Joy on Demand: The Summit
Joy on Demand: The Summit
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Joy on Demand: The Summit
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Cultivating Joy!
Angela Jackson Speaker, Coach and Author

Do you ever get stuck in old behaviors, like reacting knee-jerk style and later regretting what you said or did? Or hesitating when you have something important to say because you feel insecure? Or waging repetitive battles on the home front?

Would you like to experience more freedom, joy and peace in your life? Did you know that you can shift limiting habits and make powerful life-changing breakthroughs quicker than you ever thought possible? All you need is an open mind and the willingness to pursue your journey of transformation. 

This talk is for anyone interested in growing, changing and learning a new way of living.  My passion is to help you get unstuck and offer you practical tools so you can create a life that is fulfilling, joyous and loving.

  • You have helped me re-gain myself and have given me tools to manage my life. Words can’t express how grateful I am.” Mary Welch
  • Angela helped me change my relationship with anger. My whole life improved! Now I am able to speak up and ask for what I want instead of staying resentful.” Lucy Ross
  • Angela has an incredible ability to enlighten and lift spirits” Pat Codato

Author of two international best-selling books, guest on numerous television shows, including CBS Geraldo, who held up Celebrating Anger and said ‘Everyone should read this book!’,  Angela believes that our deepest wounds can become our most treasured gifts. She is committed to helping people heal self-limiting habits and nurture their gifts so they can shine their light in the world and has inspired hundreds of people to make positive changes.      

“Although there were 1000 people present, I felt like a guest in your living room!” Barbara Dyszuk, KW Counseling Services Inc.

Creativity & Mindfulness Facilitator
Anne-Marie Huurre Founder

Everyone needs creativity and mindfulness in their Inner Space, Outer Space and Work Space.  Who knew - they both work hand-in-hand and you can call on these techniques at any moment to help in reducing stress or professional burnout.  Learn the techniques to make you more productive, energetic and filled with joy and peace!

Business Health & Well-being +2
Spiritual Growth Wellness +13
Find Your Funny Bone: Humor is a Highway to Happiness
Bonita Joy Yoder Humorist

During this presentation you will: 

  1. discover myths of being taken seriously while using humor
  2. learn benefits of humor in your life
  3. explore  some practical tips for bringing more humor into your life

By embracing humor in your business, you can experience more inner peace and joy.


Mindset Wellness
Going from a Red Hot Mess to a Spiritual Warrior
Debbie Gordon Energy Healer, Empowerment Coach

Debbie has integrated her mass experience in traditional medicine with her experience and passion for holistic Medicine/Modalities and become a Master Energy Medicine Practitioner and Empowerment Coach. She is passionate about guiding and teaching people how to find their voice, self worth, self love and true soul identity. It is her mission to show people how to bridge Eastern and Western Medicine so they can live a healthy and vibrant life. She is an animal lover, loves adventure and spending time outdoors in nature. 

Debbie has a Master of Science in Nursing Degree with over 30 years experience as an ICU Registered Nurse and certified Adult Nurse Practitioner. Over the years, she has ventured out on her own healing journey, and become passionate about learning everything she can in the personal development and holistic medicine world. 

She is a Healing Touch Practitioner through Healing Beyond Borders, certified Energy Medicine Practitioner having studied at the Rhys Thomas Institute Life Mastery Training Program, trained as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner and is certified as a Tapping into Wealth Coach. She is certified in Grief Movement with Paul Denison, and as a Health and Hormone Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has also had some training in Shamanic practices with Dr. Steven Farmer. 

She continues to study and train with amazing mentors and teachers, as her journey will never end. She plans to continue to build and add to her amazing tool kit, which allows her to help others find their true path as well. 


Health & Well-being Healthcare +1
Meditation Personal Growth +6
Effortless Fear Release - Discover The Expansion Method
Evakarin Wallin The Queen of Transformation

Evakarin Wallin is the Creator of the Expansion Method, Author of “The Powerless Thought,” and a Professional Speaker.  She is known internationally as the Queen of Transformation because she helps her audience and clients release what is holding them back and rewire their minds so they can easily step up their game and grow their business.  

