Dynamic Women in Leadership
Dynamic Women in Leadership
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Organizer Diane Rolston
Dynamic Women in Leadership
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Dynamic Women in Leadership features female leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and business owners from all areas of life to inspire, motivate and train women to lead in their life and business! 


We want to see more women in leadership roles and leading their own lives with authenticity and power. When women unite, synergy is created and the results are stronger in the pack than if we were all going alone. This is why, since 2013, Dynamic Women events (hosted by Diane Rolston) have brought together women both in person across 9 cities and virtually with no international boundaries.


At the Dynamic Women in Leadership event, we’ll be pulling back the curtain to share how to be a more dynamic leader, and how to optimize opportunities so you can reach your goals more easily and quickly.


We’ll cover how you can move ahead in all areas of life as a busy woman who has aspirations. Imagine letting go of overwhelm after hearing from leaders in their industry and knowing how they reached their goals.  You’ll be motivated to have similar financial success, freedom and opportunities.


This event will be a mix of trainings, interviews and panels where you’ll receive practical advice with tangible tools you can apply right away.


Each speaker is coming with their best content and our interviewers will ask the burning questions you’ve been wanting to ask.  Our focus is on value and so we promise this is not a pitch-fest. The opposite is true: all speakers have been invited to share a free gift with you just for attending!  All sessions will be live so you can engage, ask questions, and hear the answers in real time.


Get your tickets today and remember, the way we all move forward in the world is with the synergy of a group and by inviting others to go with you. We promise it’s always better with friends, so invite 5-10 people you want to do life/business with in the next 6 months.

Human-centred, Happy, and Connected: Building the Best Possible Virtual Workplace
Alison Macintyre

It’s possible to build a fully human, fully connected organisation: it's also possible to create it all online, in a virtual workplace. I know because I did just that.

I was working remotely before it was cool (or compulsory), spending most of the last decade helping to build and lead a successful software startup from incorporation to acquisition. Our people were spread across five continents and what seemed like about 400 timezones, but our culture and processes meant that the team was engaged, connected, and loved their work, with zero micromanagement and almost zero attrition.

Three things we'll explore in this presentation:
What it looks like to build the best possible virtual environment for your company, 
How taking a fully human approach contributes to happiness and fulfillment for your people (and for you!). 
How this supports the success of your products/services, your customers, and your business.

Business Education +4
Organizational Coaching Remote Work +2
The 5 Secret Ways to Strengthen Your Resilience Muscle
Blair Kaplan Venables

Resilience is like an invisible muscle that exists in every fibre of our being. To grow, it requires exercise and I learned this at the end of 2018. Years prior, I mended my tumultuous relationship with my father. I was given a second chance. But after those few short years, he was diagnosed with a terminal illness. That is when I had a choice – either continue on a downwards spiral of sadness and despair or I could press on and awaken my resilience muscle. Despite all of the challenges, I became a best-selling author which garnered a ton of recognition in the media and allowed me to hit new financial milestones in my business. How did I push through such a turbulent time and reach these results? How did my relationship with my father inspire a drastic change in my life that led me to this very moment? This talk will show how I strengthened and used my resilience muscle. This talk will show you how to do the same. You will leave feeling empowered so when the weight of the world is on your shoulders it doesn't feel so heavy.


  1. Learn scientifically-backed tools to strengthen your resilience muscle.
  2. Feel empowered to live a more resilient life.
  3. Be inspired to share your story with the world.
Social Media Resilience +2
Less Work More Weekend
Catherine Avery

Is your lack of productivity impacting your bottom line? Let's face it. When we're overwhelmed, we can really get off track. Maybe you struggle with focus or you're not spending your time on the right things. You just keep going and going like the Energizer bunny. Now you're facing down another weekend of just trying to catch up. 

You'll learn :

  • My Triple P Productivity Process so that you can work more efficiently and enjoy more free time.
  • Why the power of the pause is even more important when you're overwhelmed.
  • And take away simple strategies you can implement right now to increase productivity and reduce overwhelm
Professional Burnout Business Growth
From Survive to Thrive - How Change Management Skills Strengthen Business Success
Catherine Deluca

Presentation Description:

As leaders, we focus on running a successful visit. What happens when things change so rapidly that both you and your team struggle with the scale of change?  Join Catherine in a conversation about her journey from Survive (until things get back to ‘normal’) to Thrive (implementing changes that ensure current and future success) and what that has meant in her personal and professional life.

3 Takeaways

  • Tips, Tricks and Traps for shifting to a Thrive mindset
  • Why it’s OK to make and quickly implement changes
  • Why outcomes-based planning for yourself and your business supports the Thrive mindset!
Be a Dynamic Leader: The 3 Dangerous Trends Leaders Face that Keep Them Overworked, and Overwhelmed
Diane Rolston Business Leader Coach, Speaker & CEO & Founder
There is a key to success that you have been carrying around with you all along. Wish you could know what it was and access it easily? If you do, then you'll be able to get more time, energy and balance! But how do you take care of yourself despite the demands of your career!
Being overworked, overwhelmed and pulled in a million directions is not your desire. Instead, most would prefer success, and financial and time freedom. While these are often the initial or the underlying reason for why we do what we do, they can feel very elusive. IT IS possible to have a quick shift and have more happiness now without it taking long years of hard work.

