Course Creators Summit
Course Creators Summit
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Organizer Michael Whitehouse
Course Creators Summit
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Timezone: Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Thu, Feb 22, 2024 5:00 PM (6 days 16 hours ago)


This event is for anyone who is creating online courses, from the newest newbie to those who are experienced looking for a few new tips.

We are especially looking for speakers who can speak to the actual content of the course, course marketing, and how a course fits into the larger strategy of an online business.

AI and course creation is quite topical and trendy as well.


Speaker Expectations

  • Promote the event and generate a minimum of 10 opt-ins
  • Attend for at least 2 hours in addition to your speaking time
  • Actively engage with other speakers and participants throughout the event

Please set aside the time to attend when you apply. Normally we send out approvals 1 month prior to the event, but if you would like an early review of your application, email

If you are accepted and decline to speak, it will be considered when evaluating future applications.

To learn more about being a speaker at an Awesome Virtual Interactive Event™, visit


Your Speaker Experience

This event is produced by Michael Whitehouse, and Michael creates events that are fun, engaging, exciting, and valuable to the audience and the speakers. This is not a “watch with your camera off while you do something else” event. This is not a “drop in, give your talk, and leave” event. This is an interactive event!

We want to create an event that you will enjoy speaking at and get value from. More interaction is always better than less interaction. That keeps the energy up in the room, keeps the audience engaged, and makes it more fun for you.

You are welcome to offer your gift (the one you put in the application) during your talk as long as it is low key and not pitchy. Offering good. Infomercial bad.

15 minutes is not a lot of time to go deep, so you are welcome to invite the audience to a follow up event where you can do much more in depth on your topic. It is required that your talk during our event provide valuable, actionable information. It is recommended that your follow up event do the same as well, and not simply be a pitch to sell something without offering more value during that event.


Live and Pre-recorded Speakers

During the event, we will have 8-10 live speakers, each speaking 15 minutes each. We will also have as many as 5 pre-recorded speakers.

Pre-recorded speakers will provide us with a 10 minute video of their talk. This video will be sent out to everyone registered for the event in the run up to the event. You are then welcome and encouraged to attend the event live to interact with those who watched your talk in our breakouts, Q&A, hotseat and other engagement sessions.

If you would like to participate but are unable to attend live, you are welcome to apply and note on the application that you would like to be a pre-recorded speaker.

Important: pre-recorded talks are not sent out until and unless you have achieved the promotion requirement.


Pre-Event Speaker Meet-Up

In our experience, one of the greatest forms of value our speakers get is the connection with other speakers. They have found clients, vendors, mentors, partners, and friends among their fellow speakers.

To facilitate this, we will be hosting a 90 minute, pre-event speaker meetup on February 7th at 4PM EST

This is not required, but is highly recommended because of the value it will provide for you.


Event Style

The event will be a live, Zoom-based event running 11 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time.

We're aiming for engagement. We want an event where people feel they are part of something, not where they feel like they are watching a YouTube video.

This means that we'll have interactive activities. It means we encourage interactive presentations.

It also means that we encourage speakers to be there for as much of the event as possible because you'll be making some connections while you're there. (Live speakers are required to attend for at least 2 hours of the event)


Schedule Structure

Speaking slots will be 15 minutes, or, if your presentation is interactive we give you an extra 5 minutes for a total of 20. 

The interactive block following your talk is run by the MC and host. While it may relate to your talk, it is separate)

Each hour will be formatted as follows:

0-15 Speaker

15-30 Interaction (run by MC and host)

30-45 Speaker

45-60 Interaction

Interaction may be speed networking, hot seat coaching, Q&As, or anything else.

Do not assume that the interaction block after your talk is for your Q&A, but if you do get a good flow going with the audience and they are highly engaged, I may choose to just let that keep going if the vibe is good.



All presentations will be recorded. 

Any speakers who achieve the minimum number of opt-ins (which should be all of you, right?) will have their presentation shared out to the entire list of registrants in the days after the event.

Additionally, some videos may be shared out to attendees or others on my list for various reasons including promoting that speaker's affiliate link or program.

By applying to this summit, you are granting ConCardia, LLC and Michael Whitehouse full and irrevocable rights to all recordings made during the event. Event partners may also share and use the recordings at the discretion of ConCardia, LLC. These recordings may be edited and deployed in any way that we choose for the benefit of our audiences.



Speakers are expected to generate a minimum of 10 opt-ins. Swipe copy will be provided, or you can write your own copy. If you write really good copy, I'll share it with the other speakers and credit you.

In addition to traditional swipe copy, Guest Letters will be provided which you can share verbatim as a letter from the organizers to your audience.

If you bring in at least 25 opt-ins, event producer Michael Whitehouse will promote your affiliate offer to his entire list including all summit registrants. (After the event, a final leaderboard will be shared. It is up to you to send content to share to Michael. You must take advantage of this within 60 days of the conclusion of the event.)


Legal Stuff

By applying this this event, you are agreeing to the following:

1. Speaker hereby grants to Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC the right to use his or her name, voice, appearance, likeness, image, words, participation, and title or professional designation, in whole or in part, in these Recordings and/or compilations and in any correspondence, publicity, advertising, promotional, or other derivative materials based on them. Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC has no obligation to make use of the rights granted herein.

2. Speaker hereby grants Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC the unconditional and irrevocable right to reproduce the Recording in any format, and to distribute, sell, prepare derivative works, advertise, and publicize the Recordings without compensation to Speaker, Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC may edit the Recordings at her discretion. Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC shall own the worldwide rights, title, and interest, including copyright in, and to, the Speaker’s Recording. However, the Speaker shall also retain the right to use his or her own Recording for any purpose.

3. Speaker, upon written request to Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC, shall be provided with a copy of his or her Recording in electronic format.

4. Speaker agrees to promote the event to their audience by email, social media, or any other method to generate a minimum of 10 opt-ins with a goal of over 25.

5. Speaker is permitted to make a FREE offer during his or her talk.

6. Speaker represents that he or she has the full right, power, and authority to grant this release and to perform all of the provisions thereof. Speaker acknowledges that in the event of a breach or alleged breach with respect to the terms and provisions hereof, that Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC shall not take any legal action, but will be very disappointed and will record such breach in the official records.

7. Speaker agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC from and against all claims, losses, expenses, and liabilities of every kind including reasonable attorney's fees arising out of the inaccuracy or breach of any provision of this Agreement. Speaker expressly releases Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC from any and all claims arising out of the use of the material.

8. This release shall be governed in accordance with the State of Connecticut law, constitute the entire agreement of the parties, and may be amended only in writing.


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