She has been a featured leading expert on international platforms, including the United States, Sweden and Germany.  Evakarin has been seen in Ascala Magazine, on the Wealth Academy and shared the stage with Marisa Murgatroyd.  

Evakarin is passionate about empowering her audiences and clients with her step-by-step process to shift outdated beliefs and ideas, and quickly and effortlessly move forward towards their ultimate desires.   Plus, with her proven techniques that anyone can learn, her clients and audiences easily increase their confidence, show up at a new level and attract bigger and better opportunities. 

Whether she is speaking to a group of twenty or thousands, Evakarin ignites the atmosphere with her proven methods, empowering presence, and commitment to real results.

Business Mindset
Education Energy +8
Self-care is not selfish – Better health happens by choice, not by chance.
Jan Robberts Global influencer, Leadership consultant

With all the challenges around the world, creating more anxiety, depression, and fear, it is easy to get bogged down with all the negativity streaming into our living rooms from our governments, MSM, and social media via our various electronic gadgets.

We are no good to anyone else when we become sick or pass away. The only way we can ensure that we have the best chance to protect ourselves is, by making self-care a priority. We are not talking having to spend vast amounts of money on spa treatments, a personal fitness coach, or a psychiatrist; There are many ways in which we can implement simple steps to improve our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health.

For most people it does not take a lot to get healthier…but it does take something. Start today!

Healing your Inner Child to let the TRUE you shine through
Janna Weldum Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher,

Interview with the Host discussing the Inner Child and how it both serves and might block you in your life experiences.

We will discuss possible subconscious patterning of the wounds from the inner child. How they may manifest in repeating patterns that in different ways affect you throughout your life, how they may block you from moving forward and how when you heal these wounds and patterns, through different healing modalities and practices, you can live more freely, have fun, live more joyously every day and step into the confidence of the true magnificence of who you are and were created to be in your soul.  

Health & Well-being Mindset
Spiritual Growth Meditation +5
Light As A Feather
Kelley Cabral-Mosher, MSW, LICSW Holistic Energy Medicine Psychotherapist

Flowing into your shining true self!

Health & Well-being Therapy
Mental Health Integrative Wellness +1
Alchemy of Healing
Kyra Lober Magical Healer

The ‘Alchemy of Healing’ is all about the elements which allow you cope and eliminate health issues. Kyra will give tips and talk about gentle touch therapies as well as ancient wisdom for your Body Being & Heart.

Health & Well-being
Healing From Within
Create Clear Boundaries - Live Joyfully!
Laura Donnelly Owner

Clear, resilient boundaries help highly sensitive, creative, and caring people express their feelings authentically without getting pulled into challenging emotional entanglements. Healthy boundaries allow empathetic people to communicate with clarity and sincerity while maintaining balance which leads to freedom and joy. 

Business Education +2
Communication Energy +18
How to Create Your Dream Work
Mila Johansen Speaker and Writing/Publishing Coach

How to find joy in what you already do and to create your ultimate dream for the future. You have the power to manifest anything. 

Business Education +2
Purging for Peace - A Guide to Releasing what Stands in Your Way
Robin J Keehn KEEHN Founder, Quitting Culture

Robin will take us through 6 steps to identify and intentionally end or eliminate outdated or unnecessary commitments, promises, or agreements, and experience freedom, peace, and joy. 

Business Leadership +2
Education Marketing +3
Happiness Is An Inside Job
Robin Thomas Happiness Coach/Spiritual Teacher/Healer

What if I told you that you are the only person keeping you from knowing deep, fierce passion and happiness? 

What if, even in the midst of all the chaos ‘out there’ (or perhaps because of it), you could be cultivating happiness? 

What if there was a magical formula that would help? 


We are being called to raise our vibes so that we can be the change we so desperately wish to see in the world. We are the ones we have been waiting for!  This talk is for anyone interested in growing, changing and learning a new way of life, one that we create on purpose with a commitment to choosing to be fiercely happy.


Let me help you move forward with more passion, more joy, more PLAY! 

Health & Well-being Mindset
Spiritual Growth Spiritual Development +3