Dynamic Women in Leadership
Dynamic Women in Leadership
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Organizer Diane Rolston
Dynamic Women in Leadership
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Registration ends: Sat, Jun 4, 2022 5:00 PM (1 week 3 hours from now)


Dynamic Women in Leadership features female leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and business owners from all areas of life to inspire, motivate and train women to lead in their life and business! 


We want to see more women in leadership roles and leading their own lives with authenticity and power. When women unite, synergy is created and the results are stronger in the pack than if we were all going alone. This is why, since 2013, Dynamic Women events (hosted by Diane Rolston) have brought together women both in person across 9 cities and virtually with no international boundaries.


At the Dynamic Women in Leadership event, we’ll be pulling back the curtain to share how to be a more dynamic leader, and how to optimize opportunities so you can reach your goals more easily and quickly.


We’ll cover how you can move ahead in all areas of life as a busy woman who has aspirations. Imagine letting go of overwhelm after hearing from leaders in their industry and knowing how they reached their goals.  You’ll be motivated to have similar financial success, freedom and opportunities.


This event will be a mix of trainings, interviews and panels where you’ll receive practical advice with tangible tools you can apply right away.


Each speaker is coming with their best content and our interviewers will ask the burning questions you’ve been wanting to ask.  Our focus is on value and so we promise this is not a pitch-fest. The opposite is true: all speakers have been invited to share a free gift with you just for attending!  All sessions will be live so you can engage, ask questions, and hear the answers in real time.


Get your tickets today and remember, the way we all move forward in the world is with the synergy of a group and by inviting others to go with you. We promise it’s always better with friends, so invite 5-10 people you want to do life/business with in the next 6 months.

Human-centred, Happy, and Connected: Building the Best Possible Virtual Workplace
Alison Macintyre Dr

It’s possible to build a fully human, fully connected organisation: it's also possible to create it all online, in a virtual workplace. I know because I did just that.

I was working remotely before it was cool (or compulsory), spending most of the last decade helping to build and lead a successful software startup from incorporation to acquisition. Our people were spread across five continents and what seemed like about 400 timezones, but our culture and processes meant that the team was engaged, connected, and loved their work, with zero micromanagement and almost zero attrition.

Three things we'll explore in this presentation:

  1. What it looks like to build the best possible virtual environment for your company,
  2. How taking a fully human approach contributes to happiness and fulfillment for your people (and for you!).
  3. How this supports the success of your products/services, your customers, and your business.
Business Education +4
Organizational Coaching Remote Work +2
From Survive to Thrive - How Change Management Skills Strengthen Business Success
Catherine Deluca Business Leader, Speaker, CEO & Founder

As leaders, we focus on running a successful visit. What happens when things change so rapidly that both you and your team struggle with the scale of change?  Join Catherine in a conversation about her journey from Survive (until things get back to ‘normal’) to Thrive (implementing changes that ensure current and future success) and what that has meant in her personal and professional life.

Here are 3 BENEFITS you'll receive by the end of this presentation:

  • Tips, Tricks and Traps for shifting to a Thrive mindset
  • Why it’s OK to make and quickly implement changes
  • Why outcomes-based planning for yourself and your business supports the Thrive mindset!
Be a Dynamic Leader: The 3 Dangerous Trends Leaders Face that Keep Them Overworked, and Overwhelmed
Diane Rolston Business Leader Coach, Speaker & CEO & Founder

There is a key to leadership success that you have been carrying around with you all along. Wish you could know what it was and access it easily? If you do, then you'll be able to get more time, energy, and balance!

But how do you take care of yourself despite the demands of your career!

Being overworked, overwhelmed, and pulled in a million directions is not your desire. Instead, most would prefer success, and financial and time freedom. While these are often the initial or the underlying reason for why we do what we do, they can feel very elusive. IT IS possible to have a quick shift and have more happiness now without it taking long years of hard work.

Dynamic Women® and Leadership expert, Diane Rolston, will share her KEY to bring us not only the success we want but also how to double our energy, time and balance while doing it all. AND the best part is that it can be applied not only to business but also in all areas of your life.


Here are 3 BENEFITS you'll receive by the end of this presentation:

1. Determine if You're Applying the 1st Key to Success.
2. Explain the Most Effective methods of Improving Your Energy and Balance.
3. Implement a set of tools to help you feel in control, confident and able to achieve your goals! And of course... The 3 SOLUTIONS to the Dangerous Trends Leaders Face that keep them overworked, overwhelmed and pulled in a million directions.

