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Social Media & Visibility Coach
Social Media Visibility Coach

Julz empowers experts to step out of their shell, get out there, authentically confident & visible online, to create a greater Positive Impact with a global reach. Her passion is to demystify, simplify & grow social media and organic reach for coaches, authors, course creators and mental wellness advocates. 

Julz is a show host, business coach, social media and a visibility expert from PositiveImpact.TV. She makes business owners shine online, get seen, heard, remembered, and in demand!

She stands for time and location freedom, life by design, and deliberate creation of our future reality. If Positive Impact inspires you, please reach out & connect!




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Tweak 3 Social Media Habits to Rake In Leads While You Sleep

Here’s what most people ask me about social media:

  • Should I use my personal profile or business page for my coaching business?
  • How do I tell my friends and family that I am now a coach? (I don’t feel confident enough posting on my personal profile about my business)
  • What’s the best content strategy that is not going to take THIS much time?

You will learn: 

-How you are losing potential clients without meaning to
-A few SMALL tweaks of your social media habits that make a BIG deal
-Some SIMPLE behaviors to add to your browsing habits to attract more clients, followers, and grow your lists

Bonus: You'll gain clarity about DAILY posting strategies, and whether you REALLY need to do so.

Business Marketing +1
Business Coaching Lead Generation +1


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