Resilient Woman Leadership Summit
Resilient Woman Leadership Summit
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Organizer Kathryn Regganie
Resilient Woman Leadership Summit
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I'd love to invite you to speak at the Resilient Woman Leadership Summit, an online event to be held June 14-18, 2023.

I'm sure you know that many of the most successful high-achieving women actually feel stuck, off track, and stressed out. They are the ones who have the hardest time, sleeping, relaxing, and enjoying life, even though to the world, it looks like they have it all. 

The Resilient Woman Leadership Summit was created so that we can share and support these women with proven strategies and techniques to improve their success on all levels.  For this summit, we will be focusing on helping these women stay focused and clear when the drama in life starts to take over.

We’ll have a lineup of speakers that reads like the who's who of Resilient Woman Leadership experts, with many highly successful entrepreneurs. We are aiming for just 30 speakers for this specific event so spots are limited.

Each interview session is 30 minutes long and should take the audience through your specific process so they can achieve a specific result.

Although this is not paid speaking engagement, there is an opportunity for you to benefit if you are interested in being part of our affiliate program where you will receive part of the ticket price.

It'd be great to have you as part of this important event.

We will pre-record your interview over Zoom (it's completely online).  I am scheduling 45 minutes for the recording so that we have plenty of time to talk and get comfortable before the cameras start to roll.  Since we only have 30 minutes for the recorded interview, your session should walk through a specific process. 

Are you interested? If yes, please complete the application and I'll be in touch very soon.

Even Goddesses Get the Blues!
Allura Adelson Even Goddesses Get the Blues!

When did your sense of vital leadership lose its luster? Sometimes we feel beaten down, feel like we're not enough, or feel tired of the constant push to succeed. Allura's talking points center around how what once was lost can be found again, mind, body, and spirit so that you feel renewed and eager to take charge like the Goddess you are! Allura can take your audience through an energetic process of renewal and re-connection.

Health & Well-being
Personal Development Soul Purpose +8
The Anti-Goal Way to Get It DONE
Barb Monson Reinvention Strategist

In this session Barb blows apart the S.M.A.R.T. goal model and shows you what really works instead.  Whether it's personal goals, professional, or across the organization, she walks you through a unique approach that helps you create the growth you want without following the same old boring checklist.  Walk away knowing exactly what steps you need to take to create something amazing!

The 5 Secret Ways to Strengthen Your Resilience Muscle
Blair Kaplan Venables Founder of The Global Resilience Project

Resilience is like an invisible muscle that exists in every fiber of our being. To grow, it requires exercise and Blair learned this at the end of 2018. Years prior, Blair mended my tumultuous relationship with her father and was given a second chance. But after those few short years, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. 

That is when she had a choice – either continue on a downward spiral of sadness and despair or Blair could press on and awaken her resilience muscle. Despite all the challenges, she became an international best-selling author, garnered a ton of recognition in the media, and allowed her to hit new milestones in her business. 

How did Blair push through such a turbulent time and reach these results? How did her relationship with my father inspire a drastic change in her life that led to this moment? This talk will show how Blair strengthened and used her resilience muscle. This talk will show you how to do the same. You will leave feeling empowered so that when the world’s weight is on your shoulders, it doesn't feel so heavy.


Soul Mastery Blueprint - 3 Secrets to Mastering Your Purpose so you Bring More Joy, Abundance, and Meaning to your Life and Business
Carolyn Greenleaf CEO



This talk is for anyone who is frustrated with the direction of their life or business.

In this talk, Carolyn illustrates how you can start to experience more clarity, confidence, energy, and creativity to expand any area of life and business. You will learn that switching from your outer world to your inner self for connection, direction, and alignment, you can begin to experience the abundance and joy you desire for your personal and business life. 

In this talk she reveals secrets about how you are operating in an upside-down reality and provides strategies she teaches her high-end clients so you can experience the joy and abundance you are destined for! 



  • Strategies to experience greater clarity and disconnect negative energy and experiences in your life and business.
  • Keys to experience more purpose in your life and business. The importance of this is becoming obvious as clients and customers look for purpose driven businesses.
  • Tips to tune into your internal knowledge base, to make better choices that can save you money, stress, and time.
  • What mastering the self can open the doors to, and the freedom it creates.




