Women Life Coaches Summit
Women Life Coaches Summit
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Organizer Wendi Hatton
Women Life Coaches Summit
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Thank you for your interest in being featured  on the Women Life Coaches Summit! This will be a transformational experience for our viewers due to the contribution of the high level of expertise shared on a global level! 

The interviews will be pre-recorded.  

The viewers will have an opportunity to upgrade to VIP status for $47 to receive my: 

Prosperity Accelerator V.I.P. Bundle - which includes: 

1. Lifetime access to all the replays 

2. a program upgrade course 

3. a free ticket to my upcoming workshop 

4. an ebook of my Client-Attraction Blueprint 

5. Profit Plan consult with me.   

There will be a 50% commission for those experts whose referrals decide to upgrade. Experts will be able to offer a free digital gift related to their interview, resulting in the growth of their audiences. 

Let's inspire and empower Women Life Coaches to make the world a better place! 

Looking forward to receiving your Expert Application!

First Steps In Designing An Online Evergreen Group Coaching Program
Anthony McAvaney

Here's What You'll Learn In My FREE Training:

  • First, get clarity about one key problem your group coaching solves for clients
  • How to plan what you will be teaching
  • A process for mapping your coaching’s full transformational journey – mindset, skill set, tool set
Group Coaching
Unlock Energy for Purposeful Results
Avital Miller Galactic Experiences Creator

Would you like to have more choice in how much energy you have so it is there when you need it? Discover the three most impactful keys to easily unlock unlimited energy within yourself. 

Having more energy can help you be more productive, develop more creative ideas and feel happier. Imagine how much more work you can get done successfully and have more time to play outside of work.

Learn how to:

  • Instantaneously raise your energy
  • Tap into natural resources of energy
  • Shift towards energizing attitudes
  • Increase helpful perceptions about life
  • Practice easy techniques you can do on your own for lasting energy

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality… Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”—Albert Einstein


"Avital is an ideal and much needed healer for today's world."

—Forbes Riley, Creator/CEO SpinGym, motivational speaker, author, and visionary behind the Forbes Factor


“Avital gives clear and concise instructions which make the Energization Exercises easy to follow. I felt energized right away. My mind is relaxed and ready for the challenge of the day. I will use the exercises regularly.”

—Jingwu Zhang, San Jose, CA

Health & Well-being Mindset
Energy Success
The Do's and Don'ts of Women in Business
Boss Lady Mae Filmmaker, Business Consultant

Discover the crucial insights around how to level up in business and while at the same time how to dodge the pitfalls. 

Connect With Your Audience on an Emotional Level
Carmen Reed-Gilkison & Deirdre Harter Online Business Strategists

In order for your content and messaging to be effective, you need to learn how to connect with your audience on an emotional level. It's not about what you want to say, it's what they want to hear. We'll share a powerful tool and process during this discussion to teach you how to do just that.



  1. How to make sure your message is resonating with the right people.
  2. Why you need an ideal client language bank.
  3. How to position your solution to the actual stated need and desire of your ideal client.
Business Marketing +1
Marketing Strategy
How to Skyrocket Your Coaching Business With A Profitable Giveaway
Carolyn Shadrach Queen of Client Attraction

Imagine if you could 4X your list, make business-boosting connections and increase your income in the next 90 days…

No, it’s not about working longer hours, surviving on caffeine, or sacrificing your weekends.

We’re talking about online giveaways.

During this talk, you’ll discover…

  • How A Single Giveaway Can Transform Your Coaching Business
  • The Ideal Amount Of Time To Prepare For A Profitable Online Giveaway
  • How To Choose The Right Contributors [Hint - It’s Not What You Think]
  • The One Thing That Does Not Determine Your Revenue Results

And walk away with a copy of my Profitable Giveaway Blueprint, a step-by-step system to design & launch your Profitable Giveaway.

Lead Generation Impact +2
Free to Be Me! Re-Awakening to your Soul's Purpose
Celia Barsby Creative Visionary for Women

Discover what lights you up and see what is possible for you.

