Kerry George
Kerry George
Seriously funny, real and authentic, bold that gets results
Kerry George is the CEO of CIBN Connect

Kerry George is a Revenue Mentor with 9 Strategies To Increase Revenue for any business, but her focus is with membership/subscription based businesses and coaches who want to rock their revenue. Her 9 Strategies bring in an additional $150,000 per strategy per year and she will keep you on the edge of your seat with the stories of success that she has brought to business owners on the worldwide stage. She is a hard hitter that asks tough questions that gets her audience to think. After working with thousands of entrepreneurs a year for more than a decade in the global space she is like a coach on steroids. She has time-saving solutions and no-nonsense answers that work and she is quick to tell you where to stop wasting your money and your effort. You will find her to be quick-witted, edgy, fun, fast paced and high impact. 


You should not hire Kerry as a speaker if:

~Your audience doesn't like to learn new things.

~Your audience doesn't want to work hard on business.

~Your audience doesn't want to make more money.


You should hire Kerry as a speaker if:

~Your audience wants to reach new milestones in business and in life.

~Your audience wants to embrace new challenges and soar to new heights. 


This is an example talk for Kerry George

Making Your Nets Work
Ever wonder why some people are amazing at networking and others seem to just suck at it?
Kerry George will show you how to get it done in 5 easy steps. Here is her magic formula for increasing revenue in your business by $150,000 through networking.

Learn how to:
  • Make a great infomercial.
  • Join online networking groups or live groups that meet weekly.
  • Book a meeting from the meeting.
  • Meet with the same group weekly so they get to know, like, and trust you.
  • Create collaborating partners.

Kerry is a seasoned speaker. This could be a 30 minute talk or an hour. Just tell her what you need.
Business Leadership +4
Business CIBN +13


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