Business Health & Well-being +3
Spiritual Growth Intuition +34
Appreciative Intelligence: Your New Superpower
Catherine Wiberg Employee Engagement and Retention Expert

As resilient women, we lean on our tenacity and our developed strengths daily. We often strive to help other people recognize their superpowers and reach their next levels of excellence. We, and the people we help, still sometimes get caught up in comparing our worst selves to other people's best selves. 

When we embrace appreciative intelligence as our new superpower, however, we learn to make empowering comparisons. These reframed comparisons then help us, and those we serve, reach new levels of excellence empowering ourselves and others along the way. Learn about the Reframe, Rewrite, Redesign™ appreciative intelligence framework and how it can empower you and those you serve.

Free to Be Me! Re-Awakening to your Soul's Purpose
Celia Barsby Creative Visionary for Women

Discover what lights you up and see what is possible for you.

You will receive your Soul Resources on your journey.  Your Soul Structures will be revealed to you in powerful and fun, creative ways through various transformational tools, enabling you to reclaim your soul’s purpose so you can flourish and grow.

Come weave with Celia at your Soul’s Garden Party.  Step through the rickety gate of your Creative Heart Space and open your pathways into your Soul’s Magical Garden.

Education Health & Well-being +1
Personal Growth Soul Purpose +3
How to De-Escalate and Un-Hook Yourself in Divorce and Co-Parenting to take the Best Care of Yourself and Your Children
Cherie Morris Attorney and Full-time Divorce Coach

I will describe concrete steps to de-escalate and un-hook from divorce and co-parenting conflict. The secret sauce is understanding the role you play in what occurs and not living your life in relation to the other person. It's simple and not easy. There is a way forward, however, that allows you the freedom to love yourself and take great care of your kids too--not matter how your former spouse behaves!

Health & Well-being
From Unwitting Saboteur to Strategic Hero
DJ Stutz Founder of Little Hearts Academy USA

In "From Unwitting Saboteur to Strategic Hero," the presenter exposes the ways in which parents unknowingly sabotage their own efforts to raise successful, well-adjusted children. Whether it's being overworked, overstimulated, or just plain hangry, parents can unintentionally set themselves and their kids up for failure. Through a lighthearted lens, the presenter offers practical tips to help parents avoid these pitfalls and become strategic heroes in their children's lives.  Watch the rippling effect that occurs in all areas of your life when you move from saboteur to strategic.

Discover your Heart Centred Power
Daniela Hartmann Discover your Unique GRID Blueprint

 This session is a chance to dive deep into your personal power source – your genuine self. You will discover how to lead a life deeply rooted in your values within a fast changing, diverse world. 

Uncovering your heart centered power is a journey through your own recipe of growth, taking responsibility for your mind and actions based on self appreciation, exploring your values and embodying them with integrity in a diverse world. Utilizing deep reflection and practical tools as every moment turns into an opportunity of being genuinely yourself, your own safe haven.

Business Health & Well-being +3
Leadership Thought Leadership +3
Virtual Assistant 101: How to Delegate so you can Increase Profit and Freedom
Diane Rolston Business Leader Coach, Speaker & CEO & Founder

You can go from task overwhelm to business ease by delegating. But instead of hiring expensive employees to work in a rented office, the future of business growth is leveraging the skills of Virtual Assistants (VAs).

To get off the hamster wheel, the challenge is knowing what to delegate to a VA, how to have consistent work and how to train them, especially if you want to hire abroad.

In this informative session, Diane will share her experience in successfully delegating work to your VAs so you can increase profit and freedom.

Benefits you’ll receive in this session:

  • You’ll see how to be a balanced leader without sacrificing financial growth.
  • You’ll avoid the 2 obstacles I see business owners and leaders facing today!
  • You’ll be prepared with a task list you can delegate immediately, so you can lighten your workload!
  • You’ll feel empowered to delegate tasks, so you have more time and can focus on what you love!
  • You'll know the 3 myths you’ve been led to believe that keeps you overwhelmed
Business Education
Business Organizing +4
Are You Ready for Success in Your Business?
Dr Ida Greene, PhD Are You Ready for Business Success?

