Susi Vine
Susi Vine
Stress Transformation Coach
Certified Stress Management Coach, host of the Happified podcast

Susi Vine is a Stress Transformation Coach who helps high achievers leverage the power of positive mindset for more success in business and in life. She believes that everyone deserves to live with resilient health and energy so that they can enjoy a life they love without losing their options or independence because of disease.

Her online programs help people find more energy and balance with less force or frustration by building an empowered perspective and refining the tools that make it easier to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Susi's also the host of the Happified Podcast, featuring guest experts in the fields of healthy living and lifestyle, sharing insights to help her audience enjoy life with less stress and more flow.


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Lead with Happiness
Which comes first?  Does success lead to happiness, or can positivity pave the way to not only greater health and better relationships but also reaching your goals more quickly and easily? Susi will share powerful insights to help you flip the script on stress and discover how happiness can help you work “smarter instead of harder” when it comes to optimizing your lifestyle. 

You’ll learn how positivity pays off, and how you can raise your ‘set point’ with simple practices that help you feel more happy, more often.  And we’ll debunk the myth that “happiness is selfish” by exploring the impact of fostering more positivity and greater wellbeing. 

Health & Well-being Mindset
Behavior Modification Business Development +12


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