How to Make $10K from Speaking on Any Stage
Erin Loman Jeck CEO

Come learn the fastest path to clients and customers with speaking to sell utilizing the psychology of connection and compelling communication.   If you have ever gotten off a stage and received glowing reviews or even a standing ovation, BUT no one bought what you were offering,  YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!    I will teach you how to build the know, like, and trust before you ever enter the room, and make money before you even leave home.  

Psychology Prosperity +2
Permission to Succeed
Forbes Riley Permission to Succeed!

Meeting entrepreneurs where they are and reminding them 3 things they need to succeed. Permission, Believe and the Ability to Pitch and Communicate their ideas.  This presentation is ideal for those starting out, sales teams who have hit plateaus and CEO's looking to reignite their passion.

Business Life-Style
The 1-Touch Rule: How to Optimize Productivity and Become a More Effective Leader
Hanieh Sigari Founder of Qyral

In operations and logistics, the more touchpoints you have with a product or project, the more costly and inefficient it becomes. By using the 1-Touch Rule, you can optimize productivity in your daily life. The key is to carve out specific blocks of time to handle certain tasks and when you touch it, only touch it once, and FINISH IT!

  • Multiple “touches” of a task can just be a form of procrastination, which not only eats time but also creates mental clutter, taking up resources for more important tasks. It creates a sense of “unfinished business”. This unfinished business can lead to a low sense of confidence as a leader because you feel as though nothing is getting done and progress isn’t being made.
  • If the task takes less than 5 minutes, do it right away.
  • If it’s something that will take a bit longer, decide your next step and carve out a chunk of time to take care of the task in hand.
  • The 1-Touch rule will skyrocket your productivity and enhance leadership by allowing you to take ownership and responsibility of the task, creating an immediate action plan thereby reducing procrastination.

Here are 3 benefits you’ll receive by the end of this presentation: 

  1. Determine if procrastination and multiple touches of tasks are holding you back from becoming a more effective leader.
  2. Learn how to use the 1-Touch Rule to skyrocket your productivity.
  3. Tips and tricks to adhere to the 1-Touch Rule, and avoid wasting time.
How Leaders Can Fuel Themselves Easily
Jacquie McKinney Rougeau Senior Director at Epicure™

Busy business owners and leaders need to be fueled properly so they can have the right energy to honour their priorities and go after their goals. But their lives are super busy and full of responsibilities, so how do they eat healthy without it taking more of their time? Jacquie Rougeau will share how leaders can fuel themselves easily.

Here are 3 benefits of this talk:

  • You'll know secrets busy women use to eat right everyday with minimal effort
  • You'll understand what to lookout for when buying your ingredients, so they don’t drain your energy
  • You’ll learn 3 hacks to get dinner on the table in less than 30 min even if you’re not there
The Power of The Pause: Slowing Down to Speed Up
Megan Nolan Vitality Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Educator

As a woman on a mission you might find yourself going a mile a minute, all day long. Not only is this pace completely unsustainable, but it’s actually costing you energy, joy, and money!

That’s because being constantly stressed and overwhelmed directly affects your performance, productivity, and profitability.

So what can you do? Learn how to press pause to refresh and revitalize yourself in just minutes with a Power Pause session!

This interactive session will take you through a short Power Pause session including: gentle movements to ease tension, calming breath work, and empowering intention setting.

Plus you’ll learn:

  • How to know when you need to press pause and what to do
  • All the ways that slowing down will help you to be more productive and profitable
  • What to do to seamlessly implement these tools into your schedule
Health & Well-being Healthcare +3
Health Spiritual Growth +1
The 3 Most Powerful Secrets to Make Podcast Guesting the Most Profitable Lead Generator in your Business
Michelle Elise Abraham International Speaker, Podcast Producer and Host

In a world where time and attention are our biggest assets and most valuable commodities, we need to figure out where to spend our marketing time to get the best ROI back into our business. Podcast listeners listen to an average of 20 mins per episode that is nearly 10x more time and attention than you would get on any other social media platform including YouTube. By being a Guest on a Podcast you are seen as an expert, an authority and you are building an audience of loyal listeners. If you plan things correctly, get support and have accountability, then you have the perfect recipe for more Influence, Income and Impact in your business. 

