OhanaPreneurs Summit
OhanaPreneurs Summit
Created 2 years 2 months ago
Organizer Sharon Otaguro
OhanaPreneurs Summit
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Timezone: Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Sat, Apr 30, 2022 10:00 PM (2 years 2 weeks ago)


Ohana is the Hawaiian word for family, or community. 

This Virtual Summit is meant to spread the Aloha spirit, and share the wisdom of the islands.  Our Goal is to improve the business experience for busy professionals.

*NOTE: You do not have to be from Hawaii - or any of the islands - to appreciate, understand, and gain value of this event*

The Audience:

OhanaPreneurs are business professionals and leaders who do business - and life - through the spirit of Aloha, and scaling themselves and their profits through Ohana - their community.


This Event is for you if:

  • You are looking to Level Up in Business and Life in 2022
  • You want to improve your skills in:
    • Communication
    • Cultue
    • Connection & Clarity
  • You enjoy hearing the Voices of the islands, diverse cultures and expertise in marketing, mindset, business strategy
  • and more…


The Experience:

Each session will be live, 45 Minutes, and Interview Style.

Speakers will be back to back, so please plan your Self Care, with snacks, breaks that you need, and hydration.

Check Out the schedule, so you don't miss the speakers you want to see.


The Summit will also be edited for podcast use. Most of the sessions will be showcased there, although the gifts and experiences are exclusive to the event. 


The Event:

The show will be live, Zoom based, Running all day for 3 days [Apr 28-30] from 9am to 6pm PST

The event will be very experiential, including live music, Wellness breaks, and more.



Mahalo and I am excited to take this Adventure with you!

You Don't Know DISC
Alex Aanderud Human Capital Specialist

One of the most valuable assets businesses have is their human capital.  For entrepreneurs, (and more especially OhanaPreneurs) the most valuable asset is their social capital…it's their relationships.  Building relationships can come naturally for some, but even those naturally gifted at building relationships can have challenges relating to people with different motivations, different personalities, and different ways of seeing the world.  Understanding human behavior, psychology, and motivation allows people to broaden their ability to connect and see the world through a variety of different perceptions.  Understanding one's own behavior, psychology and motivation increases one's ability to have compassion, to adapt, to win, and to prosper.

Communication Change Management
The Culture of Network Marketing
Cathy Turner Murphy

People give network marketing a bad rep, but the true culture is about doing business through authentic relationships.  

Understand more about how a powerful system, combined with a simple desire to help people, starting with your Own self care, can transform dozens of families and create a lifelong community.  Learn how to recognize the “right fit” community - in network marketing AND anywhere else - through the simple checkpoints that Cathy walks you through.  Culture is the result of many small actions that turn into a lifestyle of financial (and location) freedom.  Success comes from knowing your number, and having clarity about what truly matters.

Business Healthcare
Culture Network Marketing
The 3-Cs of Transformation Communication
Dallas Amsden Speaker and Presentation Trainer

Understand the process of Transformational Communication, No Matter How Introverted You Are.

What is difference between a great “talk” or “presentation,” and How Can You Be The Most Powerful Communicator in the Room.

Business Leadership +2
Communication Presentation Skills +2
Your Attitude Is Your Altitude
David Essel

When You Own Your Attitude, Your Altitude is limitless. Join David as he shares his action-oriented strategies and stories on creating and maintaining your Best Life. He shares his secrets for expanding personal and business growth to audiences all over the world, and he honors the OhanaPreneurs stage with his message and mission.

When Opportunity Knocks
Diana Ogawa When Opportunity Knocks

Diana Ogawa is an Air BNB coach and a real estate investor who has learned through personal hardship how to be Ready when opportunity knocks, and how to create a personal branding solution that helps you stand out for your customers.

Business Design +1
Business Lifestyle +1
The Power of Relationships in creating flawless experiences
Gale Fujiwara

30 years in the event and catering industry, leading a team of 200+ employees with some of the world's top brands like the Waldorf=Astoria, Gale brings her passion for flawless experiences and her commitment to client success to the table.  