Are You Ready for Success… A Spiritual Approach?

Are you Ready for Business Success? A genuinely successful person has total alignment in all the following areas: Body, Physical Health;  Mental=Make, Heartfelt Connections to Love; Emotional ( has control of Worry, Fear, Doubt = Certainty); Spiritual aligned to Grow, Evolve; Contribute and add Significance to humanity. 

Business Education +6
Communication Business +28
Achieve Recognition, revenue and success with your own compelling book - without the Overwhelm
Georgia Varjas Achieve Recognition, revenue and success

Most female business leaders have a book in them and dream about writing and publishing it - but don't take the action

because they worry - if it will achieve the recognition they are used to. 

What if you could write your compelling book in 90 days or less and achieve the recognition you deserve - and gain the Authority, Revenue and Success that it would bring?

The presentation covers the personal and professional transformation for the budding author. 

How to utilise your book as a marketing tool in your business, gain credibility, attract clients and be in demand for those high paid speaking gigs.

Radical Responsibility Is A Game Changer
Gina Gardiner Radical Responsibility Is A Game Changer

You are the person that's going to make the most difference in your life, because you're the common denominator You take yourself into every moment of every day. and the important thing is that you become the leader of your life. You are not a victim unless you choose to be. However, by taking radical responsibility, You move yourself from victim to heroin.  You are the author of your life story, so give yourself a great part and just recognize You don't have to do it alone that there is help out there if you want it.

Parenting is Leadership 24/7
Janet Krebs Queen of POP: positive outcome parenting

Parenting is the ultimate leadership role. When we examine the characteristics of effective leadership: the words, goals and vision are remarkably and undeniably similar to those of parents.  We will playfully learn and understand the crossover of growth, well being, community, vision, communication, problem solving…the list is endless. I am on a mission to elevate all “moms/parents” to the role of CLD or Chief Leadership Developer. 

Education Family & Parenting +3
Personal Development Parenting Teens +5
Working Moms Unleashed: Create Harmony Between Career and Family
Jeanne Yohn Consultant/Trainer/Coach

“Working Moms Unleashed: Create Harmony Between Career and Family” is an eye opening, educational, and engaging presentation tailored for women. Jeanne Yohn unveils the hidden limiting beliefs often ingrained during childhood, which lead to stress, overwork, and burnout in both professional and personal lives of high-performing working mothers and women. The audience will gain insights into the profound impact of these self-imposed limitations.

Beyond awareness, the audience will be given practical strategies to challenge and overcome these barriers. By identifying your fears and feelings, letting go of unnecessary responsibilities, and understanding your true value, with the aim to shift awareness, thinking, and behavior. 

While primarily designed for working moms, this presentation is invaluable to any woman seeking a successful career AND home life. Join 'Working Moms Unleashed' to uncover the real challenge – it's not about better organization or time management but understanding and overcoming your limiting beliefs. Unleash your potential, break free from self-imposed boundaries, and build a fulfilling life at work and home.

Business Health & Well-being +1
Personal Development Personal Growth +4
Blind Vision
Joy Francis Family Wealth Strategist

I am a motivational speaker that shares some of the challenges in my life and how I have work through them. My challenges include being born blind and not finding out about my blindness until I was in my 30's. I graduated high school in the top 6% of the class, receiving a BA in accounting and MBA in finance, all without being able to read a page out of a book. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 21 years old. Had a bilateral mastectomy at 29 and at almost 71 am still breast cancer free. I have been diagnosed with 5 autoimmune deceases and am still going strong. My mother told me "I could do anything I set my mind to." So I always have and still do.

Business Leadership
Self-confidence Leadership +3
Hypnosis Heals
Karen Ross Hypnotherapist & Coach

Hypnosis can heal emotional and physical pain. Learn the facts – it’s not as “scary” as often presented in movies. It IS a state of deep relaxation, heightened awareness, increased focus…and you have total control. It bypasses the busy, noisy, judgmental conscious mind and reaches your powerful subconscious mind that is just waiting to reveal information and provide support and healing for our pain. Discover how to use your mind(s) to live your best life. 