Dynamic Women™ and Leadership expert, Diane Rolston, will share her KEY to bring us not only the success we want but also how to double our energy, time and balance while doing it all. AND the best part is that it can be applied not only to business but also in all areas of our lives.
Here are 3 BENEFITS you'll receive by the end of this presentation: 

1. Determine if You're Applying the 1st Key to Success.
2. Explain the Most Effective methods of Improving Your Energy and Balance.
3. Implement a set of tools to help you feel in control, confident and able to achieve your goals! And of course… The 3 SOLUTIONS to the Dangerous Trends Professional Women Face that keep them overworked, overwhelmed and pulled in a million directions.

Permission to Succeed
Forbes Riley Permission to Succeed!

As someone who has sold $2.5 billion Dr. Forbes Riley is know as the Queen of Pitch.  A Pioneer in the field of infomercials, live home shopping and cable television Forbes is a visionary thought leader for our generation.  She is currently headling the tour [www.realsummits.com] with Jack Canfield, Mel Robbins, Les Brown, Deepak Chopra, Shark Tank's Daymond John, The Secret's John Assaraf and Sharon Lechter

Business Life-Style
The 1-Touch Rule: How to Optimize Productivity and Become a More Effective Leader
Hanieh Sigari

An entrepreneur, biochemist, anti-aging industry disruptor, and mom. Her holistic LA skincare brand, Qyral, is the culmination of a lifelong mission to improve lives and increase longevity. She combines her business acumen, bioscience knowledge, and passion for empowering women to be beautiful and financially free.

How Leaders Can Fuel Themselves Easily
Jacquie Rougeau

Busy business owners and leaders need to be fueled properly so they can have the right energy to honour their priorities and go after their goals. But their lives are super busy and full of responsibilities, so how do they eat healthy without it taking more of their time? Jacquie Rougeau will share how leaders can fuel themselves easily.

Here are 3 benefits of this talk:

  • You'll know secrets busy women use to eat right everyday with minimal effort
  • You'll understand what to lookout for when buying your ingredients, so they don’t drain your energy
  • You’ll learn 3 hacks to get dinner on the table in less than 30 min even if you’re not there
Insulin Resistance--the silent disease that is killing you and your business
Jennie Hays

At the end of this presentation you'll learn:


1. You will understand how this silent disease could be the cause of your exhaustion, brain fog, and lack of energy.

2. You will know that this is COMPLETELY reversible holistically for 95% of people

3. You will understand that the solution is holistic and personal but VERY doable. 

The Leadership Wellness Model
Karen Kobel

With a BFA in Dance Performance from East Carolina University, Karen has been dancing for the past 40 years, teaching for the past 27 years and performing for various artists such as Mia Michaels, Jay Norman, Marjon Van Grunsven, Tomi Galaska, Mary Carbonaro and Peter Grey Terhune. She has performed on the Regal Princess and Crown Princess Cruise ships, Madora, and other local artists. She is a STOTT Certified Pilates instructor. She is a Simonson Certified Dance instructor as well as CI Training Certified instructor, 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification, Reiki 1, 2, 3 Certified.

After discovering her love for movement and fitness, Karen discovered Pilates and Yoga. With a focus on enhancing core strength and bringing increased reach, flexibility, sure-footedness and agility, it made perfect sense for her to pair her love for dance with her next love, Pilates. She has been teaching Pilates, Dance, and Yoga for over 19 years in Vancouver, and continues to challenge her students with her various teaching techniques.

Combining Simonson Dance Technique with Pilates, Yoga and CI training, Karen has created a unique class format that not only allows the body to flow from movement to movement, it allows the mind to connect to the present moment, leaving her clients feeling rejuvenated, renewed, and restored. Connecting to their inner “wonder” allows the client to feel more balanced and grounded.

After returning from Kenya and Uganda in November 2013, Karen realized the importance of tuning into one’s life purpose. After teaching women with HIV Pilates/Dance/Strength Training and listening to their life stories she now realizes her life purpose to inspire others, especially women to find their own voice just as she found after the past few years of focusing on finding me mine. Karen inspires and share her experiences with others in the hopes that it will help them believe that anything is possible, and everything is possible!


Karen was nominated for the 2021 YWCA Women of Distinction Awards for her work during the 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic.  Her dance team, The Kahlena Curbside Crew, was born and started dancing outside various Seniors Homes in North Vancouver and Vancouver, as well as elderly people's homes for Mother's Day, Father's Day, their birthdays, pop up performances outside Lions Gate Hospital for the 7pm Cheer, International Dance Day, Nurses Week, and their annual fundraising gala.  She was also voted into Impact Magazine's 2020 Top 10 Fitness instructors of BC and Kahlena Movement Studio has been named Favourite Pilates and Yoga Studio in North Vancouver by the North Shore News Readers Choice awards 3 years in a row.  