Feeling FULL and Giving From The Overflow
Glenn Ambrose

Life is not always easy, so how do you stay fulfilled, and have enough left over to keep on Giving?

Explore this conversation with Glenn, as he discusses his life, his lessons and shares his wisdom.

It's real, it's practical, and it's ready for You. are You Ready?

Busting Labels, Making Money, Connecting People To Their Vision
Hatsu Ramadhan

Let's have some Real Talk.

About Money. About the Labels People Use - for Themselves, their Businesses, and Other People.

People are just that… People. 

When You Connect Authentically, and Get Curious… You Get Choices.


I am all about creating Choice and Freedom for Single Moms, Upcoming Young Entrepreneurs, and YOU. 

let's TALK.

Agricultural Entrepreneurism & Social Impact
Hoapili & Chana Ane

To Grow The Land. To Grow Because Of The Land

Sales is Not Four-Letter Word
Jennie Bellinger Sales is Not a Four-Letter Word

Why does sales feel like a four-letter word to many people?

What can an entrepreneur do to shift their feelings about sales from “sleazy” to easy?

Business Marketing
Sales Relationship
The Promise Of Tomorrow
Liko Arreola

As a teenage, sponsored Junior Olympic hopeful, Liko Arreola's story is inspiring, and heart-warming. We truly can follow our dreams, no matter what they are. The keys to success are: passion, focus, and support. Hear Liko's Story…

How to Storyboard Your Next Great Business Idea
Mary Nunaley Learning Experience Designer
  1. What is a storyboard
  2. Power of Storytelling
  3. Creating a storyboard
  4. Using storyboards to map out your next great idea
Business Marketing
Marketing Advertising +4
3 Keys to Elevating Your Morning Routine for More Charisma, Confidence, and Courage
Megan Nolan Vitality Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Educator

Feeling the effects of being on ZOOM all day? Empower your guests with a fun and interactive session that will energize and educate them with tools they can use to stay healthy, happy and focused!


Health & Well-being Healthcare +3
Health Spiritual Growth +1
Entrepreneur Mindset for Success
Merri-jo Hillaker Mindset Coach

Merri-jo Hillaker - attorney, mindset coach, health coach, author, and sits on numerous charitable boards. She is committed to interfere in as many peoples’ lives as possible by supporting them to break through their limiting beliefs from as early as 3 years old, many of which "they don’t know they don’t know." You might ask “then how do I know I have them?” Everyone does, and that is why she is so convicted to empower people to truly take back control of their most critical asset…their mind…and step into the life they perhaps only dreamt of!

Business Leadership +1
Mindset Entrepreneurship +1
The Secret Sauce of Creativity!
Natalie Alcantara Chief Inspirer, Consultant & Coach

Our creativity is the ‘secret sauce’ that we pour into everything that we do! It's what makes us stand out and show up differently in a crowded world!  Oftentimes we find it hard to find what it takes to be creative, to differentiate ourselves and what we do! Today, I'll share 3 tips to connect you to your unique source of wisdom & creativity!

Marketing Mindset
Communication Marketing +23
Ohana Style Delights
Neale Asato

What makes a local shop thrive?

How do you get to be friends with celebrities, like Snoop Dog?

By making sherbert, of course!


And.. It's not all about the flavors. It's also about the ALOHA

Financial Fitness Leads To Financial Freedom
Paul Lawrence Vann Chief of Personal Finance Breakthroughs

Financial Intelligence

Paul Lawrence Vann The Chief Of Personal Finance Breakthroughs - Financial Fitness Leads To Financial Freedom

Now more than ever, people around the world continue to be impacted by the pandemic,  inflation, and the war in Ukraine and it is resulting in people facing in depth financial challenges. The pandemic is abating to a certain degree, and a shift is taking place with people returning to work which impacts their finances. In March, the Federal Reserve raised the interest rate by 0.25% and they project six additional increases by the end of 2022 in an effort to stave off a recession. To top things off, the war in Ukraine is having a global impact on oil and gas prices. Through it all, kitchen table issues such as the price of food, gas, goods and services continue spiking upwards, this session helps you navigate them.

