Global Heart ActivationSummit
Global Heart ActivationSummit
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Global Heart ActivationSummit
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Timezone: Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Sat, Apr 13, 2024 4:26 PM (1 month 1 week from now)

Open: Accepting Speaker Applications Until Wednesday, 3 April, 12:31 PM

Welcome to the "Global Heart Activation Summit," an extraordinary opportunity for joint venture partners to connect with a vibrant community of empaths, intuitives, and spiritually awakened souls. This summit is not just an event; it's a movement towards personal and collective transformation, where the enrichment of the soul, heart, and financial well-being are intertwined.

As a potential joint venture partner, you have the unique opportunity to be part of a summit that resonates deeply with those on a path of spiritual and personal growth. Our audience is diverse, ranging from those who are deeply empathic and intuitive to those just beginning to explore their inner world. They are seekers, eager to embrace healing, personal development, and prosperity.


Here’s what makes the Global Heart Activation Summit an ideal platform for our joint venture partners:

Targeted Audience: Engage with a dedicated community passionate about personal and spiritual development, health and wellness, and prosperity and abundance.

Diverse Offerings: Our summit provides over 30 FREE GIFTS, including Healing Audios, Guided Meditations, E-books, and Practical Plans. These offerings align perfectly with the needs and interests of our audience, providing an excellent avenue for partners to showcase their products and services.

Categories for Collaboration: We focus on key areas such as Personal Development, Spiritual Development, Prosperity & Abundance, Health & Wellness, and Entrepreneurship. These categories offer a wide range of collaboration opportunities for partners from various fields.

Brand Visibility: As a joint venture partner, your brand will be prominently featured, providing visibility and recognition among a highly engaged and receptive audience.

Networking Opportunities: The summit is a gathering of like-minded individuals and experts, offering a rich environment for networking, sharing insights, and building lasting relationships.

Empowerment and Growth: By being part of this summit, you contribute to the empowerment and growth of individuals who are on a transformative journey, aligning your brand with positive change and deep impact.



This is a “Live Summit” on Zoom with a “live” audience on Friday, April 12 and Saturday, April 13 from 9am-5pm Pacific Time.


Participation  Requirements:

2 Emails between March 25-April 11 (1 email to announce your “pre-interview” livestream and 1 for the summit)

1 Email the Morning Of Your Talk on either April 12 or 13, depending on your scheduled talk

3 Social Media Posts between March 25-April 11

1 panel interview via livestream between March 25 -April 5. This is another way to get exposure and also inspire people to sign up.


The “live” interviews/talks for the summit are on April 12-13 via zoom with a live audience and are 25 Minutes Each. Please be 5-10 minutes early.


There is Space for 1 Keynote Speaker Per Day - Direct Message me if you are interested.



We invite you to join us in this journey of heart, soul, and prosperity. The Global Heart Activation Summit is more than just a platform; it's a community where meaningful connections are made, and lives are transformed. Together, we can create an experience that not only enriches our participants but also fosters growth and success for our partners.


Join us as a joint venture partner, and let's make the Global Heart Activation Summit a landmark event that resonates with love, wisdom, and abundance.


You will be inserting your speaker info into Event Raptor. Watch this training video if you need help in Creating a Speaker Profile. Afterwards, I will let you know if you are approved as a speaker and get you set up with marketing copy. :)

How to Turn Cooking into a Meditation
Andrea Hayley-Sankaran Ayurveda Nutritionist & Chef

What if the time you spent in your kitchen could be your self-care time?

What if … while cooking, you could also release the worries and concerns of your day? 

What if how you prepare food could release stress?

Attend this presentation to shift your mindset around cooking, and experience the blissful benefits of improved health and profound inner peace that a spiritual approach to cooking bestows. 

Health & Well-being Healthcare +1
Health Gut Health +4
Sensual Alchemy: Embracing Sensuality to Transform Emotions and Unleash Inner Power
Andrea Steigler Orgasm coach

Discover the transformative power of Sensual Alchemy, a pioneering approach that merges emotional healing with the art of sensuality, offering a path to profound personal growth and empowerment. 

