Energy of Success -series - Learn How to Up-level Your Energy and Create The Success That is Possible For You
Energy of Success -series - Learn How to Up-level Your Energy and Create The Success That is Possible For You
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Organizer Evakarin Wallin
Energy of Success -series - Learn How to Up-level Your Energy and Create The Success That is Possible For You
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Registration ends: Thu, Feb 9, 2023 4:00 PM (1 year 2 weeks ago)


This is the second Energy of Success Summit.


It will go on for three days starting February 7 - 9. They will be pre-recorded,interview style. Estimate about 40-45 minutes.


The recordings will be free forever and re-purposed, so there is a possibility to give you subscribers even in the future.

I will ask you to share a free gift for the attendees.


You can also offer another free gift of a higher value that they will get only if they listen to your recording. By sharing a ”secret” word that you will say somewhere during the interview, they will get access to it. The word is for the coupon code, and my recommendation is that it will only be accessible for a short period of time. The reason I do this is to incentivize the attendees to listen to your recording and connect with you.


If you have a popular product, you are welcome to offer that at the maximum price of $197 with me as an affiliate with a 50/50 split.

Please let me know if you are interested in being a part of this and share how you started and what made you successful.

"The Energy of Money: The Three Myths You Have to Break to Serve More People and Get More Freedom"
Catarina Bertling Business & Money Mastery Mentor

It's time to bust the myths surrounding the energy of money. 
Money is not just a number on a bank statement.
It's an energetic force that can bring abundance, freedom, and fulfillment into your life -  but only if you let it. 
Let's debunk three money myths that may be holding you back from serving more people and getting more freedom, and the real truth behind them.


Success Starts With Self-Mastery
Christine Matzen Founder of Oak Street Strategies

In this discussion we will talk about the power of the “Define Yourself Daily Practice”, where you become the leader in your own life and beyond.  We will explore how a strong foundation allows you to overcome the challenges that leaders face including imposter syndrome, decision making, shame in compromise and confidence through capacity.  Come in and be ready to get some hard target techniques to claim your internal power and build a life and business you love.

Business Leadership +1
Embodied Wealth
Danielle Marggraf Somatic Wealth Coach

A Somatic Approach to Your Riches - We all carry in our bodies beliefs, conditioning and patterns that affect our wealth and success. Its an invisible glass ceiling that no amount of hard work will break through. Understanding how your body is the key to your next level success is a revolutionary way to think about money and a guaranteed way to create more wealth and success. 

Creating 4 Day Weekends- every week!
Donna Ashton Time Reclaimer

Tips, tools and strategies for becoming a 4-Day Weekend Entrepreneur. Includes practical ideas to shave 3+ hours off your work week immediately. 

Why We Face Obstacles and 5 Simple Steps to Overcome Them
Evakarin Wallin The Queen of Transformation

Making a business plan is easy, but implementing it is a totally different thing. Facing obstacles is a natural thing when we want to grow our business. They don't need to stop us, when understood right, they can be our best guide to show us the next step to take.

In this presentation, I will share with you why they show up and give you 5 simple steps you can take to not let obstacles stop you.

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Simplifying Decision Making with Emotional Intelligence!
Hala Dagher Chibani Success Coach, Soulful Growth Strategist

The Emotionally-Intelligent Approach That Empowers You To Take Aligned Decisions That Satisfy Your Deep Emotional Needs, Elevate Your Brand, and Activate Your Next Level of Impact-– Joyfully!



Business Health & Well-being +3
Amplifying Client Attraction
Jennifer Lyall Intuitive Business Mentor

Understanding the energetics of Client Attraction is the key to reach your six figure goals  in these unusual times.  Thriving in your business requires you to evolve to new levels and embody a more potent leadership energy.  There’s a fine tuning of energy that takes you from hoping for things to work out, to expecting success with unwavering faith.  In this powerful workshop, you will discover:

  • 1 major shift you can make to attract new and ideal clients immediately and become the next level prosperous CEO in your business.
  • 3 simple strategies that will help you take accurate action to get the results you most desire.
  • How to collapse time to achieve a Quantum Leap, no matter what’s going on in the world.
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Client Attraction
Mental & Emotional Energy + Your Intuition
Jessica Rink Founder & CEO

To be successful, we must become masters of our own mental and emotional energy. Everyone has patterned emotions, thoughts, and behaviors (manifesting as energy) that anchor us to "less than ideal" experiences. And yes, these energies can absolutely block us from our own intuition AND that wild success we all crave. If you're making 2023 your best year ever it's time to wrangle the unhelpful energy within, clearing room for your greatest expression and strongest insights. 

Join Jessica from New Earth Coaching to learn more about how to manage your own energy, and gain greater intuitive clarity by keeping your energetic hygiene a high priority this year. 

Business Leadership +1
Business Intuition +1
Releasing Generational Money Patterns
Johanna Lynn Founder of The Family Imprint Institute

Sometimes there is an unwanted inheritance when it comes to money patterns that are shared in the family. We share a money blueprint shared with our family. Regardless of how well you’ve learned to budget or, source out the best deals,  or how many of the latest money management books you’ve read, until you work with the inner stuff, – the outer “solutions” often fall short. 


3 Common Blocks Coaches & Healers Have Sharing Their Story - And How To Overcome Them
Katja Rusanen Transformational Story Coach

If you are wondering why you’re not attracting more clients, standing out in the marketplace, or creating the impact you desire, there’s a chance that story block is the issue. The ability to share the reason why you are doing what you are doing in a way that creates connection is needed so that you can attract your ideal clients.

Overcoming any blocks that might be holding you back from sharing your story is a must-do. This is exactly what you’ll get started during this session where you discover: 

  • How to break through these 3 common blocks so that your story can be a spark of hope and inspiration for others
  • How to eliminate sabotage that keeps you hiding so that you can finally discover the courage to be seen and heard
  • The #1 most powerful thing you need so that you can effectively use your story and create a meaningful impact
  • And so much more...
Storytelling Energy Clearing +2
Be a Magnet for Your Deepest Desires: How to Proactively Align with Your Highest Potential Now
Kumari Mullin Founder, Divine Human Institute

Deepen your understanding of the most common inner blocks to success, and learn how to pro-actively program yourself to align energetically with the aspects of success that YOU resonate with so you can begin to magnetize more of what you want, and release the blockages that limit your potential and sabotage your purpose.   


Heal the Wounds of the Past: Harnessing the Power of Your Emotions to Gain the Gift of Clarity They Hold
Migdalia Rodriguez Transformation Coach/Healer

Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It may be difficult for you to create success and fulfill your purpose in life if you’re carrying around a lot of emotional pain.  It is said that e-motions are energy in motion and like all of your energy, it's meant to move.  When you experience trauma or challenges with emotional intensity, it impacts the flow of energy and this can create blocks that can get stuck in your aura and/or physical body. 

Sometimes your conditioning and emotional wounds are so deep-rooted you may not even be conscious of how they may be affecting you. Perhaps you have the awareness but feel scared at the thought of leaning into the pain or challenging your beliefs. There is only so far it can go unaddressed because you'll come to a point where the life force that is being restricted will be a foundational building block for you to move forward on your path to success.

In this discussion, Migdalia will share why it’s so essential to lean into your emotional pain, heal the wounds of the past and decondition so you can harness the power of your emotions and experiences to gain the gift of clarity they hold. 

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