Ziza Natur
Ziza Natur
Public Speaking & Vocal Coach
🟣 bachelor's degree in theatre & performance; 🟣 bachelor's degree in communication sciences & journalism; 🟣 master's degree in media, public communication & performance; 🟣 in the process of getting my third bachelor's degree in music and vocal coaching. Multiple awards in music, public speaking & performance.

⭐️ Multi-award-winning musician & writer.
⭐️ Public speaking & vocal coach.
⭐️ I help entrepreneurs become superstars in their businesses and transition from being "an expert in their field" to becoming "the go-to expert in their industry".


I am highly passionate about my work and I truly believe everyone has a powerful message to bring into this world - and fear should not stop them from doing it. This is why I love empowering people and helping them to get rid of their fears, so that they could help others with their unique mission and vision. 

To me, public speaking is not so much about learning speeches by heart and practicing them until you sound like a commercial - it's more about finding and owning your unique voice, and developing the confidence and courage to share it in any environment.

I use my unique 3-pillar method to help entrepreneurs and/or speakers:
🎙 communicate powerfully and make a strong impact on their audience;
🎙 develop confidence when speaking so that they can they influence through their unique personality and powerful message;
🎙 develop a strong voice so that they can project it with power and maintain it in good health.

🔴 I have worked as a singer, actress, performer, music composer, radio host, journalist, mentor, TV collaborator, film director assistant & cultural event promoter to name a few. I’ve mentored many kinds of apprentices, managing to help even a group of deaf students to deliver an astounding performance on stage.

📍I’m the gal whose pants dropped on stage and still won 2 awards.
📍I’m the gal who sang in front of French President François Hollande at the International Festival "Les Tonneres de Brest" in 2012.
📍I’m the gal who wrote the first Romanian poetry book printed on recycled paper.



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