This presentation delves into how sensuality—our innate capacity to engage deeply with our senses—can amplify emotional alchemy, turning challenges into catalysts for empowerment. Learn practical techniques to integrate sensuality and emotion, from sensory mindfulness to embodiment exercises, fostering a deeper connection with your body, mind, and spirit. 

Explore real-life stories of transformation and leave equipped to cultivate a lifestyle that embraces both emotional and sensual richness, leading to greater self-awareness, resilience, and fulfillment. 

Join us on a journey to unlock your inner power through the synergetic blend of sensuality and emotional transformation, opening doors to a more vibrant and empowered life.

Empowering Your Journey to Pain-Free Living
Ani Papazyan Pain Resolution Specialist

I love to make my presentations interactive, fun, informative, and transformative. Teach attendees self-help techniques that they can use right away, have them feel that living with pain should NOT be their new norm. They can have tools in their toolbox and use when the need rises. 

Health & Well-being Healthcare
Health Holistic Health +7
Soulful Sales Success for Healers and Soulpreneurs
Ann Hession Soulful Sales Mentor for Healers

Is it really possible to be yourself, coming from the heart and from service...

AND be effective at selling your wonderful offerings...

...without feeling fake, pushy or salesy?


Come learn how soulful sales can be for offering your amazing, life changing work. AND you'll learn the biggest mistake most heart-based healers, coaches, and soulpreneurs make when people want to know more about your wonderful offerings, and how to turn “Tell me more” into “I'm in!” – for plenty of excited clients happy to pay you for the wonderful difference you make. 


Intention isn't enough:Aligning Your Spirit, Soul, Conscious Mind, Unconscious Mind, and Body
Art Giser GISER The creator of Energetic NLP

Intention is the desire of your conscious mind. But you are more than just your conscious mind. You have an individual spirit, soul, conscious mind, unconsicous mind, and body. You have spiritual contracts, and you exist in your karmic field. When all of these aspects of yourself are aligned, magic happens. Whole Being Permission, is a transformative concept that speaks directly to the heart of personal development and spiritual growth. It is granting yourself the deepest level of permission to fully embrace your life, your potential, and the unfolding of your spiritual journey. It's an invitation to allow yourself to be authentically you, to live with purpose, and to manifest your desires without internal resistance or external constraints. In essence, Whole Being Permission is about embracing the truth of who you are and the magnificence of what you can become.

How to Get Paid Actualizing Your Divine Purpose and Shining Your Light
Barbara Wainwright CPC, CSC, CMC, CNLP

Monetize Your Service by Sharing Your Divine Gifts With Your Audience 

What's Your Money Story?
Cynthia Higgins Psychiatrist and Spiritual Life Coach

This presentation explores the energy and the psychology of our relationship with money. This dynamic impacts our identity, our relationships and our mental health. It creates a container of elevated awareness and compassion. allowing listeners decode the hidden and typically unconscious, limiting beliefs linked to patterns of disappointment in prosperity and romance. This allows for the ability to consciously co-create from a place of wisdom, and supports the  experience of Plenty. 

Intuition for Business and Life
Dr. Ida Greene Intuition For Business and Life

Learn how to use your Intuition to discover your life's purpose and manifest your desires.  

Business Education +6
Communication Business +28
Love Mastery - Calling in "The One" Journey
Elle Ebizadeh Love Mastery

Do you ever feel like there's more to life, that you're capable of achieving so much more? Well, you're not alone. I'm Elle, and I'm here to guide you on a profound journey of self-discovery, self-love, and the art of building loving relationships for a truly fulfilling life.

Imagine a life where you wake up every morning feeling excited, confident, and surrounded by genuine, loving connections. That's the life you deserve, and I'm here to help you call it in.

Adrenals: Secret to Long-Term Energy
Haleh Houshim Healthspan

Imagine waking each day with the zest of a child on a summer morning, the strength of a mighty oak, and the serenity of a still lake. This is not just a dream; it's a reality within your grasp. At Healthspan, we don't just add years to your life; we add health to your years.

