Speaker Impact Summit
Speaker Impact Summit
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Organizer Dannella Burnett
Speaker Impact Summit
Timezone: Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Thu, Sep 28, 2023 9:00 PM (6 days 16 hours from now)


This event will deliver information to our audience on how to make a bigger impact in their respective audience.  We're looking for experts that will bring ideas and value to our audience and enhance their speaking journey.

Prepare for Impact - and Leave a Legacy That Matters
Barbara Hemphill Founder, Author, Speaker, Vision Accelerator

Welcome to "Prepare for Impact - and Leave a Legacy That Matters," a presentation designed to equip you with the essential tools to organize your time, space, and information, empowering you to make a lasting impact and leave a legacy that truly matters.

Together, we'll explore the time mastery techniques that will allow you to stay focused on what truly matters amidst the constant demands of your industry. Learn how to optimize your physical and digital spaces to foster creativity, productivity, and inspiration. Discover the art of curating and utilizing knowledge strategically to amplify your impact and connect with your audience on a deeper level. And above all, we'll dive into the secrets of building a legacy that leaves a positive and transformative mark on the world.

Business Leadership
Organizing Organizing and Mindset Coaching +1
Your Network is your Net Worth
Colleen Biggs Business Coach & Strategist

Are you having trouble finding the right clients? 

You’re not alone. I’ve been right where you are!

Now, after 22 years as a performance coach and consultant who’s launched 340+ businesses — plus an international speaker, bestselling author, podcast host, and more…

…I’m sharing behind-the-scenes tips, frameworks, and wisdom that made my business dreams come true — so you can make yours a reality, too.

Business Networking +1
Expert Positioning For Speakers
Debbie Allen The Expert of Expert

Discover how to stand out in a crowded marketplace as the go-to expert in your niche industry. This innovative marketing Master Class will show you how to position yourself and your business as an industry leader and/or authority in your industry.


Learn how to quickly accelerate income-generating opportunities and gain more high-value customers, more referrals and more sales. You will discover innovative marketing strategies that you can implement in your business right away.


Balancing Act: Navigating the Fast Lane with Grace
Dr. Angela Harden-Mack, MD


In "Balancing Act: Navigating the Fast Lane with Grace," this empowering talk delves into the lives of ambitious women, providing valuable insights on maintaining equilibrium while pursuing success. Addressing the challenges of fast-paced careers and demanding responsibilities, attendees will discover the transformative power of prioritizing self-care, abundance mindset, and resilience. The talk offers practical strategies to seamlessly integrate self-care practices, effectively manage time, and set achievable goals to enhance productivity and well-being. Attendees will leave equipped with the tools to gracefully navigate the fast lane, achieving fulfillment and success while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Goals for the Listeners:

1. Empower attendees to recognize the significance of self-care in achieving work-life balance and well-being.

2. Provide actionable techniques for development of the abundance mindset.

3. Equip participants with resilience-building tools to manage stress and thrive amidst high-pressure environments.

Wellness Success +1
Unlocking the Red Dot: Your Guide to Landing a TEDx Talk
Erin Loman Jeck CEO- Speaking Coach &Tedx Speaking Coach

Are you ready to step into the spotlight and share your powerful ideas with the world? Join us for an inspiring 30-minute journey into the world of TEDx talks, where you'll discover the keys to landing that coveted red dot on the TEDx stage.

We'll unveil the insider secrets to securing your spot at TEDx events, demystify the application process, and explore the art of crafting a captivating talk. Whether you're an aspiring speaker or a seasoned pro looking to up your game, this talk is your roadmap to success. Let's embark on your TEDx journey together. Whether you dream of inspiring change, sharing knowledge, or making a difference, your TEDx talk could be the launchpad you've been waiting for. Don't miss your chance to unlock the red dot and make your mark on the world.

Psychology Prosperity +2
How to Sell From Stage
Jase Souder Coach

The formula and secrets to become a multiple 6 figure earner by selling from stage.

Business Entertainment & Art +3
Communication Marketing +15
How to Create and Benefit from Simplicity & Clarity on Social Media
Julz Vitality PR Strategist

How to use principles of simplicity and clarity in creating a BIGGER impact through social media, speaking online, and showing up on Video or Audio on other people's or your own platforms.

