Janelle Anderson
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Confidence Coach & Speaking Mentor for Coaches
PCC, ELI-MP, BS Education, MA Christian Counseling

Janelle Anderson is a powerhouse speaking & storytelling mentor for coaches. She helps her clients attract more of their ideal clients through the art of speaking and storytelling. As a result of working with Janelle, her clients create compelling, captivating messages, speak on stages with confidence and clarity, increase visibility and credibility, and have a steady stream of clients eagerly lining up to work with them. 

Janelle specializes in helping coaches and experts:

  • Get crystal clear about their niche and target audience.
  • Master their magnetic message to attract more clients and make more money.
  • Hone their speaking skills and create stories that stick and messages that move.
  • Become known as the expert in their field by fearlessly getting themselves out there.

This helps them stand out from the crowd and connect at a heart-level with their target market. She believes a powerfully communicated message with an engaging story magnifies your brand and should be the backbone of any marketing strategy. Her passion is to see women identify and release their powerful voice and impact the world in their unique way. 

Janelle works with coaches in her signature six-week courses, Niche Clarity Blueprint and Magnetic Message Mastery, and her 12-month Monetize Your Message Mastermind program. Coaches who want a place to practice speaking and receive valuable feedback can join The Speak Up Lab, a speaking club for women which meets virtually twice a month. Janelle works with clients privately through one-on-one coaching sessions. Her new book, Take Center Stage: Be the Star of Your Own Story, was released in January 2022, and along with her book and the STAR Guide workbook, she developed a 12-week transformational journey, Shine Your Light Inner Circle. 

Janelle hosts a weekly podcast, Women Emerging Fearlessly, where listeners are inspired by the stories of her guests -bold, courageous women who have overcome tremendous obstacles and emerged on the other side fearless and confident, and calling to the greatness inside each one of us to do the same. 

Janelle's email: janelle@emerginglifecoaching.com

Janelle's website: https://www.emerginglifecoaching.com/



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How to Discover Your Coaching Sweet Spot & Attract Your Ideal Clients

Are you a coach who's eager to find your unique coaching sweet spot and magnetically attract your ideal clients? If so, this transformative workshop is tailor-made for you! In this highly interactive presentation, we'll take a creative and exploratory approach to help you get out of your head and connect with your heart. We believe that finding your niche should be a soulful journey, filled with self-discovery and purpose.

In this presentation, you will discover how to:

Uncover Your Passionate Purpose: Dive deep into your passions, values, and strengths to discover the heart of your coaching. Gain crystal-clear clarity on your unique gifts and how they align with your purpose as a coach.

Decode Your Ideal Audience: Understand the needs, challenges, and desires of your potential clients through market research. Walk away with practical techniques to gather valuable insights and speak directly to your ideal clients' hearts.

Create Impactful Content: Discover how to share your story and expertise through captivating content. From writing compelling blog posts to creating engaging videos, you'll learn to inspire and educate your audience effectively so you can nurture those relationships and find your ideal clients.

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Business Growth Client Attraction +8


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