Get Your Stuff Together
Get Your Stuff Together
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Organizer Michael Whitehouse
Get Your Stuff Together
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It doesn't matter how many tools and bits of tech you have if you don't have system holding it all together.

If you don't have an overall strategy for your business, you can't sell your services. People won't understand what you're doing.

At Get Your Stuff Together, attendees will learn how to bring order to the chaos of their business, create a clear and compelling vision, and then sell all that stuff.

We are seeking speakers who speak on:

  • Business strategy
  • Goal and vision clarity
  • Branding (especially around clarity and focus)
  • Sales (the authentic kind)
  • And anything else that can help scattered entrepreneurs to bring order and success to their business


Speaker Expectations

  • Promote the event and generate a minimum of 10 opt-ins
  • Attend for at least 2 hours in addition to your speaking time
  • Actively engage with other speakers and participants throughout the event

Please set aside the time to attend when you apply. Normally we send out approvals 1 month prior to the event, but if you would like an early review of your application, email

If you are accepted and decline to speak, it will be considered when evaluating future applications.

To learn more about being a speaker at an Awesome Virtual Interactive Event™, visit


Your Speaker Experience

This event is produced by Michael Whitehouse, and Michael creates events that are fun, engaging, exciting, and valuable to the audience and the speakers. This is not a “watch with your camera off while you do something else” event. This is not a “drop in, give your talk, and leave” event. This is an interactive event!

We want to create an event that you will enjoy speaking at and get value from. More interaction is always better than less interaction. That keeps the energy up in the room, keeps the audience engaged, and makes it more fun for you.

You are welcome to offer your gift (the one you put in the application) during your talk as long as it is low key and not pitchy. Offering good. Infomercial bad.

15 minutes is not a lot of time to go deep, so you are welcome to invite the audience to a follow up event where you can do much more in depth on your topic. It is required that your talk during our event provide valuable, actionable information. It is recommended that your follow up event do the same as well, and not simply be a pitch to sell something without offering more value during that event.


Live and Pre-recorded Speakers

During the event, we will have 8-10 live speakers, each speaking 15 minutes each. We will also have as many as 5 pre-recorded speakers.

Pre-recorded speakers will provide us with a 10 minute video of their talk. This video will be sent out to everyone registered for the event in the run up to the event. You are then welcome and encouraged to attend the event live to interact with those who watched your talk in our breakouts, Q&A, hotseat and other engagement sessions.

If you would like to participate but are unable to attend live, you are welcome to apply and note on the application that you would like to be a pre-recorded speaker.

Important: pre-recorded talks are not sent out until and unless you have achieved the promotion requirement.


Pre-Event Speaker Meet-Up

In our experience, one of the greatest forms of value our speakers get is the connection with other speakers. They have found clients, vendors, mentors, partners, and friends among their fellow speakers.

To facilitate this, we will be hosting a 90 minute, pre-event speaker meetup on January 30, 2024 at 4:00 PM Eastern. 

This is not required, but is highly recommended because of the value it will provide for you.


Event Style

The event will be a live, Zoom-based event running 11 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time.

We're aiming for engagement. We want an event where people feel they are part of something, not where they feel like they are watching a YouTube video.

This means that we'll have interactive activities. It means we encourage interactive presentations.

It also means that we encourage speakers to be there for as much of the event as possible because you'll be making some connections while you're there. (Live speakers are required to attend for at least 2 hours of the event)


Schedule Structure

Speaking slots will be 15 minutes, or, if your presentation is interactive we give you an extra 5 minutes for a total of 20. 

The interactive block following your talk is run by the MC and host. While it may relate to your talk, it is separate)

Each hour will be formatted as follows:

0-15 Speaker

15-30 Interaction (run by MC and host)

30-45 Speaker

45-60 Interaction

Interaction may be speed networking, hot seat coaching, Q&As, or anything else.

Do not assume that the interaction block after your talk is for your Q&A, but if you do get a good flow going with the audience and they are highly engaged, I may choose to just let that keep going if the vibe is good.



All presentations will be recorded. 

Any speakers who achieve the minimum number of opt-ins (which should be all of you, right?) will have their presentation shared out to the entire list of registrants in the days after the event.

Additionally, some videos may be shared out to attendees or others on my list for various reasons including promoting that speaker's affiliate link or program.

By applying to this summit, you are granting ConCardia, LLC and Michael Whitehouse full and irrevocable rights to all recordings made during the event. Event partners may also share and use the recordings at the discretion of ConCardia, LLC. These recordings may be edited and deployed in any way that we choose for the benefit of our audiences.



Speakers are expected to generate a minimum of 10 opt-ins. Swipe copy will be provided, or you can write your own copy. If you write really good copy, I'll share it with the other speakers and credit you.

In addition to traditional swipe copy, Guest Letters will be provided which you can share verbatim as a letter from the organizers to your audience.

