Entrepreneur's Health Summit
Entrepreneur's Health Summit
Created 2 years 9 months ago
Organizer Andrea Hayley-Sankaran
Entrepreneur's Health Summit
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Registration ends: Fri, Sep 24, 2021 7:00 PM (2 years 7 months ago)


Does your life feel crazy-busy? Filled with never-ending multi-tasking that leaves little time for rest and relaxation … 

Are you so busy helping others that your health and wellness has started to suffer? 

Isn't it time you showed yourself some tender loving care? 


This is for you to turn your situation around!

Entrepreneur's Health Summit (Sept 23-24, 2021)

(11am-7pm EST / 8am-4pm PST - Daily)

Discover the Health and Happiness Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurs 

Break through health barriers and feel better

Gain inspiration from the personal stories of like-minded colleagues 

Get the strategies and tools you need to change your life

Skyrocket your health and happiness! 


What you will learn by attending the summit: 

DIET & NUTRITION: Healthy foods, anti-inflammatory eating, gut health secrets, how to make healthy eating enjoyable

PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: Mind-body, yoga at my desk, posture, fitness that fits

STRESS MANAGEMENT: Breath work, meditation, Covid-19 trauma relief, self-care, finding the space to be you

MINDSET: Having the right mindset is mission critical; imposter syndrome, mindfulness, awareness, ancient wisdom, the power of choices

RELATIONSHIPS: In loving relationship with self and others

HOLISTIC HEALTH: Ayurveda, digestive health, health action planning, hypnosis, brain health, neuroscience 

FUN: The keys to happiness .. sometimes we just need reminders to have fun

PURPOSE: We are happier when we are in touch with our big why, life purpose, and we act on it 

How to Eat Healthier Without Feeling Deprived
Andrea Hayley-Sankaran Ayurveda Digestive Health Coach; Joyful Vegetarian Chef of 25 Years

What you will learn from Andrea:

  • 3 secrets to skyrocket your enjoyment of food
  • Why it’s critical to pay attention to your digestion
  • How to structure your day around meals for greater productivity, ease, and flow
Health & Well-being Healthcare +1
Health Gut Health +4
Gut Buddies: Your Body's Internal Support Team
Ann Metcalfe Gut Health Advocate

Your body's best defense system begins in the hidden realms of your gut microbiome, and your gut buddies are there to support you. 
What you will learn from Ann:

* How to choose foods that strengthen an immune system weakened by stress
* Best foods to avoid to reduce stress in your gut
* Other ways, such as sleep and exercise, to support your gut microbiome

Education Health & Well-being +1
Health Gut Health +1
How Health & Wisdom Sets the Stage for Powerful Impact for Women 40+
Annika Ek Functional Nutritionist & Wisdom Coach

What you will learn from Annika:

  • How the changing physiology of women over 40 is an opportunity.
  • Why an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is so important at that time in a woman's life.
  • How the stage is set for wisdom and how to answer the call that will lead to impact and meaning.
Health & Well-being Leadership +2
Health Spiritual Growth +7
The Formula to Fit Fitness into Your Lifestyle if You're a Busy Professional
Chad Austin Personal Trainer, Consistency Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker

If your goal is to get long-term success and not just temporary results, then what you do for fitness must fit in your life.  If it doesn’t fit in your life … it simply won't be in your life very long. You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole. This talk will help you get off the rollercoaster of inconsistency, stop starting over, and finally figure out how fitness best fits in the life you are living now. 

What you will learn from Chad: 

  • What instant gratification really is, and how avoiding it can help you stop starting over.
  • Figure out how fitness best fits in your life right now so you can use it to become your best self.
  • How Chad’s 4-step Fit Fitness In Your Life Formula can help you Make Fitness A Priority in your life.
  • What you will G.A.I.N by fitting fitness into your life.
Health & Well-being Leadership +1
Health Personal Development +2
Healthy Living, Happy Life!
Denise Stegall CEO and Curator

What you will learn from Denise: 

  • A Healthy, Happy Life is an Achievable Goal for Everyone!
  • How to Change it Up! with choices
  • Plan, Prioritize and Prepare!
Health & Well-being Mindset
Health Wellness +1
Brain Health for Busy Entrepreneurs
Dr. L The Parent Whisperer

What you will learn from Dr. L:

An entrepreneur's best secrets to increase productivity and performance.

