Roles of women in today's society
Roles of women in today's society
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Organizer Zsa Zsa Tudos
Roles of women in today's society
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It is not accidental that female-centred organisations and events are mushrooming today. We are in the Age of Uranus, a high frequency female energy that pushes us towards awakening and conscious learning. This summit is an educational event where we embrace the power of the feminine mind and empower women with the needed emotional and mental intelligence to lead the way towards awakening. 

Speakers are requested to be highly motivated and educational, with offers of solutions. 

I would very much like this event to be beneficial for everybody. 

I promise to do my best and that is what I request from all the contributors.


Health & Fitness Coach for Women Over 40
Amy Tsai Health & Fitness Coach for Women Over 40

Discover the 3 foundational tools to permanent weight-loss.  

Your body is meant to thrive, have energy and vitality no matter your age. 

The three tools I'm going to share with you are the same tools I use for all my clients. 

The purpose of these three tools is to help you reconnect with your body and create an awareness within your body. Women who are unhappy with their bodies are disconnected from their bodies and nothing is going to happen or change if you don't know what is happening. This is the starting point to begin your weight-loss journey loving your body for good. 

The three foundations are:

  1. Loving your body no matter the weight, size, shape or age.
  2. Reframe your thinking
  3. Path to guilt & shame-free eating


Health & Well-being
Changing Times for Women, Stepping into Our Strengths
Ann Metcalfe Gut Health Advocate, author, teacher

Ann’s conversation with Zsa Zsa covered how women's roles in society today are changing because humanity needs women of the future to co-create peace and harmony on the planet. We need Revolutionaries and role models for other women to take their place in this global shift of Consciousness.

           Global leadership, women leading the way in business, education, agriculture, new technology, and the family require women with more confidence and courage to step up, step out of their comfort zone, and move humanity forward using their feminine essence of heart-centered love, compassion, and support. 

The importance of reconnecting our Spirit to our daily creations, with God, the Universe, through our food and Nature, where we can be the Medicine of the Future, will be part of women's new roles in our changing society. Honouring the women in the home and their essential role is part of that awakening consciousness shift that our future requires. 

Education Health & Well-being +1
Health Gut Health +2
Time to Change Your Mind
Caroline Purvey Author, Speaker and CEO of TRE UK​®

Caroline has a conversation with Zsa Zsa about changing minds sets around wellbeing and why it is important.

Education Healthcare +1
Gut Health Mental Health
Free to Be Me!
Celia Barsby Creative Visionary for Women

Discover what lights you up and see what is possible for you.

You will receive your Soul Resources on your journey.  Your Soul Structures will be revealed to you in powerful and fun, creative ways through various transformational tools, enabling you to reclaim your soul’s purpose so you can flourish and grow.

Come weave with Celia at your Soul’s Garden Party.  Step through the rickety gate of your Creative Heart Space and open your pathways into your Soul’s Magical Garden.

Education Health & Well-being +1
Spiritual Growth Abundance +3
Let Go of Mama's Beliefs to Succeed
Cindy J Holbrook Cindy J, The Visibility Wiz

You'll discover ….
3 core ways that women's roles have evolved in the past 50 years (these might surprise you!)
How to identify the beliefs passed down from your parents and culture that are keeping you stuck and preventing your success
Discover how to be outrageously confident and go after the things that you want

Financially Fit: Living the Secrets to an Abundant and Prosperous Life
Dawna Campbell The Mind Whisperer

An interactive presentation, you will be empowered to create instantaneous results by Discovering, Identifying, Releasing, and Transforming blocked emotions in the subconscious to increase your revenue 25% or more consistently.  Dawna will share the secrets of how to become in alignment with money, how the subconscious works, where your money emotional blocks come from, and how to start making that change. 

Business Health & Well-being +1
Abundance Manifestation +1
OM for SUccess: Overcoming Common Obstacles
Dr. Beverly Lawrence Holistic Transformer, speaker, author

In this presentation, I cover the 5-elements, their archetypes, and how they relate to the 5-categories of meditation. Once you identify your primary element archetype based on the elements you will understand which meditation style is best for your archetype and how to use it for various common barriers to success.

Health & Well-being Mindset +1
Evakarin Wallin The Queen of Transformation

In these turbulent times, it is more important than ever to be able to move forward with confidence and speed. But how do you get there? That’s what this talk is about!

Whether you desire more clients, a bigger team, or to have a better work-life balance, you need the same core principles. Surprisingly, it’s the opposite of what most people believe. You don’t have to do more, work harder or struggle to try to “make it”. 

Success and expansion are actually about doing LESS - in the right way.


Business Mindset
Education Energy +8
Evakarin Wallin The Queen of Transformation

In these turbulent times, it is more important than ever to be able to move forward with confidence and speed. But how do you get there? That’s what this talk is about!

Whether you desire more clients, a bigger team, or to have a better work-life balance, you need the same core principles. Surprisingly, it’s the opposite of what most people believe. You don’t have to do more, work harder or struggle to try to “make it”. 

