Megan Nolan
Press pause on your busy life to recharge your energy!
Yoga Instructor Personal Trainer BaSC in Gerontology

Megan helps goal driven professionals and entrepreneurs feel amazing in their bodies by taking powerful pauses so they can holistically healthy and successful.

She is the creator of the Power Pause Method that combines the tools of Yoga, breath work, and mental fitness to help them be more productive and profitable.

As an a personal trainer and Yoga instructor with over 16 years of experience I love to share these incredible tools with people in a fun, lighthearted, yet highly informative way. I am an experienced speaker who is engaging and approaching with lots of great stories and tips to share with your audience and community. 

I love to speak on: health, exercise, fitness, mindset, gratitude, healthy living, self care for entrepreneurs. Some fun talks I can share are:

  • The Power of The Pause: Slowing Down to Speed Up
  • Take the OUCH out of your slouch: How to boost your energy and your mood quickly
  • 3 Keys to Elevating Your Morning Routine for More Charisma, Confidence, and Courage
  • Wake Up Your Sleeping Booty: Why breaks are essential for productivity

Let's face it we all sit WAY too much and you're probably already feeling the effects of that right? Why not add a unique addition to your summit to mix things up AND give your guests tools to use moving forward? All of my sessions can be lead as experiential sessions weaving together mini movement and/or breathing breaths or just informative if you'd prefer. 


-Three Step Mini Morning Routine
-7 Minute Guided Audio to wire your brain for joy, success, and abundance
-15 Minute Elevate Yourself Yoga session to help you become the version of you that your business needs you to be
-Thrive in 5 Series: 5 Minute Sessions you can easily sneak into your schedule for more energy, creativity, and focus!

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These are example talks for Megan Nolan

Take the OUCH out of your slouch: ABC's of Strong Posture
Feeling the effects of being on ZOOM all day? Empower your guests with a fun and interactive session that will energize and educate them with tools they can use to stay healthy, happy and focused!

Health & Well-being Healthcare +3
Health Spiritual Growth +1
3 Keys to Elevating Your Morning Routine for More Charisma, Confidence, and Courage
Many of the world's most successful and wealth people credit their morning routine for helping them to get where they are today. Learn how to customize your AM routine so you:
  • Energize your body as you activate and strengthen your whole body
  • Embody and become the version of you that your business and dreams need you to be
  • Get centered in your best self for more creativity and focus all day! 
Health & Well-being Mindset +1
Abundance Business +8
Wake Up Your Sleeping Booty: Why breaks are essential for productivity
The human body is NOT designed to sit all day (and you can probably tell that by the way that it complains when you do right?)! Learn how to integrate intentional breaks into your work day for less tension and pain, more energy, and less brain fog so you get more done in less time! 
Education Health & Well-being +1
Education Energy +6
The Energy Fix: How powerful pauses can seamlessly fit into your busy day to increase energy and productivity (without adding a million things to your to-do list)

The Power of the Pause: Slowing Down to Speed Up


As a woman on a mission you might find yourself going a mile a minute, all day long. Not only is this pace completely unsustainable, but it’s actually costing you energy, joy, and money!

That’s because being constantly stressed and overwhelmed directly affects your performance, productivity, and profitability.


So what can you do? Learn how to press pause to refresh and revitalize yourself in just minutes with a Power Pause session!


This interactive session will take you through a short Power Pause session including: gentle movements to ease tension, calming breath work, and empowering intention setting.

Plus you’ll learn:

  • How to know when you need to press pause and what to do
  • All the ways that slowing down will help you to be more productive and profitable
  • What to do to seamlessly implement these tools into your schedule
Health & Well-being
Health Lifestyle +6


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