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For a better you and planet.
Health & Wisdom Coach

Annika Ek is a Health & Wisdom Coach and a Ph.D. student in Wisdom Studies. She is the founder of TrulyU Health & Wisdom and help women midlife & beyond (40+) get better health through anti-inflammatory eating, cooking and living, and deeper wisdom so they can have great impact.


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How Health & Wisdom Sets the Stage for Powerful Impact for Women 40+
What attendants will learn:
1. How the changing physiology of women over 40 is an opportunity.
2. Why an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is so important at that time in a woman's life.
3. How the stage is set for wisdom and how to answer the call that will lead to impact and meaning.

Health & Well-being Leadership +2
Anti-inflammatory Cooking Anti-inflammatory Eating +7


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