Business Family & Parenting +2
Health Communication +6
How to Overcome Addictions, Obstacles, and Fear with Hypnosis
Jackie Maclean Clinical Hypnotherapist & Creator of the Alcohol Freedom Formula

What you will learn from Jackie:

  • How hypnosis can give you a boost in performance, improve efficiency and help you make changes you desire very quickly, including creating a profitable business and a happy life.
  • How to focus and concentrate on the task at hand, gain more confidence, avoid procrastination, and stop unsupportive habits such as nail biting, and phobias such as fear of flying and claustrophobia.
  • Why practicing Self Hypnosis is a simple technique to help you create change in all aspects of your life - become strong and energetic, lose weight and get to your desired body shape and size quickly, even eliminate physical discomfort and pain.
Education Health & Well-being +3
Health Energy +6
Conquer the Impostor Within & Create Fearless Confidence
Janelle Anderson Owner / Confidence Coach, Speaker & Author at Emerging Life Coaching

What you will learn from Janelle:

  • Confidence is an Inside Job - Discover the impostor stories that keep you stuck in old thinking and behavior patterns so you can uproot them.
  • The Confidence and Health Connection - Lack of confidence can impact your mental, physical, and emotional health. Establishing a healthy mindset and habits can increase your confidence.
  • Confidence is a Superpower - You can create your own "confidence gene" and learn how to tap into this superpower, and put yourself back behind the steering wheel of your life.
Business Health & Well-being +1
Health Communication +5
The Mindset of Clutter, and How to Create Calm, Organized and Relaxing Space
Jessica Hritz Morrick Organizing and Mindset Coach, 'The Intentional Organizer'

Clutter can feel overwhelming, cause ongoing confusion, and can create a 'stalling effect' in moving forward in your life. We will get into the Mindset of Clutter, and help you find solutions that work precisely for you. Each person has their own reasons for clutter. How did it begin? Where did it come from? Why does it stay and keep you feeling stuck. You need to be treated as the individual you are, and not be given a cookie-cutter approach.

What you will learn from Jessica:

  • Why live an uncluttered life? Some reasons may surprise you.
  • The Mindset of Clutter, and what stops us?
  • What can we do about it? A.k.a, I'm not "perfect" or super-tidy. Is there really a solution?
Mindset Organizing +8
Body Health Made Simple
Karen Angelucci Health Creation Influencer and Body Centered Practitioner

What you will learn from Karen: 

  • Importance of creating a health action plan
  • Discover which Health Practitioner is best suited for your individual needs
  • What to look for in your Health care treatment
Education Health & Well-being +1
Health Healing +2
Want a healthy business? Build a healthier brain.
Kate Kunkel Brain Health Mentor

As a brain health mentor specializing in dementia prevention, Kate stresses the importance of a holistic approach to health - the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual aspects of self. This includes harnessing the healing power of music, meditation and mindfulness to nurture a healthier and more prosperous mindset, which leads to a healthier brain and a more successful life. 

What you will learn from Kate:

  • Ways to easily incorporate music, mindfulness, and meditation into a busy lifestyle
  • How to protect your mental health to nurture a healthier brain
  • Fun and easy ways to stay grounded while reaching for the stars in business and in life
Health & Well-being Mindset +1
Mindset Wellness +5
Constipation to Transformation: My Messy Journey to Wholeness
Kathleen Woodington Empowerment and Mindset Coach, Wellness Pro and Yoga Teacher

In this presentation Kathleen will share her miraculous healing journey that spanned 5 years. Having been told by her doctor ''we have no idea what is wrong, there is nothing we can do, and you are the worst we have seen,'' Kathleen's life came to a screaming halt. She then rose to the challenge to live every day as if her life depended on it, because it did.  

