Virtual Lunch Party (an event by Positive Impact Summits)
Virtual Lunch Party (an event by Positive Impact Summits)
Created 8 months 3 weeks ago
Organizer Julz Vitality
Virtual Lunch Party (an event by Positive Impact Summits)
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Health & Well-being
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Timezone: Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Fri, Oct 25, 2024 12:00 AM (5 months 4 days from now)

Open: Accepting Speaker Applications Until Thursday, 26 September, 2:12 PM

Welcome to the monthly event series.

Our Topics Vary slightly, but we try to focus around: 

  • Self-Care Routines for Optimal Performance 
  • Entrepreneurs' Slant on Self-care 
  • Why Self-confidence is key in growing your business & excel in your life 
  • Where to find tools and resources to grow toward higher and more complete, non-selfish self-love 

Our experts include mindset coaches, spiritual leaders, authors, speakers, and experts.

Our community leads with GIVING, and loads of free resources and connections are at your disposal. Join the community at

Thank you We appreciate you!

How to Create and Benefit from Simplicity & Clarity on Social Media
Julz Vitality Business & Mindset Coach

How simple changes in browsing habits can generate consistent leads for your business, even while you sleep.

Business Marketing +1
Lead Generation Social Media +1
How to Strengthen Your Relationship With Self
Ashley Holmes Holistic Fertility Coach
  • Love yourself unconditionally
  • 3 S’s of Self Confidence
  • Self Care = Soul Care
Health & Well-being
Your Heart Is Calling You
Dr. Tracey J. Johnson Practitioner of the Heart

Dr. Tracey J. Johnson takes you on a truthful journey into your heart— encountering and experiencing love from the inside out. She helps us understand how the heart creates what we truly desire through the power of unconditional love, offering unique processes to clear the emotional blocks in our heart. Dr. Tracey will guide YOU to have an encounter with the essence of your True Self and create your best life NOW.

Health & Well-being
Healing From Within
Heal Your Wounds with Self-Love
Ellen Barner Founder

Ellen will share her wisdom, humor and grace that has come from a lifetime of pain, trauma and lessons learned from growing up in an abusive, alcoholic home to creating a life filled with compassion, aliveness and freedom. 

Transform Anxiety, Frustration & Overwhelm into Joy, Confidence & Passion
Jennifer Quick Empowerment Coach

Is Your Mental Health a Soul Crisis? Transform anxiety, frustration, and overwhelm into joy, confidence and passion by unlocking the heart, soul and body connection. Modern lifestyle is a bombardment of distractions, pressures and activities pushing us to frustration, overwhelm and burnout. The world is transforming at a rapid pace, mental disorders are increasing world wide and most of us don't have any idea how to navigate the changes, let alone keep up. Join me in this presentation to discover hope, excitement and inspiration for the future and joy, confidence and passion in the now. 

Watch me explain it here:

Health & Well-being
Mindset Mindset Coaching
You Have to Put "Your Self" First
Jill McCarthy Retreat Organizer, Podcaster, Speaker

With Personal Development Specialist & an Encouragement Coach Jill McCarthy


Take Aways:

  1. Why We Put Others First
  2. How to Value Yourslef Enough to Make Yourself a Priority
Personal Development
From Captivity to Freedom
Jose Pereira Pereira Resilience Coach & Motivational Speaker

From Captivity to Freedom:
Embracing Resilience and the Power of Hope, Love, and Faith
Jose Pereira shares his story of being held hostage and how we could overcome adversity through resilience, hope, love for the family, and faith in god. He discusses how he survived his tragic experience daily, week by week, month by month, year by year until we returned after 1775 days of captivity.
Transforming Trauma into Triumph: Rebuilding Your Life After Captivity
Jose Pereria discusses how he turned his traumatic experience into an opportunity for growth and transformation. This focuses on the in- depth steps he took through his LPSG Program (Life Pills for a Survival Guide) and the ones he is still taking to rebuild my life physically and emotionally. Jose is a normal human being who survived a tragedy. He offers insights and tools on how others can find strength within themselves to overcome their adversities.
Discovering Inner Strength: Unleashing the Power Within You
Jose Pereria focuses on tapping into one’s inner strength and resilience and cultivating your inner life and spirituality. He shares the strategies and practices that helped him find the courage to endure and overcome his captivity. Jose discusses the power of having a positive mindset, self-belief, and determination to face any challenge head-on. He shows that under adversity, you always have to keep calm and focused, don’t worry about things you can’t control, and try to manage your adversity one day at a time

Self-Care While Grieving AND Caring for an Elderly Mother
Santou Carter Trauma, Loss and Grief Expert

A 60-minute video of an Educational-Conversation between Elsa and myself, a psychotherapist, exploring the following issues: 

  • the challenges of managing her emotions and burnout while caring for her 90- year-old mother
  • struggles with sibling communication, tension and resentment
  • setting boundaries, trying to care for herself and move her life forward after feeling held back in life
  • developing self-awareness about her anxiety and a technique that can help
  • Spiritual growth through self-care
  • Creating a self-care plan, with some unusual resource tips for self-care
Family & Parenting Health & Well-being +4
Anti-inflammatory Living Behavior Modification +10
Your Body Can Lead You To Happiness, Love, and Abundance
Tammy Cho Body Whisperer and Self Love Guide

Welcome to this masterclass to begin tapping into the wisdom of your own body to create happiness, love, and abundance!


In this masterclass, you will:

-Unmask the overwhelm myth that keeps you from fully expressing your authentic self

-Discover the 3 Foundations to be and stay in balance, ease and flow

-Unlock the key to living your best life

Business Health & Well-being +1
Health Personal Development +70
Unleashing Your Inner Power: What Does Low Confidence Really Cost You?
Tonya Rebhahn

In this talk, I speak on how low confidence/self-esteem could be negatively impacting their lives when it comes to their relationship and financial goals, and give them tips on what they can do about it.

Reshape your thoughts and recraft your reality for success, purpose and happiness.
Victoria Norton Miss

Discover a path to success and fulfillment through this transformative talk. Explore the idea that "You Are Not Your Thoughts," learn to reshape your reality, and connect success with purpose and fulfillment. Walk away with three powerful takeaways: realizing your thoughts don't define you, empowering yourself to reshape your reality, and creating a harmonious connection between success and fulfillment. Join us on this enlightening journey to transform your reality by changing your mind.

Business Health & Well-being +2
Mindset Life Purpose Coaching +7