I guide people to take control of their health challenges. Your body has the incredible ability to heal itself, from the smallest headache to the most debilitating conditions. I've personally navigated the stormy seas of health issues, from being bedridden with labels like Autoimmune, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain. Now, I rise each morning with the boundless energy of a three-year-old, eager and ready for life's adventures. As your companion on this journey, I'll share with you the effective techniques and modalities that empower you to live a life of strength, without limits, and to experience health on your own terms.


Humor Heals
Jamie Honey Humor Heals

Discover the transformative magic of humor in "Humor Heals" – a journey into the heart of laughter's healing and empowering essence. Unveil the secrets to infusing your daily life with joy that not only uplifts your spirit but also radiates positivity to everyone in your orbit. Learn the art of amplifying your humor quotient, crafting moments where laughter becomes a shared celebration, not a pointed jest. Embrace the power to change your world, one laugh at a time.

Business Family & Parenting +5
Health Healing +22
Journeying Within Exploring Quantum Healing for Transformation of Life, Health, and Emotions
Jeremy McDonald, M.Ed. Owner

In a world where science meets spirituality, the concept of quantum healing emerges as a profound exploration into the depths of our being. Quantum healing delves into the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics to understand the intricate connections between mind, body, and spirit. This talk aims to unravel the mysteries behind quantum healing and its potential to revolutionize our lives, health, and emotional well-being.

Drawing from the forefront of quantum physics, we will embark on a journey inward, exploring the profound implications of quantum mechanics on our understanding of healing. By understanding the interconnectedness of energy fields within and around us, we can harness the power of intention, consciousness, and subtle energies to initiate profound shifts in our health and emotions.

Through a blend of scientific inquiry and spiritual wisdom, we will explore how the principles of quantum healing transcend conventional boundaries, offering us new pathways to holistic well-being. From the quantum perspective, every thought, emotion, and belief influences the subtle energy matrix of our existence, shaping our experiences and reality itself.

Moreover, we will delve into practical techniques and insights that enable us to tap into the inherent healing potential within ourselves. By cultivating awareness, mindfulness, and resonance with the quantum field, we can initiate transformative changes at the quantum level, fostering profound healing on physical, emotional, and spiritual planes.

Ultimately, this talk serves as a guiding light, empowering individuals to embark on a transformative journey within themselves. By embracing the principles of quantum healing, we can unlock the latent potential within and embark on a path of self-discovery, empowerment, and holistic well-being. As we dive deeper into the quantum realm of healing, we unveil the infinite possibilities that lie within each of us, offering a gateway to profound transformation and awakening.

The 3 Pillars Of Health: Creating A Strong Immune System
Joyce Gerber

We are born into a paradigm of health that is always looking for what is wrong...what the problem is, what the name of the disease is, and what drug or surgical procedure we need to "cure" it. The truth is, those things don't "cure" anything; they simply mask the symptoms. That is actually very dangerous, because pain or discomfort are the body's way of telling us that something is wrong. Masking or removing a symptom still leaves you with the very conditions that caused that symptom, only now, you have no alert system!


In my presentation, I will show you how to get off that hamster wheel, and how to be the creator of your health through implementing what I call the three pillars:


1) Learning how to regenerate your body through using nutrition in a therapeutic way.


2) Understanding how to "take out the trash" by detoxifying your body regularly.


3) Starting to re-build, repair, and restore your gastrointestinal tract, known as your gut, which is an essential part of optimal health.


When you live this way, and become the guardian of your health, miracles happen!

Health & Well-being Healthcare
Health Healing +31
How to use your hardships as a catalyst for an extraordinary life!
LJ Jones Global Therapist & Parenting Expert

A knowledgeable and passionate insight into how we all have the power within us to use our hardships and losses as a catalyst to death they destiny we dream of. 
LJ will take you down avenues of inner-child healing before discussing how to reach your full potential and find fulfilment 

Let It All Go... with Ease
Lesley Evans Intuitive Transformation Leader

We all carry weight… Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually, Physically. What would it feel like to Let It All Go… with Ease?

