Evakarin Wallin
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The Queen of Transformation
Evakarin is a Certified Money Breakthrough Coach, and is tra
Evakarin Wallin is the Queen of Transformation and helps coaches ready to step up their game to rewire their mind so they actually believe that clients come easily, and they start getting a lot of referrals.

When Evakarin began her coaching business 20 years ago, she knew nothing about how to market and sell her service and she quickly hired her first business coach. Years later, frustrated she was doing everything right and was still just barely paying the bills, she became aware of the degree of stressful feelings she had due to being stuck year after year. 

Once she realized that suppressing those feelings was the very thing holding her back, she learned how to use the feelings as information but couldn’t find a release technique that was simple and fast that actually worked. 

Evakarin created The Expansion Method out of her own struggle to find a quick way to release stressful feelings without a complicated or time-consuming process to follow and now trains other coaches and healers to use the technique on themselves and others. 

Once clients start using the technique they typically start receiving referrals 
Clients say that not only are they able to help their clients in a bigger way but that they also start to receive referrals their clients are so happy.