Easy Health Solutions Summit
Easy Health Solutions Summit
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Organizer Andrea Hayley-Sankaran
Easy Health Solutions Summit
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The Easy Health Solutions summit is looking for partners!


Easy Health Solutions summit is for anyone looking to discover easy diet and lifestyle solutions to prevent—or reverse—chronic disease and enjoy a healthier and happier life.

We’re looking for health professionals and experts that teach people how to take control of their health through nutrition, physical activity, sleep habits, stress management and relationships.


Do you …

  • Have a successful clinical or coaching practice?
  • Teach or work with individuals to improve their health?
  • Have tips and advice that would benefit an audience of wellness seekers?
  • Have a personal story of triumph over a health challenge, or stories of people you’ve helped that you can tell?

If you said “Yes” to one or more of the above, I’d love for you to apply to speak at the summit.


About the event

  • Easy Health Solutions is a public event that’s completely free to attend and it’s also free for experts to participate.
  • The event consists of several days of Live presentations from our partners in Zoom meeting mode.
  • Speakers can either participate in an interview or present slides, leaving time for audience Q&A at the end. The total time for each speaker is 40 minutes.


As a speaker you’ll get

  • Exposure to new audiences of health action-takers looking for strategies, ideas and resources.
  • The opportunity to offer a free gift, provide an optional VIP gift, and add subscribers to your list.
  • You will receive a 50% share of the VIP recordings package that are attributed to your affiliate link.


Speaker guidelines

  • Speakers in this summit are required to have an active mailing list of at least 2,000 subscribers. This is to ensure every speaker’s success.
  • So that we can reach as many people as possible, we ask that you promote at least 2 solo emails to your list. We’ll provide you with graphics, copy, and a personalized link.
  • Ideal promotional times are as follows: 
    - a week before the event starts (July 4-10)
    - 1-2 days before the event starts (July 11-12)
    - the day before your talk, promoting your talk to the list
KEYNOTE: How to Reverse Chronic Disease with Ayurvedic Cooking
Andrea Hayley-Sankaran Ayurvedic Nutrition and Digestive Health Coach; Ayurvedic Chef of 25 Years

Your food is the foundation of your healing journey. Learn how simple Ayurvedic cooking can transform your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Health & Well-being Healthcare +1
Health Gut Health +4
Should You Be Worried About Anti-nutrients?
Christine Waltermyer Personal Chef & Founder of the Natural Kitchen Cooking School

Plant-based diets are more popular than ever. While plants contain lots of vitamins and minerals, they also contain antinutrients. If you eat lots of whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes, it's important to understand how to reduce your consumption of lectins, phytates and oxalates from plant food.

3 Keys to Healing ANYTHING From the Inside Out
Dr. Kyia Physician, Author, and Functional Medicine Expert

Why it is important to identify the drivers of a health issue and the biggest “lie” told by the medical community

How to identify the “root” cause of physical and mental illness

What's the missing key for those who have tried everything and are doing everything “right,” but still not healing


The Power of Intention in Health, Healing, and Wellbeing
Dr. Sheri Elle Brown Spiritual Psychologist and Mindset Coach

Topic #1- The power of living intentionally

Topic #2- Shifting your Mindset to create your outcome

Topic #3- What Soulset is and how you can use it to make lasting changes with your health and in life

Health & Well-being Mindset
Mindset Abundance +3
Could Trauma Be Behind Your Chronic Health Conditions?
Janine Naus Grief and Trauma Relief Specialist

Topic #1 - Awareness is key to healing your trauma

Topic #2 – Agree to heal past trauma – agreeing is the manifestation between your Higher Self and lower self

Topic #3 - Action is the inspired action steps you take to stop suffering now and make peace with your past

3 Powerful Body and Mind Truths to Supercharge Your Health
Kerry Magnus Holistic Psychologist, BodyTalk practioner, Author and Speaker

Reclaim Your Health by learning:

  1. Why we need to change our relationship to illness
  2. All symptoms are a gift for transformation, and chronic health conditions are often related to a spiritual crisis
  3. The one step we all have to take to be able to leverage the body and mind connection


Health & Well-being Therapy
Health Energy +7
The Importance of the Doctor Patient Relationship
Manon Bolliger Whole-life coach, (De-registered Naturopath with 30 years of experience)

What you will learn:

