Health Wealth Wisdom - Parents' Edition Summit 721
Health Wealth Wisdom - Parents' Edition Summit 721
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Organizer Dr. L The Parent Whisperer
Health Wealth Wisdom - Parents' Edition Summit 721
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Join us and hear from leading experts on how to get back on track to living the healthy, fun & on purpose life you know you can have!
You’ll hear from more than two dozen experts in Health, Wealth, & Wisdom on the Summit. They will show you how to make personal and family life highly fun, productive, and fulfilling while empowering you to create the impact in the world you desire, all through the live web summit.

Dr. L has teamed up with the most amazing experts in the widest variety of fields. Their mission is to bring together icons, leaders, and experts of the parenting world to give you the best of what they have to move your life, dreams, and family in the direction you want and love. Experts will share secrets like:

  • Proper Education & Schooling Post Covid
  • Effective & Positive Parenting
  • Healthy Meal Creation that the Whole Family Enjoys
  • Financial Stability During Changing Times
  • Role Modeling How to Lead A Full Life
  • How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Build Supportive Relationships
  • Produce Income & Stay on Purpose
  • ...and more!
The Importance of Feeling Our Feelings
Angela Legh Children's Author and Inner Child Mentor
It's not often talked about, but what lies underneath substance abuse, suicide, and other self-harming activities is the fear of facing our painful feelings. Some go to great lengths to escape painful feelings, and what they don't realize is they engage that pain as they try to escape. Some escape methods, such as substance abuse, carry great consequences for the escapee as well as for the people around them. The pain of escaping a painful feeling can be much greater than actually facing the feeling. It is time that we remove the fear of feeling from our society; it is time that we give everyone permission to feel.
Family & Parenting Health & Well-being +1
Psychology Personal Development +4
How Health & Wisdom Sets the Stage for Powerful Impact for Women 40+
Annika Ek Annika Ek
What attendants will learn:
1. How the changing physiology of women over 40 is an opportunity.
2. Why an anti-inflammatory lifestyle is so important at that time in a woman's life.
3. How the stage is set for wisdom and how to answer the call that will lead to impact and meaning.

Health & Well-being Leadership +2
Health Spiritual Growth +7
Strengthening Our Children to Trust Their Hearts and Stay Safe
Cate Leach Cate Leach
Family & Parenting
Bullying Day Care +7
5 Clever Tactics that will Empower your Relationship
Connie Durham Connie Durham - The Relationship Transformer
You start out with attraction, then comes love, but what happens when your difference begin to outweigh your LOVE Connection?
Education Family & Parenting +4
Education Communication +4
The Parent-The Thermostat: Setting the Temperature in the Home with C.L.A.I.M.
Dea Irby The Parent-The Thermostat: Setting the Temperature in the Home with C.L.A.I.M.
Have you asked, “where is the operator’s manual for parents?” Parenting is such an important job, you want to get it right. What if there were a way to be strategic about the impact you have on your children?  Would you want to know? Do you want to improve the "atmosphere" in your home? You are the thermostat and you can make the improvement. Dea will introduce her five pillars of powerful parenting using C.L.A.I.M. and share ways to practically implement them in your family. 
Family & Parenting
Transform Chaos with the K.I.D. Formula
Debra Kocis Savvy Parenting Coach

Who wants to be a HERO to their child? With the K.I.D. Formula, you can! 

You will learn how to raise productive and resilient children. Your kids will listen more; and will feel seen and heard.  Solving family issues with proven and powerful methodologies that reduce struggles and bring peace into the family.

Ask yourself these questions;  What if I miss the opportunity to better connect with my children… Right now, while they’re still relatively young?  What concerns do you, or someone you know, have during the turbulent teenage years of bullying, not listening, e-cigarettes, or drugs? 

In the years I’ve been coaching parents and parent educators, there’s not yet been a situation that we haven’t solved or improved.  The K.I.D. formula contains 3 of the essential fundamentals to bring respect, cooperation, and encouragement into your home. Imagine this spreading to the schools, community, and beyond.

In my advanced coaching, I help parents understand their children’s motivations and goals behind their behavior.  Mentoring all parents to create loving, gratifying relationships for a lifetime.

Education Family & Parenting +1
Parenting Teens Parenting +2
Break the Chains of Transgenerational Trauma
Dorothy Husen Breaking the Chains of Transgenerational Trauma
Connect the dots between current pain - physical, relational, and mental - to your childhood experiences. Identify your patterns.
Business Education +3
Health Literature +2
Divorce as a Catalyst for Transformation that Will Support your Children
Ekaterina Koretskaia Divorce coach
Have you ever felt like a pressure-cooker through divorce, ready to explode if the lid is not opened properly, because of the overwhelming emotions you are experiencing? And do you find it difficult to help your children to manage their emotions through these troubled times when feeling that way? You are not alone. 
Unfortunately, more often than not we are not taught how to express our emotions in a healthy way. Divorce is such an emotionally charged time that it’s crucial to learn simple yet powerful tools to process anger, sadness and grief for ourselves, to then be able to help our children to process theirs and to reconnect with joy again. 
Ekaterina will share how expressing her anger for herself, not « throwing » it on her ex-husband, helped her to pacify their relationship and build trust and respect over time. She will also share an unexpected way to help a child to express his anger that can even heal eczema. 
Ekaterina will then share shortcuts about how to rebuild your life after divorce on solid foundations once the emotions are taken care of. Did you know that writing down what you want in detail increases your chances to get it by more than 40% (research proven!)? 

