Find Your Voice! Change Your Life!
Find Your Voice! Change Your Life!
Created 1 year 3 months ago
Organizer Aideen Ni Riada
Find Your Voice! Change Your Life!
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This summit of experts in voice and song will inspire and enhance your own voice.  You'll speak with more confidence and start a journey to having the courage to take your visibility to the next level.


Problem Solving Through Voice
Aideen Ni Riada Intuitive Voice Coach

Did you know that singing and speaking activates MORE of your brain than any other activity? 

That is why it can be such a powerful tool for manifestation and problem-solving. 

In my presentation, you will find out how tuning into your voice can transform your life and even your business. 

Education Mindset +1
Psychology Networking +2
Opening the Power of Your Full Voice
Barbara McAfee Opening the Power of Your Full Voice

Your voice is full of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. By opening it up into sound – beyond singing and speaking - you can explore areas of your voice (and your life) that have lain dormant. Using the Five Elements Framework™, Barbara will guide you on a wild and joyful adventure into all of your sounds and then show you how to put them to work in your everyday life. You'll never think about – or use - your voice in the same way again!

Singing for More Joy and Connection in your Life
Betty Fitzgerald Choral Conductor & Music Teacher

My presentation will highlight the power of singing in a community for overall health and well-being.

Use your Voice to Anchor your Destiny
Calodagh McCumiskey Wellbeing Coach

Twelve years ago, my mind was like a washing machine.  A chance meeting with an old friend connected me to a form of sound meditation that somehow helped me transform my thoughts, slow my mind and experience inner-peace.  Having space has enabled me to gain clarity about what I want and as a result focus and achieve success.  The ability to step back which comes with silence and space gives the possibility to step up in the world.  

Silence brings many gifts.  It gives clarity, connection and completeness.  It reboots and reenergises.  In a world with so many weapons of mass distraction, silence offers a refuge from worldly stresses.  Silence also gives rise to powerful creativity and intuition.    

Through the workshop you will taste and experience the powerful benefits of sound, and mantra meditation and gentle breath-work.  You will visit or at least get closer to silence.  You will learn about your mind and how to slow it through sound and breath and connect with yourself.  Overtime, practice of the techniques you learn will prepare you to realise your potential and experience greater peace and joy.  

Success is subjective.  But when you experience silence you feel connected and clear about your unique path to success and fulfilment.  Mantra meditation is also very energising giving you the vitality needed to achieve your goals.  

I look forward to meeting you and sharing what has helped me and transformed the lives of 1000s of people I have worked with through my classes, coaching and wellbeing programmes.  

Free Your Unique Voice for Wellness
Carolyn Baker Founder of Voice Up Coaching

In this presentation we will discuss how absolutely everyone can sing, how singing effects mental health and how it heals us universally through song.

Education Entertainment & Art +2
Wellness Holistic Health +6
Elevate Your Presence, Embody Your Voice!
Erin Duffy Elevate Your Presence, Embody Your Voice

Increase your charisma on stage.  Project confidence and win the hearts and minds of your audience.  To do all of this you must go beyond the mechanics of stage presence and master the inner game. Erin will show you the three steps you can immediately put into practice to elevate your presence, embody your voice, and create your unique personal brand. 

Songs are alchemy
Lais Scort Sound Priestess

Learn the cathartic process of transmuting pain into insights in a matter of minutes through songwriting and singing. How to heal through song to reconnect and return to our natural ways of cocreating.

PowerSongs – It's Your Brand. Make it sing!
Lowry Olafson Founder of PowerSongs

100% of businesses and entrepreneurs have a visual logo. Only 27% have an audio logo - a sonic identity that creates instant recognition, builds trust and connection, and sticks in people's heads forever. learn how you can turn your tagline into a catchy Songbrand that will amplify your message and your impact.

Guest Host
Mark Cox Vocal Healing Coach

Mark is the founder and vocal healing coach  of FreeVoice. His Vocal Healing method is for the whole person - mind, emotions, and body - grounding individuals in beautiful reality. When the voice is blocked, there is always something deeper at work. Mark‘s coaching and healing practice is customized specifically for leaders, trauma survivors and vocal professionals. He loves being a safe guide and space holder for those ready to do the hard inner work of finding, freeing, and sharing their authentic voice with the world.

Legacy & Memory Through Songwriting
Rachelle Babler Song & Legacy

1:1 // 45 minute consultation on how to share your story in song, discussing idea concepts. 

Grief. One of my biggest teachers. 

How do we keep one's spirit alive after they have passed? Writing a song can be a cathartic step in the mourning and healing process. Creative expression through words, story and song. 

Where the melody of your loved ones legacy is born. 

Tuning into the Divine to Find your True Voice
Roger A Burnley Intuitive Empowerment Life Purpose Coach

While singing is so much fun, it has also been shown to have therapeutic and healing benefits. Many clients have come to me to develop their singing as they felt it might lead them to more self-confidence, and that did occur. 


Here are a few of the many more benefits of singing and music. 

  • Relieves stress. Singing appears to be a stress-reliever.
  • Stimulates the immune response.
  • Increases pain threshold.
  • May improve snoring.
  • Improves lung function.
  • Develops a sense of belonging and connection.
  • Enhances memory in people with dementia.
  • Helps with grief.

Now you can see how all these benefits would naturally have you become more empowered, leading to improvement in your business, life, and health. 



Be the Voice of Your Passions
Stephanie Bonte-Lebair Founder of the Empowered Voice

Do you know what to say and how to say it to carry your message into the world?  Your voice is a powerful tool to generate revenue, build relationships, and share your passion with others.  Tap into the 3 voices you need to be captivating in any conversation.

Releasing Loss to Liberate Your Voice
Vanessa Rae Transformative Voice Coach

We all experience loss, this can be any loss (job, relationship, confidence, joy, SELF)… But there's an untapped power in us waiting to be acknowledged, freed, expressed and harnessed for our healing. Our pain and loss can be transformed into a source of power for us to live from, instead of stuck inside of us. 

Finding the power in your voice
Xann Schwinn Co-Founder & CEO, Biiah

Xann SchwinnCo-founder & CEO of Biiah is a full stack strategist and seasoned entrepreneur working at the intersection of startup tech and music. Creating accessibility to music and ‘singing with others’ has been the strand that ties most of her life’s work together - a core tenet of that has been celebrating and empowering diversity in music, and helping people find the power in their own unique voice.


Her work establishing the Biiah as well as her wider endeavours in podcasting and thought leadership are all built on the conviction that diversity in teams and inclusive working practises drive innovation, progress and success. 

Supercharge your Confidence with Singing Affirmations
Ziza Natur Public Speaking & Voice Coach

Singing affirmations workshop that support you in your professional development. You will experience a group activity using research-backed affirmations specifically designed to help you not just connect with your voice on a deeper level, but achieve your professional and personal goals easier and quicker.