Amazing Humans who CRUSH Challenges
Amazing Humans who CRUSH Challenges
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Organizer Raja Vaidya
Amazing Humans who CRUSH Challenges
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This is the first ever event for “Amazing Humans Who Crush Challenges!”   What does that mean? We don't want a pity party we want to be in awe of your success party!

-connect and build your tribe of followers 

- get exposure to up to 200 people excited to hear your message

-inspire a new audience to know like and love you!

-educate a new generation of supportive like minded people over 100 the audience

-bonus — > get email list  


-do you have a traditional disability “handicap” and have made success in  business anyway? 

-do you have a mental health issue and have made success in business anyway? 

-do you have a speech handicap and have made success in business anyway?

-do you have a trauma from youth (or recent) that you escaped and grew from? 

-did you lose all your money and had to survive and build it back more success ?  

-did you have any other challenge that you feel the audience or entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors NEED to know? 

Then this summit is for YOU to speak and share your amazing story and lessons learned.


This is an event to share 5-10min of inspirational story and then spend 25-30min really sharing top 3 tips what you learned and you successfully do what you do now.  Our audience is speakers, authors, entrepreneurs, and business owners who are hungry for knowledge and growth.  They want to know what are you the best at and what are the 3 main benefits they can take away and USE right away in their life/business/relationships. 


There will be also chance to get replays of all speakers for those who upgrade to VIP.  Don't miss a single second of amazing stories and knowledge. 





Boost Your Bottom Line with Belonging
Dea Irby THE Belonging Mentor

Are you facing the challenges of today’s economy, like the aftershock of The Great Resignation or Quiet Quitters? How do you keep great workers without shackles? How do you put a fire under team members without burning them?  What if there were a strategy for doing just that AND that will boost your bottom line? Would you want to know? 

Business Leadership +1
Communication Leadership +2
Thanks for all the hurt feelings: how I moved from pain to explosive profit
Gini Trask CEO

In this talk Gini takes you on the journey of how she created a created 7 figure business that was rooted in wounding. Learn the techniques she used to turn her life and business around, going from pain to explosive profits.

Business Health & Well-being
Business Healing +2
How to Overcome Adversity
Jordan Northrup US Marine, Author/Speaker, Entrepreneur

From an early age, he developed a love for reading and writing, and currently has more than 1,000 books in his library. He is a 19 year veteran of the United States Marine Corps with three combat tours to Iraq and Afghanistan. Jordan has a heart for men and women suffering from addiction and travels the country speaking to audiences about God's grace and mercy. In addition to the Marines, Jordan is a real estate investor and entrepreneur. He enjoys golf, the piano, and spending time with his wife and children. Jordan resides with his family in Northern Virginia.

How The Guy Who Knows a Guy became The Summit Guy
Michael Whitehouse The Summit Guy

For years, Michael Whitehouse was known as The Guy Who Knows a Guy. He was a global connector, making valuable strategic introductions for people on six continents.

He helped a lot of people, but that didn't always translate to helping himself and his family. Networking is not a terribly marketable product.

Along the way, he started running virtual summits. He didn't run typical summits because he didn't like how they were run. He didn't find them enjoyable to attend. So he ran them the way he wanted to.

In last 2022, he realized that his stubborn refusal to follow conventional wisdom had allowed him to create a program like no other, a program that clients would pay him to create for them as well.

After 3 years of searching, he discovered a business focus and brand that was commercial viable, served a need, and aligned with his purpose. After three years, he had become The Summit Guy.

Frustration to Freedom
Michele Vilseck CEO, Signature Stages, LLC

When you're in the grind of accomplishing your goals – whether those be health, wealth or happiness.  We reach a point of DISCOMFORT.  Where you feel angry and annoyed by the fact that things aren't going your way!  And, in the moment, you RESENT the struggle are and pray for freedom.  But what if the FRUSTRATION is the friction you need to reach freedom?  What it it's the mechanism in the madness that leads you to being more?  In this talk, we'll discuss how frustration fuels your freedom and how to harness it to be your best self.

Health & Well-being
Public Speaking
Helping Introverted Executives with Unstoppable Confidence
Raja Vaidya 5 Black Belt Hacks to Confidence Profits

After 37 years teaching martial art Master Raja Vaidya (6th degree Master) saw a pattern in helping children go from White Belt mindset to a Black Belt Mind-SHIFT…   When people learn these key strategies to encouraging and empowering themselves and their teams they become the best version of them selves and achieve black status not just in business, but in life.. 

Business Health & Well-being +3
Bullying Client Attraction +19
Pure Liberation
Robert Wilson Pure Liberation

Pure Liberation is stop healing the past liberating your now. Opens your wisdom to understand and admire pure liberation is I liberate me from me and your viewpoints, opinions and beliefs. 

is grassroots simplicity to stop blaming the outside world for anything opening sovereign xpansion to understand you can never listen and think know and learn at the same time. 

A miracle Challenge Crusher
Saylor Cooper Entrepreneur, Podcaster/radio host

My presentation will consist of me telling my life journey from the day I was born until the present and give testimony of all of the challenges I have crushed so far.

The Problem is Actually the Solution: Why you secretly want that big problem to stay and don’t realize it.
Shiraz Baboo Reality Interventionist

What if the reason that persistent problem won't go away is because you don't want it to go away? What if it is due to underlying fears you're not even aware of? What if, by discovering those fear, you can release them and get better results within days? Learn how to discover these fears and remove them so that your life and business prosper.

Spirituality for Prosperity
Sue pats Spirituality for Prosperity




(Caution: Will BETTER Your Health, Wealth & Happiness!)

After getting the opportunity in my own life to learn & implement success principles, I was able to overcome struggles that were blocking me from building the business I wanted. I believe anyone can learn the steps to success & I am passionate about helping others achieve great heights of success.

Many people believe that you have no connection with the material world if you are spiritual. In reality, you need a proper balance to have a successful life in every possible area.


This masterclass will show you how to implement spiritual principles, prosper, and achieve every possible worthwhile dream.