Thriving Life Summit
Thriving Life Summit
Created 2 years 9 months ago
Organizer Stacy Braiuca
Thriving Life Summit
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The Thriving Life Summit shares tools to “Feel Better Fast” with insights and practices to boost wellbeing, in areas ranging from movement and nutrition to functional health breakthroughs and less toxic lifestyles. 


The audience of Generation X professionals + entrepreneurs are ready to:

  • Enjoy more clarity + simplicity in achieving their goals
  • Be empowered to create lasting, resilient health 
  • Explore the power to choose their mood 
  • Age better than their parents


Summit attendees will discover current information, along with the tools to help them recover their health and optimize habits for more vitality, and be inspired to break free from overwhelm + reclaim lost time. With solutions to build resilience, they will be empowered to enjoy greater productivity and more effective action in all areas of life. 


The Thriving Life Summit is a 5-day virtual event with 12 speakers spanning the spectrum of health and wellness practices, plus 4 daily live-streamed movement and creativity workshops. On day 5 it will culminate in Expert Panel discussions with live participation granted to VIP ticket holders. 

Build Your Legacy
Ali Lankerani Dr. L, The Parent Whisperer

- How to serve others by serving your needs 1st
- How to form supportive connections
- How to assess your true wealth

Business Health & Well-being
Business Abundance +2
Swim into Joy with Dolphins and Whales
Anne Gordon Dolphin & Whale Expe

Dive deep into joy through the wisdom the dolphins and whales have to share with us. Discover how to reconnect to yourself in a powerful way by reconnecting with nature through the fascinating messages and examples of living in harmony and unity/community as the dolphins and whales do.

Business Leadership +1
Education Internet +2
Power Source Your Creativity
Bonnie Wallace Dance Teacher and Creative Coach

Let's talk about how important it is to be and feel creative.  Being creative brings joy, inspiration, and many health benefits into your life.  And, if you think you are not the creative type, think again! 

Conduct Your Life Purpose into a Pitch Perfect Profits in 4 Stages
Cymber Lily Quinn 4 Steps to Turning Your Life Purpose into a Profitable Business

The problem today is that 4 out 5 life purpose-based businesses will fail because owners often have no idea how to create an orchestrated business that is both in alignment with their business purpose and built to be profitable. 


I want to share 4 tips today for how wellness business owners can be more make their businesses more orchestrated and profitable: 

  1. Identify and clarify your business purpose
  2. Assess and adjust your business systems for sustainability.
  3. Create irresistible marketing, and trustworthy sales.
  4. Deliver great performances, products and service.
Health & Well-being Mindset
Energy Spiritual Growth +7
The Hidden Health Hazards of Household & Personal Care Products
Dr. Aly Cohen MD, FACR, FABOIM IntegrativePhysician

You may be surprised to discover that some of your favorite cleaning products or items around your home are having an impact on your health. We'll explore the different sources, identify some primary areas of concern, and share solutions for living a healthier life without a huge headache. 

In fact, it just might resolve the headaches that you've been fighting for years!  

You might be surprised to discover the number of issues that arise from exposure to chemicals that impact our health. Endocrine disrupting chemicals are found in fragrances, plastics, skin care and cosmetics, even in your home furnishings - And they affect hormone balance, which leads to issues with cravings, digestion, sleep, mood, behavior and childhood development….  Basically, everything. 

Join us to discover how you can become your own health advocate, and the importance of sharing this information with our next generation.

Project Resilience: Finding Your Sparkle Amongst the Storm
Jana Danielson Wellness Expert

Your body, mind and spirit are critical pieces to your resilience story when life throws you a curve ball. Jana will be sharing her story and lessons learned after her son's illness took her away from the rest of her family and business for almost 6 weeks.  Jana realized that had she not already had a solid consistent routine that nurtured her own physical and mental health. During this session you will learn simple strategies that take minutes a day to create you own 'enrichuals' in your day that add to your sparkle factor.
- Movement, Mindset and Motivation hacks will be shared for the audience and their families.

Manifest Your Dreams Using Your Superconscious Mind
Kim Serafini CEO, Positive Prime

Kim Serafini is an inventor, a changemaker, and a visionary who has inspired people around the world. Now with the development of an innovative transformative technology platform called Positive Prime, her life work culminates in a program that merges the latest neuroscience and study of happiness with a computer-based app that is transforming lives. 

Let Kim inspire you to envision what is truly possible in your life, whatever your most heartfelt goals may be. Whether you seek more fulfilling relationships, stronger leadership skills, more abundance, recovery or resilience, intention and vision can pave the way. The journey can be expedited when we use neuroplasticity and the positive effects of happiness to ease integration and transformation!