Paul Lawrence Vann is CEO of Wealth Building Academy, LLC, he provides financial fitness expertise, coaching, and digital financial courses that provide solutions to client financial challenges. He is producer and host of Wealth Academy Podcast, he provides solo episodes, and interviews financial guest experts from around the world to inspire his podcast community to  become financially free. He is a two-time number one international best-selling author, and he is a certified financial analyst, having served 20 years in the USAF, he served 12 consecutive years in the Pentagon, and a year as a Capitol Hill Fellows working for a member of Congress in the U.S. House of Representatives, he retired in the rank of lieutenant colonel.

Financial services Media
Mindset Podcast Services +1
Cultural PR: What To Consider
Rianna Riego

What makes a good story, and how can you position yourself for success in this fast-paced world?

Hear Rianna's personal journey to professional success, and decide for yourselves.

She will share insider strategies to help you position yourself for success, as well as how to build a high performance culture through empathy, accountability and authenticity.

Build A Resilient Mindset: How to Step Out Of The Rat Race And Into Your Power
Robbie E Walls Walls Pushing The Envelope With Confidence And Resilience

Without the right mindset, 90% of small business owners will go out of business! There are actionable steps every entrepreneur has to overcome to create a Resilient Mindset. 

 >> Know your leadership skills to prepare you for business 

 >> Recognize when obstacles come and How to overcome them

>> Understand the power of your thoughts, know your "Why"

>> Reposition yourself to adopt a new perspective 

Live a Happier & Healthier Life!
Sabrina Sarabella

Movement and Nutrition form the power duo to boost your life and your business to Success!

Join me as we discuss the ins and outs of business and happiness.. the Ups and the Downs. Literally.

The Ohana Way
Scot Conway GrandMaster

The Way of Being that enhances business, home and personal life.


Family is much more than those related by blood or marriage.  It also includes friends, calabash cousins, and anyone with whom you share enough in common that you might consider them ohana.One aspect of this shows up in a simple term: “Hawaii.” Learn a 5x5 System for BEing HAWAII.

re-building your team using the spirit of ohana & aloha
Sheila Bracewell Dir. of Guest Experience

A Transformed Life Does Not Come Easy.

It takes knowledge, willpower and training. But most of all, it takes Heart & Humbleness.

Sheila's Journey to Hawai'i changed the way she viewed leadership and life… and won her the Top award for Starwood Hotels.

And, that was just the beginning…

Multiply your Marketing with Social Media
Venus Bravo

Learn simple marketing practices to move the needle in your business today! No paid ads are necessary. Only your grit and willingness achieve your goals. Let's talk about the behaviors, mindset, and productivity tools to avoid burnout and stress.

Multiply your Marketing with Social Media

What is marketing?

What pit falls or beliefs should entrepreneurs be aware of? 

What's one thing small business should know when building a marketing plan?

What three things can businesses do today to multiply their marketing on social marketing?

Instagram Social Media +3
Multiply your Marketing with Social Media
Venus Bravo Marketing Strategist & Coach

These questions can be asked in any order

  1. What is marketing?
  2. What pit falls or beliefs should entrepreneurs be aware of? ("Build it and they will come", “I need to run ads”, “my products and service is for anyone and everyone”)
  3. What's one thing small business should know when building a marketing plan?
  4. What three things can businesses do today to multiply their marketing on social marketing?
Social Media Content Marketing
How to Build a Network ... That WORKS!
Virginia Muzquiz Referral Alchemist

In this presentation Virginia will share her personal system for creating relationships that lead to revenue!  Discover how YOU can build a 6-figure funnel… without a single $$ in ad spend!  It's a perfect presentation for the (aspiring) six-figure solopreneur who is tired of going it alone and might not be ready to hire a team to help!