If you bring in at least 25 opt-ins, event producer Michael Whitehouse will promote your affiliate offer to his entire list including all summit registrants. (After the event, a final leaderboard will be shared. It is up to you to send content to share to Michael. You must take advantage of this within 60 days of the conclusion of the event.)


Legal Stuff

By applying this this event, you are agreeing to the following:

1. Speaker hereby grants to Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC the right to use his or her name, voice, appearance, likeness, image, words, participation, and title or professional designation, in whole or in part, in these Recordings and/or compilations and in any correspondence, publicity, advertising, promotional, or other derivative materials based on them. Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC has no obligation to make use of the rights granted herein.

2. Speaker hereby grants Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC the unconditional and irrevocable right to reproduce the Recording in any format, and to distribute, sell, prepare derivative works, advertise, and publicize the Recordings without compensation to Speaker, Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC may edit the Recordings at her discretion. Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC shall own the worldwide rights, title, and interest, including copyright in, and to, the Speaker’s Recording. However, the Speaker shall also retain the right to use his or her own Recording for any purpose.

3. Speaker, upon written request to Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC, shall be provided with a copy of his or her Recording in electronic format.

4. Speaker agrees to promote the event to their audience by email, social media, or any other method to generate a minimum of 10 opt-ins with a goal of over 25.

5. Speaker is permitted to make a FREE offer during his or her talk.

6. Speaker represents that he or she has the full right, power, and authority to grant this release and to perform all of the provisions thereof. Speaker acknowledges that in the event of a breach or alleged breach with respect to the terms and provisions hereof, that Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC shall not take any legal action, but will be very disappointed and will record such breach in the official records.

7. Speaker agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC from and against all claims, losses, expenses, and liabilities of every kind including reasonable attorney's fees arising out of the inaccuracy or breach of any provision of this Agreement. Speaker expressly releases Michael Whitehouse and Concardia, LLC from any and all claims arising out of the use of the material.

8. This release shall be governed in accordance with the State of Connecticut law, constitute the entire agreement of the parties, and may be amended only in writing.


Effortless Sales Engine
Amanda Abella Make Money Your Honey

We think of networking as being all about shmoozing, handing out business cards, and being outgoing. What it's really about is creating value and making connections. You don't have to attend events to network. You don't have to know a lot of people to be a connector. You don't even need to ever talk to strangers to be a great connector and networker. Michael Whitehouse will teach you how.


The Business of Relationships
Carlee Myers Founder, The Stress Less Company

Many of us have heard the saying that 'your network is your net worth.' Whether you like it or not, the truth is that strong relationships are at the core of every successful business. From strong colleague relationships, to prospect relationships, to client relationships, the success of your business relies deeply on the connection you have with others.


  • Uncover the #1 cause of damaged relationships
  • Learn how this common pitfall can damage your business
  • Discover exactly what you need to do to build thriving, authentic relationships that take your business to new heights and beyond.
Education Health & Well-being +4
Business Business Consulting +6
Fractured to Focused: 3 Non-Negotiables You Need to Focus on Daily to Achieve Consistent Client Growth
Christine Campbell Rapin Business Mentor & CEO

You are working hard and hustling in your business but continue to struggle with consistent client growth (or maybe have no clients at all yet). Panic has set in and you are looking for the silver bullet to turn things around or you might just have to go back to a traditional J.O.B. Perhaps you’re thinking that a new website is the answer. Or hiring someone to do SEO on your current site. Or paying for Facebook ads to boost visibility. Or that investing in expensive funnels or lead generation software are what you need or buying followers. HINT: It is NONE of those things that is the problem. Yes, you might need to invest in some of these services down the line however right now you are spinning in circles focusing on the wrong actions that will drive your business forward. 


Here you will learn how to get laser focused on 3 ORGANIC activities that you need to focus on daily to see consistent growth. These building blocks are essential and help you get off the crazy train you are on right now that isn’t resulting in client growth. 


Come to this presentation and you will learn: 

• The 2 activities that predict your revenue in the next 90 days.

• The 3 non-negotiable business foundations every business owner needs to create a client growth engine.

• to identify the gaps in your current strategy and skill set that you need to bridge in order to start building momentum in your business. 

Business Leadership +1
Business Personal Growth +10
Personal Empowerment - Embracing Your Archetype for Resilience
Debbie Bryan Debbie Bryan Leadership Expert

Are you ready to take charge of your personal growth journey and fortify your resilience like never before? Join us for an enlightening speaking event that will show you how to tap into your dominant personality archetype to empower yourself and thrive even in the face of challenges.

Unlocking Your Archetype Power:

Discover the untapped potential within you as we delve into the realm of personality archetypes. Learn how your archetype can serve as a powerful tool for personal empowerment and resilience-building.

Embrace the Blueprint for Resilience:

Resilience isn't just about bouncing back; it's about flourishing despite adversity. Explore how your dominant archetype can provide you with a blueprint for navigating tough times with grace and strength.

An engaging and transformative session that will empower you to embrace your archetype and enhance your resilience. Step confidently into a future where challenges are opportunities for growth.