We’ll explore her varied path, from corporate change management to human potential optimization, and discover how “it’s all connected”, as the sages like to say.

Health & Well-being Leadership +2
Personal Development Mindset +5
It's Okay to ask for help!
Lisa Adams Lisa Adams Coaching

Often we feel overwhlemed when we are caregiving for someone or if we are struggling with our own mental health. We feel as if we are a burden to others however may loved ones and friends ask if they can help because that will make them feel good.  We will share how to ask for help, how focusing on becoming your best self will shift how you change your thgouht process and can reduce your self doubt, depression and anxiety.  Learning that you have the power to become anything you desire.  

The Truth About Clutter
Mel Mason The Clutter Expert


Setting Yourself Up For Success
Mindi Huebner Rewiring Your Brain to Create Massive Change and Set Yourself Up for Success!

Ready to uncover the stuff that’s keeping you from getting the results you want?

Ready to unlearn the thoughts that stop you from showing up as the confident, powerful person you are?

Setting yourself up for success starts in your BRAIN – You get to rewire it for success and use your inner magic to create the container for everything you want!

We will be breaking down what it looks like to release a limiting belief, create an identity that serves you, and start each day priming your brain for success.


Reset Your Neck and Shoulders: Tuning the Tissues
Paula James Movement Specialist

When a musical instrument is out of tune, nothing played on it will sound good — no matter the skill level or effort expended by the musician. 


If you spend hours at a time in one shape (sitting at a computer, for example), some of your muscles will be short and some will be long. You will be out of tune. Very likely, you'll feel stiff and not move easily when you first get up. 


This will be an active session. Follow along to reset muscle length and tone in your neck and shoulders. 


Once tuned up, you may find that you have a spring in your step and a song in your heart again.


Health & Well-being
The CLEPTO Code - 6 steps to stop stealing from yourself!
ROBIN QUINN KEEHN Founder, Quitting Culture

Robin will take us through 6 steps to identify and end outdated or unnecessary commitments and get focused on doing what really matters right now. 

Business Leadership +2
Education Marketing +3
"Feel Better Fast," Ways to Make Shift Happen
Susi Vine Stress Transformation Coach

We're all looking for the “silver bullet”, the single solution to all that weighs us down, holds us back, impacts our health and keeps us from living the life we envision for ourselves. 

What if instead of a single solution or an immediate resolution, we can discover small changes that add up to create huge shifts in health, success and happiness? The title “Feel better fast” may be misleading, because this event isn't really about the fast solution to help you feel better, but instead we're looking at a number of ways that you could start to make changes easily and quickly that will add up to helping you feel better, faster than you think you can. 

Susi will be summarizing some of the highlights of the week, and revealing her own favorite tools to create the change you're looking for. You’ll learn how positivity pays off, and how you can raise your ‘set point’ with simple practices that help you feel more happy, more often.  And we’ll debunk the myth that “happiness is selfish” by exploring the impact of fostering more positivity and greater wellbeing. 


Health & Well-being Mindset
Health Personal Development +11
Overcoming the Men's Health Pandemic
Tracy Gapin, MD Men's Health Expert

There’s a silent men’s health pandemic out there that needs a new voice. 

Testosterone levels have plummeted by 30%. Obesity and heart disease are skyrocketing. Men’s sexual health is deteriorating. And for the first time in decades, our life expectancy is decreasing.

And our current approach to men's health is failing miserably. 

We provide disease care, or crisis care… but not healthcare. We’re reactive, not proactive. We treat symptoms, or wait for disease to occur, and then just try to get you back to some crummy baseline. 

But we’re doing nothing to actually promote health, let alone optimize performance nor address the aging process.

We can no longer rely on this ineffective model that simply doesn't work. We need a new perspective.

To unlock the code to optimal health and peak performance, we need to take a data-driven system-based approach.

7 Simple Steps to Conquer Your Chronic Pain
Tricia Breckon BSc (Honors) MA ND

Join Dr Breckon as she walks you through each of her 7 simple steps to conquer your chronic pain. Learn practical, at-home strategies to take control of your pain.

Balance the Brain: Amino Acids for quick symptom relief
Vonda Schaefer LMFT, Nutritionist

A first-step approach to symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADD, and other mental health issues is to balance brain chemistry. Most of us are taught that medication is the only way out. Functional Nutrition and targeted supplements can bring quick and effectual relief of symptoms. There are many causes of symptoms that can be explored with an approach that includes targeted amino acids.