Success and expansion are actually about doing LESS - in the right way.

Business Mindset
Education Energy +8
Confident Communication: Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety and Be Fully Expressed
Julia Kraft Public Speaking Coach

Introverted women are different when it comes to public speaking. We need to manage our energy and regulate our nerves in order to be at our best in such an extroverted situation. 

Communicating confidently doesn't mean emulating extroverts. And, you don't need scripts to feel at ease in the spotlight. Join me to learn the secrets to overcome public speaking anxiety once and for all and open up your authentic voice.

This talk will help you:

  • Manage your nervous system when anxiety, fear and self-consciousness take over
  • Systematically develop rock-solid confidence you can rely on
  • Navigate the virtual speaking world and come across as a credible expert
  • Effectively communicate verbally and non-verbally for influence
  • Uncover what’s holding you back from being fully expressed
Undo Social Programming to Emerge as the Goddess You Really Are
Kaluwa Ghalikar Empowerment Coach

Beliefs and behaviors are influenced by centuries of cultural programming, and you often aren't able to differentiate between the programming and what's truly in alignment for you. Even when you receive the clarity to separate the two, years of habits can cause you to revert to the old programming. 

The Divine Feminine is awakening, and you not only get to create new programming, but also rituals and beliefs to help you stay in alignment with the new way of doing things - with joy and pleasure.

Moving from a work in business into becoming a full time artist and life-explorer
Karin Holmström Artist, speaker, course creator, author - a Life explorer in colors

In this interview we will uncover what changed Karin's life into becoming an artist. What made her do this turn around and what advice can she give us that dream about following our passion. 

Education Entertainment & Art +2
Personal Development Spiritual Growth +3
Balancing the Masculine and the Feminine Energy inside YOU
Katrena Friel Balancing the Masculine and the Feminine

Accessing the Feminine and Masculine Energies inside us all

This session is about understanding how you personally (as an individual) are Masculine and Feminine and what that mix of masculine and feminine is for YOU. Not the mix that has resulted from parental programming, or that which is expected by society, but that which is truly who you are and how you want to express yourself in the world.


The first part will explore and Feminine Energy. 

The second part will explore the Masculine Energy.


This session is aimed to give participants a deep sense of resolution, a profound understanding of yourself and others, as well as, creative resources that allows you to access the genius within.


Universal Mother – allows us to access Love, Creativity, Nurture and Understanding

Universal Father – allows us to access Power, Organisation, Boundaries and Confidence


This experience gives you access to your own relationship to your Femininity and Masculinity, Love and Power, Creativity and Order, Receptivity and Outgoingness, Nurture and Courage.

Health & Well-being Mindset
Energy Personal Development +28
Communicate with Clarity and Conviction
Lesley P Nase Communication Coach | Intuitive Healer

The compelling power of communicating with clarity and conviction to create connections, expand influences and inspire collaborations in life and in business.

Health & Well-being
Lotus Nguyen Love Mojo Coach

Discover the Secret to Vitality, Success & Prosperity!

What you will learn from Lotus:

  • The main source of your problems so you can deal with them at their root cause.
  • What action to take so you can step into your power.
  • The ultimate key to unlocking your greatest potential for vitality, success, and prosperity.
Health & Well-being Mindset +1
Health Energy +17
Use your sensitivity as your superpower to stand out, not fit in
Louise Hallam Intuitive Consultant

Being sensitive or an empath is a beautiful gift that gives you the power to support and guide others in a unique way. It is often seen as a weakness to be ashamed of, hidden or even a burden. In this presentation I will share with you how to identify if you are an empath, what are the challenges and how to adapt and use your sensitivity as your superpower by managing your energy and emotions.

Health & Well-being Mindset
Wellness Wisdom +4
Awareness and Transformation of our Carried-Over Generational Trauma leads to Self-Empowered Emotional Freedom.
Louise VN Liebenberg Fearless Magnificence Coachelor

Being driven, being goal focused and being determined is the rocket fuel we need to survive and succeed.
But being aware of our hidden script and the negative impact it can measure out daily in imperceptible doses is the truly self-aware, self-actualizing and self-empowered magic we need in order to fit seamlessly and effortlessly into the world.
Join me to get your fast-acting dose of magic.

Feeling and looking younger naturally.
Marie-Reine Kabis President

Face Yoga is a safe and risk-free natural method to rejuvenate your face.

Incorporate few effective exercises into your daily routine to quickly see improvements.

Harmonious formula between body and mind.

Learn how to release tension on your face to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin towards a more radiant face the NATURAL WAY with face yoga. 

Come and practice a Face Yoga exercise with me that helps you release eye bags and nasolabial folds.    

Benefits to an effective anti-aging method for a younger you; 

  • Reduce forehead wrinkles, 11 lines, eyebags, crowfeets, droopy eyelids
  • Lift your smile and as well as your jowls
  • Gain a symetrical face

Effective way to reduce upper body back pain, shoulders, neck, headaches, eye fatigue and TMJ.