You will receive your Soul Resources on your journey.  Your Soul Structures will be revealed to you in powerful and fun, creative ways through various transformational tools, enabling you to reclaim your soul’s purpose so you can flourish and grow.

Come weave with Celia at your Soul’s Garden Party.  Step through the rickety gate of your Creative Heart Space and open your pathways into your Soul’s Magical Garden.

If you would like to dive deeper into our conversation around my Magical Key #8 “You Are the Bell”, I invite you to spend time with your journal and explore the medicine of the bell. Claim your free gift using the link.

Education Health & Well-being +1
Abundance Life Purpose Coaching +3
Alignment - The Rarely Spoken Secret to Success
Elle Nagy Self-Leadership Expert

* Understanding the process of creating results from thoughts and beliefs.
* The benefit of slowing down to speed up.
* It's never about what you're doing, but who you are being.

Health & Well-being Leadership +2
Energy Personal Development +34
Are You Feeling Invisible on Social Media? 3 Common Mistakes Keeping Life Coaches from Getting Seen Online
Heidi Medina Marketing strategist/Business coach

Are you trying to attract premium ideal clients from social media but can't seem to get seen by the right people? 

Then stay tuned because I'm going to be sharing three mistakes commonly made by many life coaches that are keeping them from getting seen by their ideal clients on social media.

  • Not showing up consistently in their marketing
  • Posting content but not commenting
  • Connecting with anyone and everyone, rather than deliberately connecting with the ‘right’ people
Business Marketing
Marketing Social Media +5
Monetize Your Message Through the Power of Storytelling
Janelle Anderson Speaking/Storytelling Mentor for Coaches

Kids love stories, but so do adults. It’s why we watch movies, TV shows, videos. It’s why we read books or listen to audiobooks and podcasts. It’s why we read reviews before we buy something. Stories grab people’s attention and create connection in a much more effective way than only sharing information does. Storytelling is a must-have skill for entrepreneurs.

In this interview, you will discover:

  • A step-by-step process to develop your storytelling skills
  • Simple strategies for finding stories that will work for your business
  • A story structure template you can use for creating stories
  • Four simple speaking techniques to powerfully deliver your stories

The simple fact is that stories sell. Research shows that people are 20 times more likely to remember your message if you include stories. If you want to be unforgettable to your audience, listening this interview is a no-brainer!

Business Health & Well-being +1
Health Communication +5
Shattering Your Glass Ceilings
Lesley Michaels Women’s Leadership Expert

Women make up 50.53% of the population while receiving only 33.342% of the national income. The year is 2022, yet women are still not paid equal to their male counterparts.


Research from top-tier universities reveals that:

75% of executive women experience regular episodes of imposter syndrome.

62% of professional women are regularly plagued with perfectionism.

63% of women have never had a personal coach or mentor.

The absence of a strong Social Capital base is a notable contributor to the gender pay gap.

A significant restriction for many women seeking to rise to leadership is their aversion to developing strategic networking skills.


Shattering Your Own Glass Ceilings provides actionable practices, proven effective in resetting mindsets that limit women’s influence, agency, and advancement.   

Do You Pin to Win?
Linda Barutha Visibility Strategist

Learn why using Pinterest in your marketing can increase your website traffic, improve your Google rankings and more.

Business Marketing
SEO Business Growth +1
How to Turn Your Knowledge, Wisdom and Skills Into a Brand and Coaching Business
Mary Henderson Personal Branding & Online Specialist

In this presentation, Mary walks through the four key implementation pillars required to build a scalable coaching business and become an authority in your area of specialisation. 

Leadership Marketing +2
Online Course Creation Life Purpose Coaching +5
Building a Profitable Business
Michele Williams Founder/CEO

Using our gifts to serve others is what we all do. But are we creating a profitable, sustainable company to serve us, our family and those we employ? Join Michele as she shares what is needed to create a profitable business so that we can continue doing what we love and are called to do.

YES You CAN Build a Successful Business Around a Thriving Life, Here’s How
Nicole Bandes Founder and CEO of Virtual A Team

Nicole shares how delegating and outsourcing can help you build and grow your business faster.

