The Make Books Better Summit September 14-16
The Make Books Better Summit September 14-16
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Organizer Ann Ljungberg
The Make Books Better Summit September 14-16
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Welcome to the Make Books Better Summit, the gathering of the year for professionals across the entire book industry. This pioneering event is designed specifically for book coaches, editors, designers, marketers, publishers, and every other role dedicated to the craft of book-making.

There is no speaker fee!

Join us to share your insights, experience, and innovation in an engaging and dynamic environment designed to foster collaborative learning and networking. From traditional practices to cutting-edge techniques, we're here to exchange ideas, discuss challenges, and shape the future of books.

Our Summit is not just about speaking – it's about making connections that last. We're inviting professionals to find their tribe, to find prospective clients and to discover new collaborations within the world of books. From manuscript to marketing, every process is a critical chapter in a book's journey, and we're offering the space to connect with individuals who value your expertise.

Engage with a community dedicated to making books better. Show the world how your skills can turn a good book into a great one, transforming an idea into a reality, and an author's dream into a tangible, successful book. This is your opportunity to inspire and be inspired, to learn and to lead.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or a rising talent, join us in shaping the story of the book industry.

Sign up today and step into a world where every book is a bestseller waiting to happen.

4 ways of surprising the reader
Lennart Guldbrandsson Writing coach | Reader | Author

No matter what genre you write in, you want to surprise your reader. Here you'll learn several techniques to make your story unpredictable and exciting. Of course, we'll mention red herrings and twists, but also deeper methods like hiding your set-ups and closing unnecessary doors. Furthermore some common misconceptions and warnings. 

Entertainment & Art
Book Editing and Layout Book Writing +2
Build a Business with Your Book!
Melanie Herschorn Book Marketing Strategist

Publishing a book is not the end of the road. When you market your book, not only will that result in book sales, it will also help you fill programs, speak on stages, and step into thought leadership. In this presentation, you’ll get actionable tips to start growing your online influence by leveraging your book today!

THE DISCOMFORT ZONE: How To Elevate, Clarify, and Amplify Your Purpose and Your Book
Ben Gioia Book Coach, Strategist, and Advisor

In your time with Ben Gioia at the The Make Books Better Summit,you will:

  1. Dial-in your purpose;
  2. Know your core message; and
  3. Be aligned & galvanized like never before — in your business and your life!

This will blow your mind and change your life!

Business Leadership +3
Storytelling Book Marketing +5
The Future of Digital Book Publishing
Shannon Peel The Future of Digital Book Publishing

Technology is evolving and people need to be engaged to pay attention to content because there is too many options out there. With the onset of AI, even more mediocre books are flooding the marketplace making it harder for people to see your book, let alone enable them to choose a book to read. In this presentation learn how digital book publishing is enabling authors to create interactive, multimedia, digital books to engage readers and connect with them on a regular basis. 

Using ChatGPT to Supercharge Your Book’s Grand Finale & Marketing
Ann Ljungberg Co-founder of Make Books Better

Ever felt the weight of an expectant, blinking cursor? Change up your game!

  1. AI as Your Co-writer - Deep dive into ChatGPT's prowess. Explore how AI can amplify story arcs, develop dynamic characters, and bring depth to narratives like never before.
  2. AI for Story Research & Enhancement - Go beyond traditional methods. Let AI guide you in enriching story elements, uncovering plot points, and ensuring a tale that stands out.
  3. Story Marketing with AI - Harness AI-driven insights to design impactful book promotions, truly resonating with readers and creating a buzz that’s hard to ignore.

Leave empowered: your storytelling refined and marketing strategies revolutionized.

How to Tell the Story You Were Meant to Tell Without Compromising on Quality (or Taking Years to Make it Happen)
Matt Emmorey Publishing Success Strategist

You have a story to tell, or millions of them, but you just don’t know where to start. You know there’s a lot to learn, and it feels overwhelming. 

Or maybe you wrote and published a book! And then you waited for the book sales to come pouring in. You watched for the five-star reviews to flood your author profile. But…crickets.

You need is a step-by-step process to show you each step from drafting your novel to successfully launching your fiction work of art—even the steps you didn’t know existed.

Join Matt as he what's working now to write and publish books successfully and leave this presentation with actual, tangible progress made on your book… no matter where your manuscript is at.

How to Sell Books in Bulk
Susan Friedmann Author Marketing Mentor

Discover the art of selling non-fiction books in bulk!

Uncover 3 innovative techniques that can totally revolutionize your author marketing journey.

You’ll leave this session knowing how to…

1. Identify Lucrative Niche Markets: Discover untapped segments that crave your non-fiction content, allowing you to tailor your approach and boost bulk sales.