Business Marketing +1
Lead Generation Social Media +1
How to lessen anxiety and improve speaking focus on stage without failing, rejections, uncertainty and loss of control.
Kim Groshek Mental health expert for Busy Profession

This presentation will outline a comprehensive approach to tackling stage-anxiety-blockers and offer techniques to enhance focus. It emphasizes three key components: structured goal setting to create manageable steps, mindfulness practices for staying present and reducing anxiety, and fostering positive self-talk and resilience to counter fear of failure and rejection. By integrating these strategies, individuals can navigate uncertainties, maintain focus, and manage anxiety while building a sense of control over their circumstances while speaking on stage.

What I learned about public speaking after 100 radio interviews
Laura Dabulyte PR Accelerator

It is almost two years since I am hosting my own radio show in News radio “I will record You”. Senior managers, CEOs of huge companies, communications professionals are telling me each week what is public speaking for them. I’m coming to present 7 main things of what a good speakers pointing about their experience on the stage. 
From the interviews to the media, to the internal meetings and crowded audiences. 

From others experiences we can be sure what we don’t need to do to be successful.

Education Healthcare +3
Storytelling Communication Training +11
Empowering Authenticity: Speaking from the Heart, Valuing Your Story, and Embracing the Present Moment
Lesley Evans Transformation Leader

In today's fast-paced world, genuine connection and authenticity are more valuable than ever. This presentation delves into the power of speaking from the heart, emphasizing that every individual's story holds unique worth and significance. Moreover, the talk will highlight the importance of being present in the moment, ensuring that every word spoken resonates deeply, creating lasting impact. Join Lesley to discover the transformative potential of authentic storytelling and the art of truly being present.

Health & Well-being Mindset +1
Intuition Mindset +2
Build a Bankable Keynote
Linnita Hosten Public Speaking Coach

Discover the secrets of crafting and delivering a compelling keynote speech - no matter who is in the room. 

Understand the core elements that make a keynote presentation truly memorable and impactful.

Learn how to weave compelling stories into your presentation to emotionally connect with your audience.

Learn how to integrate powerful body language, voice modulation, and pacing, to keep your audience engaged from start to finish.


Turn Doubt into Action to Create More Success Speaking
Lynn Tranchell Success Coach

We all experience doubt. It's part of the human condition. It's what we do with the doubt that matters. When you learn to turn doubt into action, you can create what you want every time to work less and earn more.

In this talk, you'll discover:

  • Why 90% of the population has the same results year in and year out.
  • The difference between that 90% and the most successful.
  • How to keep doubt from preventing you from taking action.


Can you create a billion $ dollar business with just 3 people?
Melinda Mulcahy-Dobbs Curiosity SAVES the cat

If you're caught up in a flood of fear for your business and future with the onset of Artificial Intelligence?

You're not alone. Some of the biggest achievers throughout the world are worried!

But, what if you had THE tool that not only enabled you to navigate the turbulence, of not just AI, but to welcome all future advancements? Because there will be more.

There's ONE reason you have advanced to this point and this ONE reason is how you will gain the competitive edge in business and in life to flourish, if you know how capitalise on it.

The question is, are you curious?

Business Education +2
Mindset Mindset Coaching +8
The Automated Virtual Event Blueprint: Scaling Awareness, Leads, and Sales
Misty Kortes Your Marketing Coach

Virtual events have rapidly become an essential part of our professional landscape. But let's be honest; navigating the virtual event terrain can be like finding your way through a dense forest. It's easy to get lost in the details and the technicalities. The good news is you're not alone in this journey. 

In 'The Automated Virtual Event Blueprint,' we're going to break down the process step by step and demystify the power of automation. I'm here to share practical insights, strategies, and real-world examples to help you scale awareness, generate leads, and easily drive sales using the power of virtual events. 

So, grab your digital compass because, by the end of this, you'll be confidently forging your path through the virtual event wilderness.