Get Over Imposter Syndrom and Know Your Worth
Karen Yankovich CEO

All of the strategy in the world isn't going to get you where you want to go If your mindset is in the right place, if you don't feel worthy of it. if you don't have confidence in what you're offering, you can't expect people to invest at it. 

Create a strong social presence using all of your experience and then have the confidence in your skills to be able to reach out to people at that high vibe level at that peers with the most influential people in your industry mindset.

Drama Dragons Revealed
Kathryn Regganie

Any go-getter woman in business can tell you that you have to be on your game every day to be really effective in sales. But crap, what about when the drama of life rises up like a dragon? What about when your husband divorces you, or your parents get sick? 

A strong woman will keep going when those dragons of life come up. She wants to show up fully prepared to do her job, it matters to her!  She doesn’t even notice that she is burning up inside. Well, not until she feels the impact of her unintended bitchy comments given to her friends and co-workers as they start to make comments or just stay a safe distance away. Or until she notices that she is tripping over the balls that are falling left and right when she normally juggles them quite nicely.

Because I’ve had my own drama dragons rage from within when those dramatic moments come up in life.  My husband left me, my parents need of my help desperately, and I was still working toward my business degree.  I was mentally and physically exhausted and just couldn’t take on another thing. I became increasingly grumpy and hid in my cave at home as much as possible.  Also, I started noticing the looks people would give me after the blazing-hot comments came out of my mouth. 

What turned this around for me was when I truly identified my unique "Drama Dragon" as I now call it!  I found my best ways to tame that dragon, according to the system I've now developed.  My confidence started growing with making choices for ME which also showed in my results at work. I felt in control again and was no longer in fear of losing my job or my sanity.

Take the Drama Dragon Quiz at


Health & Well-being Leadership +1
Wellness Leadership +2
Regenerating ourselves, Starting with Food.
Katie Surjan Health Transformation Coach

For 13 years, Katie Surjan has been coaching overworked, overwhelmed and burned out women towards transforming their lives, starting with their health.  She teaches her clients how to take their power back and use it to create a new life.  

Katie works with body, mind and soul, starting with food first.  Teaching her clients through the use of food how to change habits, how to feel better, how to make choices that serve them and ultimately how to find and listen to their own inner guidance system.  

She believes that health is not just of the body or of the mind or of the soul, it's a full integration of all three. To experience true health, one must start with the basics and organically integrate all parts of the whole system.  She believes everyone's birthright is to be whole, to be healthy, to be happy, and to be free. 

Katie doesn't believe anyone needs fixing, we simply have to remove that which is not true for us or serving us, unveiling the powerful creator Being that is already within each of us. She is both humbled and honored to guide others into their highest potentials.

Health Energy +31
Mastering Resilience: Unleash Your Inner Course Creator with Micro-steps & a Mindset Makeover
Kelly Martin, Ph.D. Course Creation Specialist

In this talk, we will delve into the concept of becoming a resilient course creator in the ever-changing landscape of online education. We will explore the importance of micro-steps and discuss how cultivating a resilient mindset and set of skills empowers course creators to adapt, overcome challenges, and stay focused on their objectives. Attendees can expect to gain practical tips and actionable strategies for transforming these traits into weekly actions and progress, ultimately leading to powerful and profitable online courses.

Business Education +1
Online Course Creation
Alchemy of Healing
Kyra Lober Magical Healer

Have you ever wanted to know about your innate abilities to heal? Kyra Lober shares about your bioelectric quantum energy and how you can begin to access it. Alchemy of Healing also shares the basic principles of healing to alleviate stress so you can be your most peaceful You!

Unleash the Power Within; Ignite Your Divine Soul's Purpose an Fulfill Your Highest Potential
Laurie Polinski

Join us for an enlightening subject that will empower you to tap into the depths of your being and discover the true essence of your divine soul's purpose. Through this transformative conversation, we will explore the boundless possibilities that exist within you and provide practical tools to help you reach your highest potential. Prepare to be inspired as we delve into the depths of self-discovery, unlocking the hidden treasures of your soul and awakening a newfound sense of purpose and fulfillment. Don't miss this opportunity to ignite the fire within and embark on a journey towards aligning your life with your deepest passions and aspirations.  Get ready to embrace your divine calling and step into a life of limitless potential.

