Out-Earn Your Man
Out-Earn Your Man
Created 2 years 6 months ago
Organizer Lucy Bedewi
Out-Earn Your Man
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Registration ends: Sun, Oct 3, 2021 5:00 PM (2 years 5 months ago)


****TOP SECRET****

Female eyes only 

If your man is in the room, it’s time to move to the living room.

Okay, okay, now that it’s just us...are you a female entrepreneur who wants to help other female entrepreneurs put a crap-ton of $$$ into their bank accounts?

Yes? Good. We’d love to have you apply to speak at the Out-Earn Your Man summit. It’s going to be a 3-day event packed with business tips, networking, shameless money talk, and scaling secrets.



Your Moment 

If selected to speak, you have a few choices for how you wanna share your ‘aha moments’ and saucy tips in your 45-minute slot. 

1) Host an Interactive Workshop 
2) Give a Presentation on a Specific Topic 
3) Let Lucy Interview You and Drill You With a Combo of Tough Questions and Questions that Let You Flex Like Crazy 


Who’s Coming? 

Women who aren’t afraid of being kickass entrepreneurs. You can expect service providers, product-based businesses, brands, coaches, and start-up founders to all come together in this summit and take a hammer to the glass ceiling. 


The Best Topics 

- Money Mindset 
- Relationship Coach for High-Earning Women 

- Brand Identity: Million Dollar Brand 
- Copywriting 
- Events Marketing 
- Systems to Scale 
- Offer Creation 
- Protect Yourself: Legal Person 
- Web Designer 
- Financial Models 
- Whatever the heck you want as long as it makes wallets gain weight 



The Very Intense Requirements for Speakers 

- You’re not afraid of your own personality

- You think women helping women is really freakin cool 
- You’re willing to kick your man out of the house for three days
- You have a list size of at least 1000 female entrepreneurs (IG followers count -- we love the social life over here) 
- You have experience scaling either your business or a client’s business to 6-figures 
- You’re willing to post about the summit 3 times, email your list 3 times and commit to bringing 25 registrants into the summit 


Your Talk 

- Keep is actionable. The women here are not looking for fluffy could-have-Googled-this advice. Give ‘em a gold nugget that actually will help them scale 
- Avoid too much self-talk. ‘Cause yeah, your story is awesome but keep your talk focused on providing as much value as possible to attendees 
- End with a promo of either a freebie, opt-in, link to book a discovery call, or tripwire product ($50 or less) 


Wait! I Also Wanna Give You Money! 

You will receive a 25% affiliate commission on any VIP ticket upsells at a price of $47 for any attendees that come through your promotion efforts.



What Now? 

1) Apply right here to speak 

2) Register as an affiliate for the event (so you can get those $$$ when you bring your fans in) 
3) I’ll review your application -- probably in bed with a cup of snooty tea 
4) If you’re approved, you’ll get a link to book your speaking slot on the calendar 

Spots are competitive, but I also believe in not ghosting people (I know, way better than that guy you dated in college). Even if you’re not selected, I’ll let ya know within 3 days. 


Systematize Your Business Right Now
Arijana Ilibasic Founder & OBM

Whether you have an aversion to the term “systems” or you pride yourself on being organized, these 3 simple steps will help you quickly and easily outline smooth processes in your business. ** Learning outcomes: The 3 simple steps you can follow to create systems in all areas of your business Time-saving hacks to make the process fun (yep, I said fun!) The specific system I have for content management (which you can steal!)

From Product Manager to Founder
Deboshree Dutta Founder & CEO

Sharing my learnings from being a product manager to building my own company

Your Health is Your Key to Wealth
Emma Terrazas Actor & Health Coach

Health is Wealth. In this session, we will talk about the specifics around creating sustainable health routines so your health never takes the back burner. 

We will talk about:

Mindset: Let's find your WHY behind working out and eating healthier more consistently. 

Nutrition: Are you eating enough between client calls? How to make balanced meals so you feel fueled and energized, not sluggish and crabby #nobodygottimeforthat

Workouts: Why cardio is not going to help you lose weight, and what types of workouts you should be focusing on for overall strength and anti-aging. 

Get ready to feel rejuvenated to reprioritize your health in a way that feels fun and easy so you're feeling GOOD to accept even more money and impact into your life.

Crafting Your CEO Image
Erika Cartledge Founder

You and your business have less than 30 seconds (7, to be exact) to make a good — no, great! — first impression. What does this mean? That you AND your wardrobe better bring your A-game at all times. 

As a busy entrepreneur you don't have time to waste staring into your closet with a case of the “nothing-to-wears.” You need your clothing to both boost your confidence and instill the confidence of others in you - QUICKLY. You make tough decisions all day long . . . what you wear should not be one of them!