Gratitude And Appreciation In The Workplace, Family And Yourself
Kathy Fester Chief Gratitude Officer

As the world seems to be in chaos, it’s more important than ever to pull together and make authentic human connections with one another.


If the past two and a half years have taught us anything it is that we thrive on connection with one another.


As we sit and reflect on how our world is changing at a very fast pace, we are needing to reset our values and understand how to move forward by living in the present  - the now.

We can’t change the past or predict the future. All we can do is NOW – Live Life in the Present!


How do YOU step on the G.A.S. with your employers/employees, family and yourself on a daily basis?


In this session you will learn:

  1. Intentional practice with Gratitude.
  2. Put into action how to effectively show Appreciation on a consistent basis through relationship marketing.
  3. How to help make this world a better place one person at a time.
Business Education +4
Communication Marketing +7
The Power of The Pause: Slowing Down to Speed Up
Megan Nolan Vitality Coach, Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Educator
Feeling the effects of being on ZOOM all day? Empower your guests with a fun and interactive session that will energize and educate them with tools they can use to stay healthy, happy and focused!

Health & Well-being Healthcare +3
Health Spiritual Growth +1
The 3 Most Powerful Secrets to Make Podcast Guesting the Most Profitable Lead Generator in your Business
Michelle Elise Abraham Michelle Elise Abraham

"The 3 Most Powerful Secrets to Make Podcast Guesting the Most Profitable Lead Generator in your Business".

In a world where time and attention are our biggest assets and most valuable commodities, we need to figure out where to spend our marketing time to get the best ROI back into our business. Podcast listeners listen to an average of 20 mins per episode that is nearly 10x more time and attention than you would get on any other social media platform including YouTube.

By being a Guest on a Podcast you are seen as an expert, an authority and you are building an audience of loyal listeners. If you plan things correctly, get support and have accountability, then you have the perfect recipe for more Influence, Income and Impact in your business.

At the end of this presentation you'll know:

 The 3 Secrets to Podcast Guesting!

 The 4 things that hold even successful entrepreneurs back from being a guest.

 The 4 things What YOU NEED to have to be a Successful Guest and make Podcast Guesting the #1 Lead Generator in your business.





Business Leadership +5
Business Lead Generation +13
Writing and Publishing Your Short Book is Easy as 1-2-3
Mila Johansen Speaker and Writing and Publishing Coach

How I went from extreme poverty to a successful life with many of the techniques I used to get there. From going to bed without dinner as a child to marrying an organic farmer and never going hungry again. And how it is a continuing journey. 

Education Entertainment & Art +5
Clairvoyance Abundance +9
Bundle Your Brilliance: Turn your expertise into high profit programs
Nancy Giere

In this session you'll learn

  • How to select the right content for an online course that your clients will buy
  • Course design tips the make simply course creation
  • One easy hack to turn your webinar into an online course
Business Education
Training E-Learning +3
Fear can be an Opportunity
Paula Kent

Presenting the importance of and the manner in which pushing beyond fear and failure propels us forward as we personally grow and transform. 

Infinite Banking, the secret of the rich is for everyone!
Sally Gimon Infinite Banking is the secret of the rich but it's for everyone!


Get Real Results with Facebook Ads!
Sherri-Lee Woycik Chief Fun Officer
Facebook is still a formidable platform to market your business. Sherri-Lee will share how to gamify Facebook so it plays nice with you, how to understand what your prospects want from you on Facebook, and how to use your content to deepen and grow your relationships.
Business Marketing
Facebook Facebook Ads +2
How to Stop Procrastinating: Four Ways to Overcome the Three Major Obstacles to Productivity
Talia Dashow Speaker, Coach, and Creatrix

Most procrastination falls under three main umbrellas - perfectionism, resistance, and overwhelm. Some people mostly experience one, and others are PROs at procrastinating, with all three in their lives. All of these categories have emotional underpinnings. In this talk, Talia will describe ways to recognize the part that affects you the most, and build your tool kit to effectively dismantle your procrastination.

Business Family & Parenting +2
Business Personal Development +7
6 Serious Myths that Suck our Energy, Steal our Dreams, and Allow Us to Feel Misunderstood.
Tammy Adams Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

One of the most misunderstood and off limit topics, in our Western society, is grief. 

Yet the plot of every play, novel, television show, or movie is driven by unresolved emotions (grief).

Would you like to know what grief really is and how it is controlling your present-day existence?

Would you like to understand how unresolved emotions are stealing your joy?

Not truly understanding grief and the myths that surround unresolved emotions keep us stuck; leaving us feeling overwhelmed, misunderstood, exhausted, and frustrated.

Resolving the emotions of our past, allows us to take back control. It provides us choice, confidence, and the opportunity for a different tomorrow.

Here are 3 BENEFITS you'll receive by the end of this presentation:

 1. You will have a clear understanding of grief and how it effects you.

2. You will recognize the 6 myths and learn how they are driving your choices.

3. Understanding grief and the myths will bring you to a place of awareness. Attendees will walk away with practical suggestions on how to begin the healing process.