Key Strategies for Organizing a Winning Launch
Elisa Boogaerts Launch Manager

In this talk you'll learn these 3 key strategies:

  1. Streamlined filing mastery for a stress free launch
  2. How to put your launch plan together
  3. Metrics that Matter: Tracking your launch for ongoing success
7 Foundational Pillars to Building a Purpose Driven Company.
Elona Lopari Ceo of The Life School

Key Implementation Takeaways:
-How to connect your branding. marketing, sales, systems and team to grow your company
-How to align your Purpose with your Profit
-How to expand your impact and vision to do more good in the world.


How to keep it together when the sh*t hits the fan 7 miles above the planet….
Emma Henderson Mile High Decision Making

When you are Captain of an airplane flying 7 miles above the earth, at 600mph and with 180 passengers relying on you to get things right, you’d better know how to make decisions and keep your team together. 
For 12 years, this fast paced decision making in one of the noisiest, driest and snallest “offices” in the world (or more accurately, above it) was just a normal part of my daily life as one of fewer than 500 female airline captains in the world. 
So what DO you do when things go wrong in the sky?  Well, you start by keeping the plane in the air, then you make sure it’s going in the right direction and then you tell the people who need to know. It’s exactly the same in business (but without the trouser changing moments when you need to divert - or take a bird down an engine…). When something goes wrong you have to keep the company going, make sure it’s going in the right direction, and tell the right people what’s going on. 
Next comes decision making and I will give you a model you can use that has been tried and tested not only by all the world’s airlines,  but also by fighter pilots.  

You will leave with a framework that you can apply to your own life, whether you are making decisions in business, or working out why there’s water running down your living room walls (and your kids have told you they are going to take a shower!) 

No problem is insurmountable, even at 37,000 feet and I will tell you how you too can keep your sh*t together, pilot style!

Harmonize The Hustle: Three Keys To Cracking the Code to Consistent High Ticket Clients
Jana Niksa The Authentic Sales Coach

Coaches want clients but few know how to get them consistently.  This is why almost 90% of online service based entrepreneurs and coaches make less than 100k per year.  I am going to be speaking about why this is and what to do about it. The truth is most entrepreneurs are busy doing busy work and not focus on the things that move the needle in their business. There are 3 things you can do in your business right now to change this and if implemented effectively it will drastically change the impact of your business and your bottom line.  HINT: it isn't some cookie cutter strategy or some one size fits all approach.

Transform Your Overwhelm into Income
Kathi Burns Burns Professional Organizer

This session will help attendees learn the skills necessary to eliminate their daily endless distractions and laser focus on their most important tasks each day. These implementable, simple tactics will help them tackle their to-do lists in less time and become more effective leaders with clear focus on their big picture goals.

  • Do you want to become laser focused every day?
  • Have you ever wondered why you can’t ever tackle your to-do list?
  • Do you want to get more done in less time?
  • Would you like to enjoy  your daily routines with less stress?
  • Would you like to enjoy more freedom in your business?

During this session, attendees will learn how to:

  1. Eliminate common productivity saboteurs
  2. Avoid busyness and focus on their big picture goals
  3. Turn their to-do lists into a to-done list
Business Consulting
Five Steps to Get Your Networking Sh*t Together
Michael Whitehouse The Guy Who Knows a Guy

We think of networking as being all about shmoozing, handing out business cards, and being outgoing. What it's really about is creating value and making connections. You don't have to attend events to network. You don't have to know a lot of people to be a connector. You don't even need to ever talk to strangers to be a great connector and networker. Michael Whitehouse will teach you how.


Let's Talk Sh*t to Improve Your Overall Life
Nikki Golly Food Sensitivity Nutritionist

Why focusing on good digestion and elimination can help you be more productive in life and at work.  Poop is important! I bring a fun, light-hearted way of talking about what happens or doesn't happen in the bathroom. Why it is important to talk about bowel movements, digestion, and the health implications of having chronic diarrhea and/or constipation.  What food sensitivities or allergies look like and why so many people have them but are unaware.  

Health Energy +23
From Self-Sabotage to Success: Realizing Your True Potential
Tereson Dupuy From Self-Sabotage to Success

Discover the key to unlocking your full potential in this transformative talk, "From Self-Sabotage to Success: Realizing Your True Potential." 

With our minds, there is a hidden cycle of self-sabotage. A barrier that hinders our deepest dreams and desires from becoming reality. Often, our own minds become our greatest obstacle, limiting the boundless potential we inherently possess. This talk delves into how this self-defeating cycle not only keeps our aspirations in a perpetual dream state but can also become an addictive pattern, constantly keeping true success just out of reach.

But this is a cycle that can be broken, which can affect every aspect of a person’s existence.

This talk will explore powerful strategies to break free from these mental shackles. By harnessing the power of internal language and storytelling, you can rewire your brain, ending the cycle of self-sabotage. Join us and embark on a journey to transform your dreams from mere thoughts into your lived, inspired reality.