During this session, you will:

  • Learn the importance of crafting your CEO image
  • Gain valuable insight into how you can create wardrobe efficiencies (and get time back in your day) by:
    • Ridding yourself of deadweight wardrobe items that no longer serve you
    • Crafting a style uniform that speaks to your personal style and projects confidence
    • Discovering versatility within your current wardrobe and identifying important gaps that need to be filled

At the end of this session you will leave with a plan of action to elevate your wardrobe while simplifying the process of getting dressed each day. Your style matters; it tells the world exactly who you are without saying a word. 

What do you want it to say about you?

Make $10k from Speaking on Stage
Erin Loman Jeck CEO

Come learn the fastest path to clients and customers with speaking to sell.   If you have ever gotten off a stage and received glowing reveiws or even a standing ovation, BUT no one bought what you were offering,  YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!    I will teach you how to build the know, like, and trust before you ever enter the room, and make money before you even leave home.  

Business Leadership +2
Abundance Business Development +3
Expand Your Heart-Centered Business
Evakarin Wallin The Queen of Transformation

Too many coaches and people, in general, being stuck in their emotional prisons. They think it is their reality, it is but it is a reality that they can change when they have the right knowledge and the right keys.

There is no such thing as an overnight success. Instead what will bring you success is to take action. 

Sometimes the action will give you what you desire, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Those times are the important ones as long as you don’t give up.

When you feel like crap or you feel like giving up that is the time to take a step back and look at the thoughts and the feelings that are coming up. That is the time to remind yourself that they are not telling you the truth, they are helping you to create awareness of an outdated idea you have about yourself.

In this talk, you will learn a simple 5-step process that you can start using today, so you can turn your obstacles into your advantage.

Business Mindset
Education Energy +8
Scaling Through Group Programs
Jordan Schanda King Contract COO

The world is craving connection now more than ever -- making it the perfect time to double down on the power of groups as the best way to scale your business! Group programs can set you apart in your industry, accelerate transformation for your clients, and allow you to significantly expand your impact. During this interactive workshop, we'll cover how groups can enhance the long-term vision and strategy of your business, the key questions to ask yourself as you envision and develop your program, and the nuts and bolts of creating an experience to wow your clients (and save you time)!

Creating a Foolproof Financial Model
Julia Xu Founder @ Multitasky

After building the global financial model for Disney+ and founding Multitasky, Julia is ready to spill all her company-scaling secrets.

Redefining Imposter Syndrome
Lauren Smit Marketing Coach

Most of us have a general idea of what imposter syndrome is, but did you know that there are 5 different types? When we understand these types of impostorisms we can identify them in our ideal clients and why they may or may not be buying from you. Leverage that in your content and you'll have pres-sold clients in your Dms ;)

Business Leadership +3
Mindset Content Marketing +1
Captivate with IG Captions
Lucy Bedewi Copywriter and Content Writer

6-figure launches through organic IG posts? That’s what Lucy loves giving her clients. Tune in and start writing some money-making captions.

How to Write a Converting Sales Page
Lucy Bedewi Copywriter and Content Writer

Ever wonder why some sales pages sell and others just…sit there? 

In this presentation, I'm going to take you through the exact steps and sections that'll captivate your ideal client and actually get them to smash that “Buy Now” button. 

→ How to write in a way that's persuasive but not slimy 
→ How to structure a sales page for max results
→ Which sales page elements encourage your viewers to take action
→ How to move from benefits-based copy to value-based copy 

Skyrocketing Your Brand Using Reels
Monique Lombardo + Alisha Marfatia Reels Queens

It's time to find out what you reely need to see the incredible results and conversions. In this masterclass we will be discussing the types of reels you need, how to generate scroll-stopping reel ideas AND most importantly - what next?! We'll be sharing our royal predictions for 2021-2022 when it comes to Instagram Reels. 

Business Marketing
Ninja Secrets to Engage
RJ Redden Chief Engagement Ninja

We'll talk a little about modern marketing, what engagement first marketing means, and then I'll teach the three secrets. It will all end with an offer to take the quiz. 

Grow Your Biz with a Social Sales Team
Ryann Dowdy CEO & Co-founder of Social Sellers Academy

People crave human to human connection. It's time to learn how a social seller can bring daily sales into your business without a launch and without expensive ads. 

You can only go so far on your own. An empowered sales team is essential for 7 and 8 figure CEOs. 

Business Marketing +2
Reset Your Mind and Crush Your Goals
Stephanie Jones IIN Wellness Coach

Stop working nights/weekends. Reclaim your health and wellness (mental, physical, and emotional) and begin living the life you desire and deserve! 

By stopping the busy work, doing tasks that move the needle forward in your business, and having set times to complete focused work, you are able to get more done in less time.  You are fully present in your business and with your family, thus stopping the guilt. 

Brand Building With Virtual Events
Jake Eriksen EventRaptor

In this talk, we'll chat about virtual events and how to leverage them to build your authority and brand.

Virtual Events