2. Customize Content for Bulk Buyers: Learn how to tailor your non-fiction content to suit the unique requirements and interests of corporate buyers, event organizers, and institutions.

3. Forge Partnerships for Success:: Discover how to foster lasting relationships with bulk buyers, leading to repeat orders and sustained book sales success.


Business Marketing +2
Marketing Book Marketing +4
How to Get More Visibility AND Income with Email Marketing
Ellen Finkelstein Founder, Change the World Marketing

I will explain how to get more engagement, opens, and clicks with the same number of subscribers using techniques you can implement right away. This email marketing formula has gotten me in the top 5 of leaderboards countless times, resulting in both commissions AND great partners being willing to promote me back.

From Words to Wealth: How to Monetize and License Your Self-Published Book
Shadeed Eleazer Content Licensing Strategist

Current and aspiring Authors: 
Do you struggle with generating cashflow and making a living from your self-published books?

In this session, Shadeed Eleazer will teach you how to make your book license ready so that you 

can build a business model around each book you published and sell it to corporations, universities, and agencies.

In this session you will learn the following: 

-The building blocks to monetization of your book 

-How to structure your publishing company to attract corporate clients 

-How to guarantee that you'll generate book sales from your next book 

-Getting started with licensing your book 

-How licensing will forever change the way that you self-publish books

Business Design +5
Internet College & Universities +7
Decode Your Fear of Public Speaking - and Turn Them Into Courage
Evakarin Wallin The Queen of Transformation

Imagine You:

  • Inspiring and motivating others with your ideas, stories, or expertise
  • Making a positive impact on people's lives by sharing knowledge, insights, or solutions
  • Establishing yourself as a thought leader or influencer in your field or industry
  • Building a strong personal brand that reflects your values, personality, and unique strengths
  • Developing a loyal and supportive community of followers, fans, or clients who appreciate your work

That is what is possible for you when fear no longer makes your decisions.

In this Workshop I will share with you:

What to do when you are noticing the fear or nervousness when you are about to speak in front of a group of people

The 5 different ways we are conditioning and how it affects how it affects our visibility

How you can rewire your brain and subconscious mind from fear of speaking to courage.

Business Mindset
Education Energy +8
Turn Your Book Into a Business
Tracy Repchuk Author, Speaker, Online Income Catalyst

In this 60-minute workshop, you'll discover how to turn your knowledge into an integrated series of programs that allow you to work less and make more. 

Turn Your Passion into a Business

Let me ask you a question? 

How many books did you sell on launch? 

How many books did you sell last week? 

The reality is your book is your business card and it’s a part of business strategy - that builds your brand, attracts your ideal customers, and monetizes your message so you can really help someone. 

I learned this lesson very early on, and leveraged my book into a million dollar business. Even better, I have had a blast creating it, and developed a step-by-step formula to follow so you can do it too. 

If you are ready to take your business to the next level you’ll discover how to;

  1. 🌟 Create Your Million Dollar Design: Learn the undercut to a rapid cash infusion.
  2. 💰 Monetize Your Message: Uncover cutting-edge strategies to turn your book into multiple revenue streams, including online courses, consulting, and speaking engagements.
  3. 🚀 Master Marketing: Explore advanced marketing techniques to position yourself as an industry authority and sell your book like a pro.
  4. 💼 Build Your Author Brand: That attracts loyal followers and converts readers into customers.
  5. 📚 Create Content that Converts: Learn how to repurpose your book's content to create a range of products and services that boost your income.
  6. 💎 Scale to Success: Learn the step-by-step process to transform your book into a thriving business that generates massive income.
Business Leadership +1
Digital Marketing Business Growth +1
Interview Ready
Brenda Adelman Story Siren

You're going to discover how to be CAPTIVATING in your interviews by combining the right story for impact with the tools us professional actors know and use to stand out, connect with your audiences and attract your ideal clients by how you you connect on video.

Edit Before You Write!
Mary Harris Mary Harris, Creative Consultant

5 Tips to Make Your Book Flow

Profitable, Powerful Publicity
Dr. Richard Kaye Business Growth Strategist

Participants will learn how to secure Profitable, Powerful Publicity, on their own.

Promote Yourself Faster, Cheaper, and Easier Using Nothing But a Webcam!
Gary Rogers CEO

During this 60 minute live, interactive, Zoom presentation, Gary Rogers, a former Hollywood Director, will show you the Fastest, Cheapest, and Easiest way to get more clients using nothing but a webcam.

You’ll learn techniques at this presentation you simply  won’t learn anywhere else on the internet.