Leading With Ease
Lisa Wilson Leadership Coach

In her book, "Leading with Ease" Lisa takes us through what she calls the 4 'roots' of leadership. In this session we will work through 2 roots of the 4 roots: 

1. Know the Destination.

2. Know Your Role 

When we are clear on these pieces, our role as a leader gets easier. If you have a team working for you they will become more cohesive and motivated, because they are confident in their roles and are clear on where we are headed and what's important in getting there. If you are leading a team of one (yourself), decisions get easier and you will know when to push forward and when to take a break, so that you are showing up as the best version of yourself.  These roots help you step into leading yourself, and as a bonus creates cohesiveness when you are leading a team.

Discover your Intrinsic Gift
Mellissa Seaman Intuitive Business Strategist

Learn which of the 5 types of Soul Gift you are, indicating your natural expertise, best leadership, and highest value.

Grace Under Fire: Women's Strategies for Resilience and Success
Omu Obilor Coach/Vision Pruner

Grace Under Fire: Women's Strategies for Resilience and Success" is a talk about how women can cultivate resilience in the face of challenges and use it to achieve success. The focus is on discussing different strategies that women can use to maintain a sense of grace and composure, even when faced with difficult situations. The talk aims to inspire and empower women by providing them with practical tools and techniques to help them stay resilient and achieve their goals, no matter their obstacles.

Unstoppable: Harnessing Mental Toughness & Resilience to Achieve Financial Success
Pamela Plick Money Mastery & Wealth Strategist

Unleash your potential and achieve your goals with unwavering determination in this empowering talk on harnessing mental toughness and resilience. Discover practical strategies to overcome obstacles, bounce back from setbacks, and stay focused on achieving the financial success and freedom you desire. Learn the importance of developing mental toughness and leave inspired to become unstoppable in pursuing your dreams.


Audience Takeaways:

  • Understand the importance of mental toughness and resilience in achieving goals
  • Learn practical strategies to develop and strengthen mental toughness in achieving financial success
  • Discover techniques to bounce back from setbacks and stay motivated and focused on your goals
Show Up & SHINE
Renee Brandon Content Strategist

As women business owners, we have so much to offer, but all too often, we hold ourselves back from being seen and heard. We are our own worst critics, and our fear of judgment and criticism can prevent us from putting ourselves out there and sharing our message with the world.

In this presentation, we will explore the power of showing up and shining online. We will discuss the unique challenges that we face in the online space, and provide practical strategies and tips for overcoming those challenges and building a strong and authentic online presence.

We will cover topics such as identifying your unique voice and message, building confidence on camera, leveraging the power of video to connect with your audience, and using social media to maximize your reach and impact.

By the end of this presentation, you will have a greater understanding of the importance of being yourself online, and the practical tools and strategies to help you do so with confidence and authenticity. You will be inspired to take action and share your message with the world, knowing that you have the power to make a difference in the lives of others and grow your business to new heights.

Business Marketing
Social Media Marketing Content Creation +3
Breakthrough to the Life and Leadership You Were Created For
Rhonda Huber Author/Speaker/Breakthrough Coach

Listeners will learn the three setting adjustments they must make to liberate themselves from discouragement, disappointment, and frustration. They will gain focus, clarity, and the confidence to stand in their purpose and in their leadership.


Business Leadership +1
Personal Growth Business Plan +10
Authentic Leadership for Old Soul Women
Sage Breslin Breakthrough Psychologist & Coach

There are likely hundreds of ways to support the growth of women in leadership, but often when women reach their desired professional role goal, they find themselves overperforming, overdelivering, and overwhelming. 

One of the reasons for this result is that if women who are coached into leadership positions before they have engaged in personal development, they may have thoughts, beliefs, and issues below the surface that drag them down and sap their strength. When women are encouraged to deep dive as part of their leadership development process, they can unpack and resolve those sticky factors that may otherwise inhibit them.

In addition to uncovering and eliminating that which can deter women in their leadership, the breakthrough process inherent in comprehensive personal development also enables women to identify and embrace their gifts and superpowers. For Old Soul Women, this process uncovers their Old Soul archetypes, the unique skills associated with their archetypes, and the pitfalls that may plague them if they don't stay vigilant with their Divine connection.