We weren't born knowing how to delegate and it wasn't taught in school. When it comes time to delegate in our businesses, it can be hard to overcome the what ifs:

  • What if it's too expensive?
  • What if I don't know what to tell them to do?
  • What if they don't know how to do what I ask?
  • What if I can't trust them?
  • What if I'm better, faster than they are…

In this presentation, Nicole will reveal some secrets to overcoming these what ifs so you can get on to delegating and build a successful business around a thriving life!


Productivity Remote Work +3
How to get the most out of your content
Rebecca Worboys Owner - RJ Virtual Business Support

Do you constantly feel like you’re on the content treadmill trying to produce new thought provoking pieces every day?

You don’t have to use a piece of content once. 


Whether it’s a social media piece, blog, podcast, video…. The list is endless. You can increase your return on investment and save yourself time and stress by reusing and repurposing this content.


With the help of an accessible and searchable content library you can jump off the content treadmill. 


I‘ll be showing you how to easily set up a content library using ClickUp.

How to Make Money Fall in Love With Your Bank Account
Simone Craig Wealth Expert, Owner of SLC Global, LLC

Simone's proven 7-step system has helped hundreds of women business owners learn how to break out of financial hell and jumpstart their business income into the 5-6 figure range, after just 60 days, so that they could sleep better at night and get back to why they started their business in the first place -- to serve and to build wealth for themselves and families.

In this presentation, Simone will share 3 of the 7 keys to help you unblock the cash flow waiting for you, and get your abundance juices flowing in the positive, so that you can enjoy a business and life filled with more ease, more money and more fun.

Business Financial services
Prosperity Abundance +2
How to Generate Referrals Naturally (Yes, Without Asking)
Stacey Brown Randall Head Referral Ninja Master

You've been told the only way to generate referrals is to ask for them, but what if that wasn't true?  Yes, you can generate referrals naturally… without manipulating, incentivizing or even asking.  In this conversation, you'll understand how to get started.  

Sales Referrals +1
Stay In Your Comfort Zone To Be More Successful
Stacey Hall Success Strategist

One of my clients recently said her previous coach told her she “had to get out of her own way to be able to make a sale.” We have all heard this advice as well and done our best to “get out of our comfort zone” to try to be successful doing something others have told us we “should” do.

How could people ever really get out of their own way?  

Power and confidence come from the feeling that we know what to do and that we can count on ourselves. We launch our actions from a familiar, safe, and secure place. Anxiety and stress in this zone are at minimum levels, making us feel free to move forward. In this zone, we already have a track record of success doing specific tasks and honing our skills. 

And we have been consistently doing those tasks because those activities are aligned with our core values and sense of purpose. Furthermore, that confidence provides the power to stretch just a bit to expand and grow while remaining in alignment with our values.

When we feel confident that our skills can be a contribution to others, we discover another source of internal satisfaction. 

In this presentation, you will learn how to expand your comfort zone to consistently make more sales, experience more soul-satisfaction, and achieve more success.


Business Leadership +4
Lead Generation Abundance +30
Speaking to Win: Strategies for more Connection and Conversion Every Time You Speak
Star Bobatoon, Esq. Public Speaking and Storytelling Expert

Discover the steps to pull your audience in with a compelling, captivating story! 

Presentation Skills
Copywriting vs Content Writing: What's the Difference?
Toby Myles Copywriter and Copy Coach

Learn the difference between copywriting and content writing for your business. Both are necessary, but each serves a distinct purpose. Join me to gain a better understanding of how to implement both copywriting and content writing to grow your email list and make more sales!

Marketing Digital Marketing +3
Mind-Set as Six Mental Faculties
Victoria Rader Possibility Coach, Founder of YU2SHINE

While there is a lot of talk of shifting one's mind-set, Victoria actually has a six aspect proprietary approach to understand the mental faculties as necessary ingredients of one's mind-set! Lean into learning about imagination, intuition, memory, perception, reason and will and how to harmonize them to expand your business with desired clients!

Business Education +1
Intuition Mindset +6