  1. How you know you are taking aligned action as a patient (3 I's Information, Insight and Intuition)
  2. How to decide on your doctor and health care team
  3. Why it is important to listen to your body.
Health & Well-being Mindset
Health Healing +10
After the Binge: Getting Back on Track
Marcella Friel Mindful Eating Mentor for Health-Conscious Women

How EFT Tapping can help with these inevitable obstacles in the transformational journey:

  • Temptation: an ongoing discipline, not a one-and-done
  • Relapse: it happens before the food enters your mouth.
  • Withdrawal: How your soul comes home to you.
Nourishing Strategies for Optimal Hormone Balance
Mary Sheila Gonnella Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Hormonal balance is a delicate rhythmic dance supporting our homeostasis. 

Discover how to reset your hormonal system with a formula for optimal nourishment, how to time your meals with the rhythms of the day, and food strategies to calm the nervous system at the end of the day. 

Align Your Mind With Your Ultimate Health Plan Design
Matt Travis Rapid Transformation Hypnotherapist

Have you ever wondered why you have tried so many strategies and plans to change your health (diets, exercise, supplements, etc…) and maybe get some results but have trouble making it stick long term?

In this presentation, you are going to learn how important it is to create an individualized plan for your health transformation that is in alignment with your identity, beliefs, values, habits, and skills to ensure that you achieve the results you want and finally keep them!

Health & Well-being Mindset +1
Health Energy +15
Say Goodbye to Headaches
Meg Mill Functional Medicine Practitioner
  • Hormone imbalances are more common than most of us realize and result in headaches, anxiety, mood swings, exhaustion, and bloating.
  • Stress can increase pain sensitivity increasing stress and can become a vicious cycle.
  • Different foods can trigger migraines and other headaches! Learn what foods you should be avoiding.
Cancer and the Nervous System - What Do Emotions Have to Do With Cancer?
Mona Meyer, Ph.D. Cancer Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner

What makes cancer so complex?

What is missing in conventional cancer treatment/ care?

How is the nervous system connected to cancer? How is this connection relevant to health and healing?

What have the subtle energies of one’s body to do with cancer? Why is it beneficial to work with them?

How do you integrate these important aspects of cancer?

Cooking Class - Kichadi - Ayurveda's Perfect Food !
Sandhiya Ramaswamy Ayurveda Health & Life coach, Plant Based Chef

In this fun cooking class, Sandhiya shows you how to easily make a delicious pot of Kichadi, considered to be ‘perfect food’ in Ayurveda, renowned for it's healing properties. A perfect blend of mung lentils, rice, vegetables and spices, Sandhiya shares her mother's (Amma) recipe for the most yummy kichadi. 

Health & Well-being
Energy Healing +18
Rest Assured: Better Sleep + More Resilience with Less Interference
Susi Vine Stress Transformation Coach

Digital Detox: Blue light, electro-smog and other stressors that steal your sleep 

Back to Balance: remedies to ground, realign and balance your energetic and physical bodies 

Sleep Hygiene: a bedtime ritual for peace of mind

Health & Well-being Mindset
Health Personal Development +12
How to Recognize and Heal Digestive Imbalances Using Ayurveda
Talya Lutzker Certified Ayurvedic Practitioner

- Identify digestive imbalances and understand them through an Ayurvedic perspective
- Receive simple digestive remedies (that really work!) for each Ayurvedic body type

Digestive Health Ayurveda +3
Are Your Blind Spots Sabotaging Your Health?
Tiffany Cano Blindspot Healer & CEO of Highly Perceptive People Academy
  • Are you doing the “right things” to support your health, but don't yet have your desired results?
  • Want to take a peek into your subconscious to discover what is blocking your health goals?
  • Would you like to reclaim your personal power to heal your blind spots?
Education Health & Well-being +2
Education Health +10
Ayurveda Lifestyle Embodiment Practices to Reset Your Nervous System & Nourish Your Inner Feminine
Traci Webb Ayurveda College Owner, Educator & Author

Learn Ayurveda's quintessential, often forgotten, feminine lifestyle embodiment practices for a deep nervous system reset, immunity boosting and to nourish your inner feminine.

Health & Well-being
Tap Into Your Inner Healer
Vanessa Nixon Klein Traditional Naturopath, Master Herbalist

Connect with your intuitive inner healer, and become confident in taking ownership of your health!

Health & Well-being
Spiritual Growth Mindset +7