Business Marketing
Marketing Email List Building
Virtual Workshops That Sell: Attract High-Ticket Clients from Stage Monthly (even if you have no list)
Sean D Stewart High-Ticket Enrollment Expert

How to create a ‘virtual home tour’ and rock stages every month to new audiences to fill your programs

Monetize Your Keynote: How to License Your Intellectual Property to Boost Public Speaking Revenue
Shadeed Eleazer Content Licensing Strategist

Are you tired of delivering your signature talk to audiences who don't value your talents? 

Have you wondered how speakers in your niche are landing paid corporate speaking gigs? 

In this session, Shadeed Eleazer will share a successful blueprint on how to package and position your signature talk and attract corporate clients through licensing partnerships. 

In this session, you will learn the following concepts: 

  • How to productize your talk to transition from unpaid speaker to earning revenue in the next 60 days
  • How licensing increases your authority as a speaker
  • Proven strategies to increase speaking revenue
  • How licensing works and why it is a superior sales strategy for experienced speakers
  • How to develop your existing signature talk to attract companies and corporations
  • Exploring the shift from client-chasing to student-enrollment
  • Revolutionizing impact and income through content licensing partnerships
  • Techniques to transform knowledge into profitable products
  • Strategies for gaining time, money, and influence through knowledge monetization
Business Design +5
Internet College & Universities +4
3 Ways for Entrepreneurs to Succeed Faster with Greater Impact and Less Effort
Shiraz Baboo Reality Interventionist

What if the reason that persistent business problem won't go away is because you don't want it to go away? What if it is due to underlying fears you're not even aware of? What if, by discovering those fear, you can release them and get better results within days? Learn how to discover these fears and remove them so that your life and business prosper.

Leadership Mindset
Mindset Confidence +3
The Instant Charismatic Talk Generator [ LIVE DEMO ]
Sylvain Hache Charismatic Speaker Creator

Why -as a public speaking confidence, messaging, and delivery coach, I don’t do ‘‘talks’’ anymore?

Three reasons:

1. We have a famous French Canadian comedian in Montreal who used to say: ‘‘On veut pas l’sawouaire, on veut le wouaire!’’ which translates to ‘‘We don't want to hear about it, we want to see it!’’

2. Einstein also said: “Example isn't another way to teach, it is the only way to teach”. As in people don’t really ‘‘get it’’ until you actually SHOW IT to them. 

3. We all know people who spend weeks or months trying to put a talk together and yet never quite seem to ‘‘get there’’.
So, I had a crazy thought one evening…

What if I throw out everything I think I know and use parts of my system to craft compelling, charismatic talks for complete strangers, in front of live audiences, in 25 minutes or less?

I did it. Tested it. And It worked. Really well. Everybody loved it. So I'm doing it again, and again, and again and again. 

The way this works is our gracious host chooses a random member of the audience. We set the timer and see if we can create a brand new, totally unique, compelling talk for that person in 25 minutes or less from a standing start.

If YOU are chosen, this means you’ll walk away with:

- Your elusive ‘‘hook’’ 
- Your charisma multiplier
- Exactly WHAT to say to overcome specific objections, shift limiting beliefs or teach specific distinctions to YOUR audience
- Exactly WHEN to say WHAT to move your audience in the right direction, according to YOUR skill level and confidence
- A powerful prop, analogy, or demonstration that resonates deeply with YOUR audience
- Your memorable recap
- A charismatic call to action that moves people from the inside
- A ‘‘rubber meets the road’’ call to action aligned with your product, service, your cause, your strategic objectives, etc.

In other words, you leave with a powerful charismatic talk that moves people to action that you can deliver without scripts, without memorization, and even without slides if you don’t want to.

If you’re NOT chosen, you can watch the scene unfold -or- follow along and create your own talk while I work with that person on stage.

Either way, you’re leaving with a FREE Neuroscience-Approved 1-Step Public Speaking Confidence Checklist. As well as 3 FREE Imposter Syndrome Crushers designed to help you feel more confident on stage, on camera and in meetings.

People really seem to love those live demonstrations with no safety net! I've been told it feels like a breath of fresh air to see someone create live transformations on the spot rather than talk about them. 

Register now if you haven’t already and invite your friends, colleagues, and partners!


See you soon…


Sylvain Haché aka Sly

P.S. You have to have your camera on to be so I can see you while we work together.