Join hundreds of women that have improved their confidence levels to start new things in their lives with Face Yoga Passion. 

The Power of The Pause: How strategically slowing down will speed up your impact and results
Megan Nolan Vitality Coach

As a woman on a mission you might find yourself going a mile a minute, all day long. Not only is this pace completely unsustainable, but it’s actually costing you energy, joy, and money!


That’s because being constantly stressed and overwhelmed directly affects your performance, productivity, and profitability. So what can you do? Learn how to press pause to reset, reenergize, and rejuvenate yourself in just minutes with a Power Pause session!


This session will allow you to experience how strategically pressing pause will actually propel you forward towards your goals with renewed energy and inspiration.

Health & Well-being Healthcare +3
Health Spiritual Growth +1
Unlocking the 7 Keys to your Inevitable Success
Mindi Huebner 7 keys to your inevitable success

Unlocking the 7 essential keys to creating anything you want!

How to bust a limiting belief and creating energy through our words

Unlocking Your Inner Calm
Rose-Anne Partridge Life Guide and Empowerment Coach
  • Do you notice you are feeling drained when interacting with certain people?
  • Do you find it stressful listening to the news and constant changes being made that impact your daily life?
  • Are you tired of feeling pulled into the drama around you?
  • Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you felt more calm, centred, and had clarity of mind?

As a woman, I find that these are common struggles for us. I personally struggled in the past with these same issues until I discovered how to truly tap into my own inner calm. And now, whenever I feel the chaos of the world closing in on me, I just use the techniques and practices that I want to share with you! It truly changed my life and the way I live my life everyday.

In this mini online workshop we are going to look at the key culprits that disturb our inner peace and calm, how they affect us physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and practically in our day-to-day lives. We are going to discuss why it's so important especially during these chaotic times to master our inner calm.

We will also be going over the key tools and practices you can utilize immediately in your life to bring that peace and calm you crave.

Join me on zoom for this 45 minute mini-workshop.

USE COUPON CODE: SUMMIT2022 to access course for free


Health & Well-being Mindset
Meditation Inner Peace +1
Intuitively Charged Ways to Realign Your Day
Rowena Winkler Cosmic Catalyst Coach & Realignment Strategist

As women, a lot of us strive to "check off the boxes" that we've been taught to believe make us feel happy, successful, and fulfilled. Unfortunately, however, this hustle-and-grind approach often leaves us stressed, burnt out, and wondering if there's another way that allows more ease and joy in our lives. In this presentation, Dr. Rowena Winkler will share observations, anecdotal evidence, and research that opens the door to help us tap into our divine feminine energy and achieve realignment. 


Business Family & Parenting +1
Parenting Entrepreneurship +5
Live Your Song - Because YOU are the Miracle We're Waiting for!
Sheyenne Kreamer CEO, Community & Economic Development Specialist

Living Your Song - it means that it times to discover your own personal “heart song” and figure out YOUR unique piece of the super-puzzle that will bring health, wealth & peace to the planet.  Women rising up and leading from the heart is the BEST chance we have to save humanity!  Your puzzle piece is there within you.  Your job is to figure it out - and create it!  

Not sure how to get started?  We'll cover all that in this presentation.  Why do you want to attend?  Because if not you, than who?  If not now, then when?  The fact is . . . YOU are the miracle we're waiting for!

Leadership Mindset
Soul Purpose Collaboration +2
Businesswomen Beyond Brilliance. How to step into your true potential to achieve your audacious life.
Swanette Kuntze Success Mindset Coach

Today, businesswomen from all around the world start moving beyond their genius and gain the clarity they need to bring their dreams and vision to life. By thriving confidently in their purpose and owning their power courageously these women are changing the business landscape to move past brilliance over every sector while simultaniously making a deep impact from their extraordinary work. 

They have overcome their limiting beliefs, destructive patterns and traumas to now shine bold in their brilliant zone.

These women are emerging from the crowd as pioneers for creating the positive change that is urgently needed in this world. And at the same time creating an audacious life for themselves.

Business Health & Well-being +2
Energy Personal Development +31
Finding your voice
Szabina Molnar

I am a practicing alchemist and healer since 2011. 

During my continuous learning journey, I found myself and my voice and how everything is correlating. I understand who I am, and what is my role in the big picture. With all my gained knowledge I want to contribute to finding other women's voices too.

Menopause as a Spiritual Initiation into the most Impactful Phase of your Life
Vanessa Nixon Traditional Naturopath, Master Herbalist

Dispel the misconceptions today's society conditions us to believe around menopause and reframe mid-life as the healthiest, most vital chapter of your life!

Health & Well-being
Spiritual Growth Wellness +5
Mental and Emotional Understanding of Feminine Power
Zsa Zsa Tudos Esoteric Knowledge Expert

Masculine and Feminine represent the two poles of human existence. It is not about sexual preferences mainly but a way of thinking and looking at life. You will come to understand the difference in their behaviour and way of thinking, along with the values they represent.