Dr. Richard Kaye
Business Growth Strategist
Richard is best know for getting great publicity for people.


Dr. Richard Kaye is best known for working with entrepreneurs to help them accelerate the growth of their businesses. For nearly 24 years he’s assisted people improve their bottom line. From early stage to well into revenue, he’s worked with them all. He is a frequent guest on podcasts and webinars, and has been featured on radio and television programs, including KGTV in San Diego and KTLA in Los Angeles. 

Richard was featured in Forbes Magazine, and there was a PBS special about him and the work he was doing. He is the creator of the renowned The Secrets of Empowering Negotiation program. Richard has presented workshops, programs, and seminars, in Australia, France, Japan, and Russia, as well as in the United States.

He has shared stages with Lisa Nichols, Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Beckwith, Sharon Lechter, Forbes Riley, and myriad others. Richard was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Top Talent Agency. 

Richard recently interviewed Dr. John Demartini for the Neuroscience Summit, produced by the Los Angeles Tribune.

He’s served on a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) member of the United Nations as well as boards of directors of for-profit companies. Richard was a Founding Member of the Taos (New Mexico) Entrepreneurial Network (TEN), and a former vice-president of CEO Space.

Richard is the author of the highly acclaimed book, The Secrets of Creating Customers for Life.

He lives, with his wife, Angel, in Taos, New Mexico.