Family & Parenting Health & Well-being +1
Personal Development Healing +3
Teens, Mental Health & Addiction: What Parents Need to Know
Janeen Olmos CEO
Our job as parents is more difficult than it's ever been. No one teaches us how to recognize mental health or addiction issues in our teens or talk to our teens about these things. Join this session to learn more about the signs and symptoms of mental health and addiction your teen may exhibit.  In addition, learn one of the best strategies to approach and talk to your teen and build trust with him/her to become the person he/she seeks for advice and direction. 
Health & Well-being Therapy
Communication Bullying +7
Fresh Start From Divorce
Jude Sandvall Jude: The Divorced Dadvocate
In this presentation you will learn to...

-Use your divorce as a doorway to a wonderful future
-Stop the desperation, fear and overwhelm
-Transition from being powerless to empowered
-Stop being codependent
-Gain emotional strength, stability and resiliency
Education Family & Parenting +2
Health Communication +12
Parenting Skills to Raise Responsible, Self-Aware Children
Karen Fasulo Parenting Relationship and Mindset Coach
Every parent wants to raise responsible, self-aware kids, so how do you pass on those skills to your children, especially when your child has been diagnosed with Autism, ADHD, and/or Anxiety.  Any parenting books that have been written to help guide you along the way have been written for Neuro-typical brains and most likely won’t apply to your family.   Leaving you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and like you are failing as a parent.  These next proven 5 steps I am going to walk you through, will help you, the parent, overcome some of the mindset blocks that may be holding you back from raising responsible, self-aware kids.  
Family & Parenting
Personal Development Mindset +3
3 Strategies to Communicate with Your Teen
Kelly Martin, PhD Language and Communications Specialist
Do you feel frustrated when trying to talk to your teen? Find it difficult to engage your teen in conversation?  Receive the eye-roll reaction or a one-word reply to your questions? Learn about and easily implement three scaffolded strategies you can implement to (re)connect with your teenager through conversation: active listening (which involves more than just paying attention), empathizing, and validating her feelings and experiences. This signature talk is information-rich and action-orientated and one that you surely do not want to miss!
Family & Parenting
Parenting Teens
How Your Thoughts Can Affect Your Health
Maria Mantoudakis CEO and Founder
We know that our thoughts influence our feelings, our vibration, our actions, and ultimately our life experience.  In this presentation our participants will experience how our body is affected by our thoughts.  You will also get to experience the fear that our thoughts could trigger, the joy that a slight change in thought can bring about, and how to have a more joyous, healthy life, simply by managing your thoughts.
Health Personal Development +6
How a Contentious Divorce Impacts the children and future generations
Martha Alexander Martha Davis Alexander, JD, CFLC, Coach to Now-Adult Children of Divorce
How a Contentious Divorce impacts kids 
My story 
How can parents in a divorce or thinking about divorce avoid the emotional fallout for their kids 

                1.  MINDSET Matters –  remember that your child loves both of you and even more importantly – is 50/50 of each of you.   

                2.    COMMUNICATION MATTERS – what you say and how you say it matters 

                3.    SUPPORT SYSTEM MATTERS --  find someone outside the family (not a relative of the kids) to whom to vent (What is venting).  Options:  Friends – (Not close to kids or parents of kids friends); therapist; support group; divorce coach.  

Mindset Wellness +5
Do You Really Have the GUTS to Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise?
Nancy Lee Bentley Food & Wholistic Health Expert, aka 'That Gutsy Lady'
From Food Additives and Allergies to Environmental Toxicity and Mysterious Viral Pandemics, the list of challenges threatening our Health today is daunting.  And these are  just some on the physical level! 

Yet, our Total Health is a Body, Mind, Heart & Soul affair.  So, how can we hope to help ourselves and our families to experience REAL health and well-being in the face of so many obstacles? It's not Rocket Science.  Yet, as our Food & Wholistic Health Expert, Nancy Lee Bentley shares in this lively, controversial segment, it literally takes GUTS ~ a healthy GI Tract, courage, conscious lifestyle choices and community to really be healthy these days.  Tune in for some of Nancy's inspiring insights and refreshingly simple strategies.  
Secrets of inter-personal relationships
Nasrin (Nas) Parsian Secrets of inter-personal relationships
Life is all the matter of relationships! We humans are relational beings and connectedness is our core essence and the key to answer our needs. All we need is to discover the alchemy and flourish an integrated SELF,  to be able  to create a transformation and cultivate growth-based relationships in all areas.
 "You are not a drop in the ocean, you are an entire ocean in a drop" Rumi

Discover the alchemy, create a healthy you and change the world!
Health & Well-being
Health Healing +2
How My IVF Journey Led Me to My Soul Purpose
Rowena Winkler Cosmic Catalyst Coach & Realignment Strategist
Attendees will discover how my infertility journey and pandemic parenting...
  • Helped me surrender perfectionism.
  • Come face-to-face with inner child work.
  • Led me to my entrepreneurial journey and soul purpose.

Business Family & Parenting +1
Parenting Entrepreneurship +5