Erin Loman Jeck
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CEO- Executive Speaking Coach, Tedx Speaking Coach
CEO of Transformational Speakers Agency, Speaking Coach

CEO of Transformational Speakers Agency, Executive Speaking Coach,  TEDx Speaking Coach, and the Creator of Transformational Speakers Summit. NLP Master Coach, Hypnotherapist

This highly sought-after business coach, transitioned to opening her own Speakers Agency and she is the leading authority on assisting thriving purpose-driven entrepreneurs in how to monetize their message, make an impact, influence change, and inspire action in others.

Erin’s approach to speaking is unique and powerful, she utilizes the Psychology of Connection to illustrate how you can unlock any audience’s trust and rapport, which leaves them feeling better about themselves and are challenged to adopt your new idea or perspective. Leaders seek her out to learn how to be more powerful in their influence, especially in the C-Suite of organizations.


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How to Make $10k from stage when speaking on any stage
Come learn the fastest path to clients and customers with speaking to sell utilizing the psychology of connection and compelling communication.   If you have ever gotten off a stage and received glowing reviews or even a standing ovation, BUT no one bought what you were offering,  YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!    I will teach you how to build the know, like, and trust before you ever enter the room, and make money before you even leave home.  

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