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I've spoken at many virtual events, and attended far more. Some were good, but most were, quite frankly, pretty awful.

Frustrated with organizers squandering the incredible opportunity presented by virtual events, in 2021, I launched my first virtual event.

Since then, I have run over a dozen events. These events are highly engaging, powerful, and even transformational.

I teach people to run events that don't suck because I want there to be more great events out there. I want better stages to speak on and better events to attend, so I teach everyone I can to create better events.

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Michael is the author of The Guy Who Knows a Guy, as well as the Morning Motivation Podcast. He has appeared on numerous summits and podcasts with excellent reviews.


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Networking without Talking to Stranger, Even If You Don't Know Anyone
We think of networking as being all about shmoozing, handing out business cards, and being outgoing. What it's really about is creating value and making connections. You don't have to attend events to network. You don't have to know a lot of people to be a connector. You don't even need to ever talk to strangers to be a great connector and networker. Michael Whitehouse will teach you how.

How to Run Events that Don't Suck

There are a lot of virtual events out there, and most of them suck.


They suck because the priorities are wrong. They are all about the host and the producer and what they can get from you.


To do it right, we flip it on it's head. We run an event that focuses on the audience and the speakers, and when we do that, the host gets theirs.


It's also about engagement, connection, and creating an experience. If your audience wanted to watch recordings, they'd go on YouTube. If they wanted to sit and passively listen, they'd watch TV.


In this talk, I will share with you everything I have learning in three years of running high engagement virtual events and how you can copy everything I do.

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