At the end of this presentation you'll know:

  1. The 3 Secrets to Podcast Guesting!
  2. The 4 things that hold even successful entrepreneurs back from being a guest.
  3. The 4 things What YOU NEED to have to be a Successful Guest and make Podcast Guesting the #1 Lead Generator in your business.
Business Leadership +5
Business Lead Generation +13
Bundle Your Brilliance: Turn your expertise into high profit programs
Nancy Giere Online Course Creation Expert

Perhaps you’ve found yourself thinking:

  • People say I should package and sell what I do… 
    and I don’t know how to begin.
  • I’d love to create predictable passive income using my expertise… 
    and I don’t know how to make that happen.
  • I barely have enough time for everything I’m already doing… 
    although an online course would be a great addition to my business.

Well I’ve been creating course for over 30 years and this is what I’ve learned.

  • It’s not enough to have a great idea.
  • It’s not enough to have great information.
  • It’s not even enough to be incredible at implementation.

It’s not that you don’t need all those attributes. You do. What you need most is the path to package the idea, information, and implementation, so people want to buy your course, complete it, and achieve their desired results.

In this session you'll learn:

  • How to Create your online course with confidence and ease using my proven Curriculum Design Blueprint.
  • where to focus your time, talent, and energy because you can identify your high-profit topics.
  • One easy hack to turn your webinar into an online course
Business Education
Training E-Learning +3
Fear can be an Opportunity
Paula Kent Author

In my book Heroic Choices, I present the importance of and the manner in which pushing beyond fear and failure propels us forward as we personally grow and transform. Fear can be an opportunity if we address it, dissect it and push beyond it. 

We all experience fear, and that knowledge alone creates the fear of being fearful. To manage fear and leverage the opportunity embedded within our fears – we must understand why fear emerges. Fear does not need to paralyze action and thoughts, nor does feeling it lead to being considered a failure.  It is possible to grapple with fear and emerge victorious, wiser and propelled forward. 

At the end of this session, you will learn to:

  1. Understand why fear emerges and what it is comprised of
  2. How to deconstruct fear and develop insights about yourself
  3. Harness the power of insight to move beyond your fear into momentum and seize opportunities for personal growth
Infinite Banking, the secret of the rich is for everyone!
Sally Gimon Infinite Banking is the secret of the rich but it's for everyone!

1. How to pay off debt in 1/3 of the time 

2. Start with $500 a month and be debt free 6 - 8 years making one change

3. Legally never pay Capital Gains Tax again!

Get Real Results with Facebook Ads!
Sherri-Lee Woycik Woycik Chief Fun Officer

Facebook ads still continue to perform better than most other forms of advertising… IF you know what you are doing. It's not just about clicking the right buttons… it's about the strategy you use to build relationships that sell. Learn the top tips to make your Facebook ads more effect even if you don't have a massive budget!

Business Marketing
Facebook Facebook Ads +2
How to Stop Procrastinating: Four Ways to Overcome the Three Major Obstacles to Productivity
Talia Dashow Speaker, Coach, and Creatrix

Do you feel paralyzed when you look at your to-do list? Are you afraid you'll do something wrong, so you don't take a step forward? Have you lost clients, or sleep, or self-esteem from procrastination?
I've done all of these, and more. Would you like to learn the secret of how to change? I have developed tools to deal with these issues, and the good news is that I can teach them to you! 

You never have to pay another late fee again. It is possible to become less stuck and more productive, so you can change the world in your own unique way.

Here are three benefits you'll get from this presentation:
1. Understand why procrastination happens, and develop compassion for being human.
2. Explore the three main reasons why people procrastinate and their emotional underpinnings.
3. Learn four powerful tools to prevent procrastination and become more effective and productive.

Business Family & Parenting +2
Business Personal Development +7
6 Serious Myths that Suck our Energy, Steals our Dreams, and Allow Us to Feel Misunderstood.
Tammy Adams Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

One of the most misunderstood and off limit topics, in our Western society, is grief. 

Yet the plot of every play, novel, television show, or movie is driven by unresolved emotions (grief).

Would you like to know what grief really is and how it is controlling your present-day existence?

Would you like to understand how unresolved emotions are stealing your joy?

Not truly understanding grief and the myths that surround unresolved emotions keep us stuck; leaving us feeling overwhelmed, misunderstood, exhausted, and frustrated.

Resolving the emotions of our past, allows us to take back control. It provides us choice, confidence, and the opportunity for a different tomorrow.

Here are 3 BENEFITS you'll receive by the end of this presentation:

 1. You will have a clear understanding of grief and how it effects you.

 2. You will recognize the 6 myths and learn how they are driving your choices.

 3. Understanding grief and the myths will bring you to a place of awareness. Attendees will walk away with practical suggestions on how to begin the healing process.