What you will learn from Kathleen:

  • How trauma impacts your health
  • Mindset for an empowered and resilient life
  • Why your frequency is your currency
  • How to think outside the medical box
  • Learn A.I.R - Kathleen's 4-minute mindfulness technique
Education Health & Well-being +1
Spiritual Growth Healing +8
The Ultimate Key To Happiness
Lotus Nguyen Mindfulness Teacher, Love Coach, Qigong Instructor, Tantric & Energy Healer, Author and Speaker

Discover the secrets to creating the relationship your heart desires, and living your dream life.
Are you frustrated for not achieving what you want? Are you longing for the relationship your heart desires? 

What you will learn from Lotus:

  • The main source of your problems so you can deal with them at their root cause.
  • What action to take so you can step into your power.
  • The ultimate key to unlocking your greatest potential for vitality, success, and prosperity.
Health & Well-being Mindset +1
Health Energy +17
Take the OUCH out of your slouch: ABC's of Strong Posture
Megan Nolan Vitality Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Educator

What you will learn from Megan: 

Feeling the effects of being on ZOOM all day? Learn the ABC's of strong posture so you can:

  • take the ouch out of your slouch and get out of pain
  • sit, stand, and walk tall with confidence
  • feel more grounded, energized, and inspired
  • keep your body healthy, your mind clear, and your heart inspired and joyful

Plus you'll get to take a mini Yoga Break to experience the ABC's for yourself, and leave with practical tips and tools to put to use right away!

Health & Well-being Healthcare +3
Health Spiritual Growth +1
Do You Really Have the GUTS to Be Healthy?
Nancy Lee Bentley Food & Wholistic Health Expert, aka 'That Gutsy Lady'

Realizing you need to be making healthier eating and lifestyle choices, but challenged starting or sticking with it?  Don't be too hard on yourself, it's not just about willpower!  Eating, Feeling, and Being Healthier—moving toward Total Health—is a "Body-Mind-Heart & Soul" Issue.  Let veteran Nancy Lee's in-the-trenches food/ health experience and refreshing 'let's get real' insights and down-to earth approaches help you find your own way. 

What you will learn from Nancy:

  • Now in the second year of the global health crisis, well over half of all Americans ~ 65-68%  list “Being Healthy” as their Number One priority, and “Healthy Eating” as the top, the best way to achieve it.
  • Yet, while so many people agree that Eating Healthy is a Key to enjoying more energy, resilience, better immunity, and longer life, all too often they’re expressing frustration and asking “Why Then Does it Seem So Hard?
  • It’s not rocket science, but with all that's going on these days, it literally takes GUTS ~ a healthy GI tract, courage, conscious food & lifestyle choices, and community to really be healthy in the full sense of the word.  Yea, GUTS, in the full sense of the word.
Health & Well-being
Health Energy +16
Foods for Peace and Wellness
Neerja Ahuja Director, Course Facilitator, Ayurveda Practitioner

What you will learn from Neerja:

  • Effects of food on quality of mind
  • Foods as "medicine"
  • How to bring peace and wellness through foods
Health & Well-being Healthcare +2
Health Healing +10
Understanding your Saboteurs ~ Encouraging the Sages
Suzanne Taylor-King Life Coach, Mental Fitness & Positivity Mentor

What you will learn from Suzanne:

  • Understanding those negative voices and why they are trying to protect you can be a powerful weapon in your emotional intelligence toolbox.
  • What is the voice, who is it for you. WE all have 10 different types of self sabotage and those saboteurs come to rescue us at different times.
  • Learning the sage superpowers we all posses and how to encourage them.  This informative, inspiring and motivational talk will leave you thinking about your personal negative voices and the Sage wisdom you can bring forth to help your brain be rewired for positive thinking!
Mindset Wisdom +1
Is It Time To Upgrade Your Coping Skills?
Tamara Jefferies MA, Holistic Counselor & Transformational Coach

Because of COVID-19 and living much of 2020 in quarantine, many of us are exhibiting signs of trauma (i.e., extreme stress) such as depression, anxiety, and addictive behaviors.  

What you will learn from Tamara:

  • How the pandemic may be affecting their stress levels and mental health
  • How to identify their stress responses
  • New coping skills to manage today's stressors
Health & Well-being
Psychology Wellness +2