available to business owners to grow their brand and position themselves as Subject Matter Experts as a public speaker.

Orly has worked with hundreds of coaches and entrepreneurs and helped them triple and quadruple their sales from the stage.

In her talk, Orly shares the secrets of the speaking business as only a 24-year veteran can and in this talk she brings her top tools, techniques, and strategies for setting yourself up for success.

You'll learn how to:

  • Get booked to speak in 30 days or less.
  • Set your speaking fees.
  • Build a multi-dimensional business model.

Becoming a public speaker opens many avenues to grow your business and provides you with opportunities for additional revenue. Orly shows you how.

PR & Communications
Business Development
Beyond Survival: Embracing the Cosmic Dance of Resilience and Purpose
Rosie Unite Founder and CEO of ImaginateLife

Join Rosie on a transformative journey from adversity to self-discovery in "Beyond Survival." This talk unveils how to live a purpose-driven life, heal through neuroscience and spirituality, and manifest your dreams. Learn strategies for emotional and physical healing, resilience, and drawing strength from challenges. Discover the power of supportive communities in fostering growth and well-being. Rosie's story inspires a reevaluation of obstacles, showcasing that profound growth stems from deep challenges.

Psychology Prosperity +2
Launch Your Virtual Speaking Tour: Attract High-Ticket Clients from Stage Monthly (even if you have no list)
Sean D Stewart High-Ticket Enrollment Expert


How To Transition Your 1-on-1 Clients Into a High-Ticket Group Program And Free Up Your Time ASAP (Yes, This IS Possible!!)

The “Hybrid Group Model” That Put Your Program on EVERGREEN So You Can Finally Stop Burning Out With Over-Delivering And Undercharging.

How To Leverage Other People's Audiences To Fill Your Group Programs With Ideal Clients Every Single Month

The Secrets Of World Class Group Programs That Get Better Results Than ‘High Touch’ One-On-One Coaching Ever Could.

3 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Succeed Faster with Greater Impact and Less Effort
Shiraz Baboo Reality Interventionist

What if the reason that persistent business problem won't go away is because you don't want it to go away? What if it is due to underlying fears you're not even aware of? What if, by discovering those fear, you can release them and get better results within days? Learn how to discover these fears and remove them so that your life and business prosper.

Own Your OWN Stage: Your Business Growth Blueprint
Steve Eriksen Founder and CEO

Join me to discover the power of owning your own stage - whether it's a podcast, Facebook group, or, as we recommend, a virtual summit.

By building a platform you can build your authority in your field faster than you might imagine, and sky-rocket your results.

In this session we'll cover some truths and some myths, and point you in a direction that will boost your visibility and get your target audience booking appointments with you and buying your services.

Business Marketing +2
Internet Communication +12
Landing More Corporate Clients with Bigger Profits
Steven Rowell Business Mentor

Steven Rowell shares best practices from his 25 years of selling change management consulting and speaking services to corporations. Explore corporate sponsorships, and how to sell 208,000 copies of your own book. Discover a proven licensing model which provides low- to mid-six figures for each client project using Champion Networks. And learn how to earn five figures from a single Association event. 

Business Leadership +1
Marketing Sales +1
How to Have Your Courses Sold for You in 200 Countries
Tim Taylor Co-CEO

So you've got some courses, or are thinking of creating some.  Now what?  How do you promote them, deliver them, monetize them, and manage them?  Do you need to move beyond being a creator to become a marketer also?  How do you effectively expand your reach to other countries?  How do you communicate with others that don't speak English?  

Tune in as we share some out of the box thinking on ways to have people in every country in the world actively promoting your courses in nearly every language in the world.    

It's all about the reach!   Are you ready to expand yours, or are you willing to settle for where you are now?  You will love this session!

Charting Your Course to Influence: Strategies for Thriving Using Themed Cruises and the Ever-Evolving World of Entrepreneurship.
Toni Kaufman Producer, Director, PMP, Founder and CEO

What?  Three cruises that will change the narrative of your career success? Join us as we embark on an exhilarating journey through the dynamic realms of entrepreneurship, speaking, and podcasting. How to plan your success through participation in The Speakers Cruise, The Podcasters Cruise, and The Marketers Cruise, discover how to navigate the seas of success, leveraging the latest strategies and insights to thrive in today's ever-evolving landscape.

From mastering the art of storytelling to unlocking the secrets of effective marketing, affiliates, and joint ventures, this talk will empower you to chart your course to influence and impact.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, aspiring speaker, or budding podcaster, come aboard and set sail for success in the digital age.

Marketing PR & Communications
Personal Development Affiliate Marketing +2