You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and you’ll leave with a free gift, that can provide you with dramatic changes to your business.

Dare to Trust Yourself
HUMAIRA Syed Life Coach Humaira

This is the title of my second book. And it’s pretty much my own story of accomplishment. In this book, I have tried to unveil one of the biggest taboos of all time that says, "I am not Good Enough" It will help you understand the self-doubts, and limiting beliefs which are stopping you to tap your greatest power and to unleash your highest potential. It's very much "OK" to feel like this, but the important thing is to understand where it comes from, and only then we can be able to uproot this belief and be able to progress.

Business Education +2
Life Purpose Coaching Mindset Coaching +2
Why do Authors Starve?
Katrena Friel Book Coach and Business Mentor

Discover why Authors Starve.

Discover the 7 streams of income available to Authors.

Business Plan Business Development +18
Your Book's Launch Isn't The End Of Its Story
Carolyn Choate Book Marketing: Launch AND Beyond

Your book can (and should)...

  • Be a brand ambassador, introducing people to your message and mission
  • Create passive and mostly passive income that allows you to scale
  • Welcome the leads who find your site at 2:00 a.m. and disappear before you ever would have known they were there!
Book Marketing
Expert to Author - 3 Keys to writing a compelling book for Recognition, Revenue & Success
Georgia Varjas Expert to Author

Most business leaders have a book in them and dream about writing and publishing it - but don't take the action because they worry - if it will achieve the recognition they are used to.

What if you could write your compelling book in 90 days or less and achieve the recognition you deserve - and gain the Authority, Revenue and Success that it would surely bring?

The 3 most important questions you need to ask yourself to overcome the obstacles, excuses and doubts you have about writing your book will be revealed during this session.

Then, you can ditch the myths, disregard the hyperbole and start writing your compelling book and experience huge transformation, both personal and professional. 

Ready, Set, Edit! Prep Your Novel for Developmental Editing
Helena Hansen Co-founder Make Books Better

Discover the power of self-editing as a crucial step before the developmental editing journey. Learn som paramount techniques to enrich your prose and set your manuscript on the path to excellence.

5 Steps to Writing a First Draft While Working a Full Time Job
Tyler Snure Owner/Founder

Around 80% of people want to write a book, but only around 3% who begin will see a finished manuscript completed. For so many, books are a great way to share your expertise, build a business, or impact lives. But it can be difficult to write a novel when you have so many other responsibilities. Tyler has published two fantasy books and written a feature-length screenplay...all while finishing high school, starting university and living through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. He's learned how to follow through on a project he's passionate about, even when life continually gets in the way. If you’re wanting to write a novel as a means to inspire and impact others, Tyler's 5 Steps to Writing a First Draft can help - especially if you think you have no time to write.

Overcome Your Fear of the Blank Page: Use Constraints to Motivate and Surprise Yourself
Matt Madden Overcome Your Fear of the Blank Page

Are you intimidated by the blank page? Do you feel like you need to wait for inspiration to strike before you can write or create art? Or are you just feeling stuck in a creative rut? As strange as it may seem, the solution may well be to challenge yourself with strange rules or constraints. Imagine writing a short story made up entirely of questions. Or drawing a self portrait using only vertical lines. Or making a film where all the scenes are shown in reverse order… By setting creative constraints for yourself you bypass your fear of the blank page and transform your creative process into a challenging game.   

Business Design +6
Literature Photography +10
How to Write Engaging Creative Nonfiction
Jennia D'Lima Book Editor

How can writers take stories based on facts and make them just as engaging as the best fictionalized narrative? Is that even possible? As multiple bestsellers in the nonfiction genre have demonstrated, the truth is often more fascinating than fiction. However, this requires more than merely stating the facts; instead, the author can look to fiction for finding ways to spark an emotional connection, grab the reader’s interest, and create a story out of information that may not fit neatly into a linear time frame. The session will cover the main elements that can be borrowed from narrative fiction, how and when to incorporate them into your creative nonfiction manuscript, and how to weave pieces together into a cohesive whole.   

How to write your book in 14 days, especially if you don't like writing!
Isabelle Boyer de la Giroday International Book Doula and Publisher

How long does it take to write a book? 

What if you don't have time, or feel you don't have the skills? 

Yet there is a yearning inside of you, a true longing to get your message out there and transform more lives.

Let me show you how to write your book in 14 days – and not just any book! 

Write a book that give so much value that the readers will want to work with you. 
That’s exactly what we’re going to do in this workshop! 
Here is the winning step-by-step approach I take with all my clients, whether they write or I co-create the content with them. This approach works especially well for non-fiction book.

Business Marketing +1
Book Launches Book Publishing +1