The Health and Wellness Extravaganza!
The Health and Wellness Extravaganza!
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Organizer Ann Hester
The Health and Wellness Extravaganza!
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The Health and Wellness Extravaganza, brought to you by, will be an unparalleled event replete with speakers from different backgrounds sharing their invaluable tips to empower people to live a long and vibrant life.

Empowering Your Journey to Pain-Free Living
Ani Papazyan Pain Resolution Specialist

I love to make my presentations interactive, fun, and informative. Teach attendees self-help techniques that they can use right away, have them feel that living with pain should NOT be their new norm. They can have tools in their toolbox and use when the need rises. Giving them power and choices.

Optimal Living: Balancing Your Energy, Mental Clarity, & Stamina Naturally
Dr. Sheniqua Johnson TEDx Speaker, Media & Wellness Expert

In our fast-paced world, achieving a harmonious balance between our demanding lives and personal well-being can feel like an elusive goal. Join Dr. Sheniqua Johnson, a seasoned Wellness Strategist and Advocate with over two decades of healthcare experience, as she guides you on a transformative journey toward "Optimal Living."

In this enlightening presentation, Dr. Sheniqua shares invaluable insights into harnessing the power of natural vitality to achieve a more balanced supply of energy, mental clarity, and stamina. Discover how to seamlessly integrate natural solutions into your daily routine, empowering yourself to thrive in every aspect of your life.

In this discuss, tips to improve energy level, mental clarity, and stamina will be shared through a conversation on natural supplements.

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Zulakha Arif Dietitian

I am Zulakha Arif . Dr. Of dietetics and nutritional sciences, certified holistic health, lifestyle and wellness coach. Dip in dr. Of naturapathy. Provide consultations both online and offline. Working as a clinical dietitIan at Ahsan Medical Centre Commissioner Road Sialkot, Pakistan