Health & Well-being
Healing Self-confidence +1
Making Wellness a Priority
Lisa Lounsbury Founder of New Day Wellness Inc.

Join Lisa on an immersive journey as she presents a captivating exploration of the contrasting realities that await based on your choices regarding health. Discover the transformative potential that lies in prioritizing your well-being, contrasting it with the consequences of neglecting self-care. Prepare to unravel the excuses that hinder progress and witness how you can overcome them all. It’s time to unveil the underlying factors of the STOPS and STARTS of your wellness journey’s momentum and embrace a path of continuous growth and vitality.  This method has become so effective that it is available as an on-line course through the New Day Wellness Academy and in a book with the same name!

Education Health & Well-being +2
Health Communication +29
Money Manifested
Mary Ann Stenquist Money Manifested

Are you tired of wanting to spend money on things like a massage, or help with housework but don’t have the extra money to spare? I teach how to find areas of wasted money so you can free up money you didn’t even know you had!

Curiosity Evolves the Cat
Melinda Mulcahy Curiosity enlightens the Cat

Many have heard the saying Curiosity Killed the cat, but in reality curiosity has the ability to save and transcend challenge and uncertainty. In fact, curiosity is your greatest coping mechanism that helps you positively navigate change with ease.

In this is discussion, you will learn why curiosity is humanity's best evolutionary mechanism, how it works and how you can unlock your inner genius - your intuition and all other intelligences.

Align with your most authentic self. Curiosity is integral to unlocking intuition. Learn how to tap into intuition with ease and start leading with your Highest Intelligence - the one that knows what you desire and require most. 

Health & Well-being Mindset +1
Intuition Abundance +3
Spirit Animals 101
Ona Christie Martin Mystic and visionary artist

What's your spirit animal? Can you have more than one? If you're not sure, or would like to know more about spirit animals and how to work with them, don't miss this opportunity to deepen your knowledge about these amazing spirit guides. 

In this intro-level workshop, mystical practitioner Ona Christie Martin will guide you in a short meditation to connect with your spirit animal.  You will also gain a basic working understanding of spirit animals, so that you can have a fulfilling and productive relationship with your spirit animal guide.  

Animals & Plants Other
Animals Energy +30
The People You Meet at Shawshank
Rob Fenstermaker Kingdom Builder

In the movie Shawshank Redemption, we meet three men. Each man handles their time behind the walls in different ways. 

Brooks Halten has become institutionalized behind the walls of Shawshank. Even in his misery, stepping away from Shawshank is nothing he would ever consider. 

If you have spent time in the workforce, you have come across a person who is miserable with their J-O-B. They have the attitude of “Oh God, it’s Monday” and “Thank God it’s Friday.” They are not shy about their disdain for their job, but leaving it and starting something new is seen as impossible. They believe in a lie and tell themselves that this is their existence. They use such terms as calling their job a sentence. Breaking free from their self-imposed prison is never something they consider. They do their time until the day arrives when they can retire, but to what? They have not come up with any plan. They go through the motions of life with no intention and let life happen to them. 

Ellis Boyd Redding, or Red, is a man who only wants to be able to hope again. 

There is an expression. When the student is ready, the teacher will arrive, which is true of Red. He wants a new way but is still determining how to proceed. Red is ready for action, and he does so once shown. Those teachers are all around you. You need to ask yourself, are you prepared to act? You have a hunger deep inside. If only you knew how to feed it. You have to prepare yourself to learn and accept the guidance of a teacher. 

Andy Dufresne is a man of action. He knows he needs to escape his condition. His escape happens, but it takes time and intention. Eventually, Andy can crawl through a hole in the wall he created, but one more thing needs to happen. He needs to crawl through 100 yards of raw sewage to escape. 

Those like Andy are ready to escape their condition. They know they want something more. They are intentional with their time and devise a plan. Many are willing to crawl out, but to go through the sewage from their life can be a step too far. The sewage of our past is what holds many back. 