Unlike other women in leadership roles, Old Soul Women have an innate capacity for intuitively-driven and authentic leadership as a result of their deep connection with the Divine, an amazing hunger to positively impact the lives of others, and a palpable passion for their missions. Because their authentic and angelic nature is experienced by all who interact with them, they can easily engage, motivate, delegate and lead their teams. 

If you have thought of yourself as an Old Soul, or if others have referred to you this way, but you notice that leadership has been a struggle, perhaps it's time to consider what's stopping you.  Dust of the connection to the Divine, unlock the vault in which you've been keeping your soul and superpowers, and embrace the empowerment inherent in your divinity.

Health & Well-being Healthcare +2
Personal Development Intuition +11
How Inherited Patterns Are Plaguing Today's Successes
Saidi Bess Energy Healer/Belief-System Buster

Growing up in a patriarchal world has caused great dysfunction in our authentic expression as women.  The implications are complex and extremely challenging.  There are so many ways that our healthy, authentic sacred feminine expression gets blocked, stagnant, unhealthy, stuck, and all gunked up with over-doing, over-achieving, feeling disconnected from our hearts, anxious, stressed out, and oftentimes struggling to feel truly valued and worthy – despite all of our best efforts. 

In this patriarchal landscape, we have been deeply cutoff from our true feminine power and vitality, from our intuition and life force energy, our creativity, our truth, and from being strong in our voice.  We have embodied too much of the masculine to try to fit it.  This affects us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  We need to restore balance! 

In this discussion, we will explore how to utilize the process of ancestor healing to break free from these unhealthy inherited patterns, restore balance and harmony, and reconnect with our empowered hearts – ultimately leading us to healthy productivity, authentic fulfillment, and true heart-based success!

Connections, Congruencies, and Change: Digital Connections, Authenticity, and Envisioning Your Future to Build a Fulfilling Life
Stacy Braiuca Change Navigator & Squirrel Wrangler

This presentation emphasizes the importance of building connections, being authentic, and embracing change to create a fulfilling life. Through developing positive habits, leveraging digital tools for automation, and being congruent with our values, actions, and the universe, we can create a roadmap for change that aligns with our aspirations and purpose.

Business Education +4
Health Technology +5
Thrive Under Pressure: Transform Stress to Claim Your Success
Susi Vine Stress Transformation Coach

Success can be hard to realize when you’re overwhelmed by responsibilities and deadlines, but you can regain control and navigate those demands with greater ease when you feel empowered to handle stress effectively. In fact, you can even channel some of that stress to gain momentum as you fulfill your dreams. 

Discover some hazards along your path before they become obstacles, like pursuing goals that aren’t truly aligned or missing out on opportunities to measure and celebrate your gains. And change your perspective on the impact and the outcome of navigating stress so that you can enjoy the journey!

Health & Well-being Mindset
Health Personal Development +12
Emotional Adaptability
Suzanne Taylor-King Business Coach/Community Founder

Being willing to be vulnerable and adaptable leader, stop neglecting the spirit and mind muscles, become more resilient, understand how emotions effect the body and health and leadership become more flexible to change. 

Mindset Wisdom +1
Businesswomen Beyond Brilliance. How to step into your true potential and leave your legacy.
Swanette Kuntze Muse of Magnificence

Today, businesswomen from all around the world start moving beyond their genius and gain the clarity they need to bring their dreams and vision to life. By thriving confidently in their purpose and owning their power courageously these women are changing the business landscape to move past brilliance over every sector while simultaniously making a deep impact from their extraordinary work. 

They have overcome their limiting beliefs, destructive patterns and traumas to now shine bold in their genius zone.

These women are emerging from the crowd as pioneers for creating the positive change that is urgently needed in this world. And at the same time become immortal leaving an ambitious legacy.

Business Health & Well-being +2
Energy Personal Development +31
Mastering Your Professional Image: The Power of Perception
Yvonne Henderson Decker Image Consultant, Founder & CEO

The importance of appearance, behavior, and communication skills in a professional setting cannot be overstated. These three elements collectively form the foundation of one's professional image and have a profound impact on how others perceive and evaluate us.

Leadership Marketing
Communication Client Attraction +11