Not dealing with the deep pain is what can keep you from taking an elevated step. The deepest pain we carry can become our most significant crown. It can be the one thing that brings you to a higher level in life. The extra step moves us from ordinary to extraordinary. It is what empowers you to make a difference. 


Leadership Legacy
Intuition as a Powerful Self-Healing Tool
Sarah-Beth Barrett Self-Healing Facilitator

Discover the Intuitive Healer within.

  • Understand the innate power of intuition in facilitating the self-healing journey.
  • Explore practical techniques to harness and trust your intuition.
  • Discover how embracing intuition can empower you to reclaim your health, authenticity, and vitality, fostering a deeper connection to yourself and your healing process
The Power of The Brain-First Approach to Coaching and Thriving.
Susan Kenney Emergo Academy, Co-Founder

Your brain is the center of your being. It controls everything you think, do, and feel. When your brain experiences physical or emotional distress or trauma, it causes your autonomic nervous system to react and can create imbalances in how your brain functions. This can lead to burnout, self-destructive behavior, substance use, overwhelm, and chaos. This presentation will help you gain deep knowledge and understanding of how the brain drives behavior. Self-destructive choices, mental health concerns, poor memory, mental fog, sleeplessness, anger/rage, and drifting in life are not about a moral failing or character defect. It is not a lack of willpower—it is all about brain power. Through a practical journey with simple and easy-to-implement skills, you will positively impact your life, and inspire and lead your clients with ideas that very few know about. Discover the secrets of the brain-first approach to thriving and unlock your extraordinary. 

Health & Well-being
Coach Certification Mental Health +9
Your Heart Is The Way
Susan Shatzer Shatzer Susan Shatzer International CEO

How to Identify and discard emotional trauma. 

Discover and eliminate ancestral blocks that have been passed down to you. 

Clear old systems and programming while freeing you for a new creative future.

Will clear live participants with heart and relationship issues. 1:1 work with 1 or 2 people. 

And so much more. 

Health & Well-being
Energy Energy Clearing +1
Empowered to Thrive: Transform Stress to Boost Your Vitality
Susi Vine Stress Transformation Coach

Too often we feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and deadlines, but you can regain control and navigate those demands with greater ease when you feel empowered to handle stress effectively. In fact, you can even channel some of that stress to gain momentum as you fulfill your dreams. 

Discover some hazards along your path before they become obstacles, like pursuing goals that aren’t truly aligned or missing out on opportunities to measure and celebrate your gains. And change your perspective on the impact and the outcome of navigating stress so that you can enjoy the journey!

Health & Well-being Mindset
Health Personal Development +12
See & Heal Your Blind Spots for Success, Love & Empowerment
Tiffany Cano Blind Spot Healer & CEO

Have you read many books, attended courses, had training and counseling, worked with powerful healers, mentors and teachers and yet there are areas of your life that aren't matching your vision and goals? 

When you learn to heighten your intuition and get clarity, it will show you exactly how to upgrade your life. It may also reveal hidden blocks in your blindspot that have been holding you back. Blindspots are often deep within your subconscious right next to your brilliance. 

Learn practical, useful and insightful tools that will immediately boost your sales, confidence and divine connection. 

Turning up the volume on your intuition can 10x your prosperity, boost your vitality and bring tremendous joy. 

If you a YES to refining and strengthening your intuition, watch this talk asap!

Education Health & Well-being +2
Education Health +38
How to Listen To Our Subconscious To Maximize Success
rori montali CEO- www.

Rori Montali helps entrepreneurs explore their subconscious for decision making. She teaches that your subconscious lacks fear and doubt because it represents the true essence of the person’s soul. Unlike the conscious mind that fears, doubts, and overthinks. Rori guides you with three powerful exercises to help people connect with their subconscious.

First, a breathing exercise to calm the mind. The second is a detailed visualization that encourages the senses to gather information.

The final activity involves questioning these observations. This technique minimizes overthinking and enhances clarity.

This approach offers precision and assurance in business and relational choices.

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