Client Growth Delivered Masterclass: Unlock 12+ Secrets that Result in High Quality Leads & Increased Revenue Today
Client Growth Delivered Masterclass: Unlock 12+ Secrets that Result in High Quality Leads & Increased Revenue Today
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Organizer Christine Campbell Rapin
Client Growth Delivered Masterclass: Unlock 12+ Secrets that Result in High Quality Leads & Increased Revenue Today
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Registration ends: Wed, Jul 20, 2022 6:00 PM (1 week 6 days from now)


If you are on a mission to help more businesses succeed without all the BS or complicated processes that only a unicorn could implement then this event will interest you. We're collaborating with other purpose driven business owners in the sales and marketing arena who are prepared to bring our A Game, share the truth about what mistakes are being made and educating about how to build a bridge to success so that event attendees can achieve the 1 thing that is eluding them currently: Client Growth Delivered. 

5 Steps to Building a Conscious INspired Business
Carolyn Cooper-McOuatt Business Strategist & Mindset Mentor

Love is your great prospering power and the most magnetic energy you can invoke. 

Transform your business clarity, focus, purpose, and profits by building a new conscious foundation of truth with an inspired intentional design for growth. It’s essential to preserve your unique value contribution, your mission and how you bring love and care into your client and strategic relationships and systems for success.

5  Steps to Building a Conscious INspired Business


  1. Show UP - Be all in!
  2. Step UP - Declare your vision, value and mission.
  3. GET HELP - Build your Dream Team.
  4. Set it UP - Create your intentional strategic plan for growth.
  5. Celebrate - Plan your rewards with your Power Partners.

It’s time to ….. Gain Clarity - Be Inspired - Take Action & Create Abundance!

3 Non-Negotiables You Need to Focus on Daily to Exponentially Grow Your Business
Christine Campbell Rapin CEO & Business Success Coach


  • The 2 Key Measures That Will Predict the Future Health of Your Business
  • The 3 Non-Negotiables That Drive Consistent Client Growth in Your Business
  • The Cure to All Of Your Limiting Beliefs That Keep You Playing Small
Business Leadership
Business Personal Growth +10
How You Can Leverage Your Facebook Group to Make 6 Figures
Deasha Waddup Social Media and Business Coach

You don't need a huge Facebook Group to scale your business, in fact the smaller and more intimate the group the easier it is to get to know your audience and build relationships with them. In this presentation, I will share with you the 5 areas you need to be focused on for you to be able to scale your business, have a bigger impact and hit those income goals whilst working less and creating yourself more freedom. 

Marketing Strategy
The Real Reason People Say No & How To Get To Yes!
Derek Borthwick Author, Mind & Communication Expert
  • Our Powerful Biases
  • What Interests Us?
  • Which Brain Should We Speak To
  • Why people resist
  • 4 Pillars of Power
Education Leadership +1
Sales Business Development +1
Alignment - The Rarely Spoken Secret to Success
Elle Nagy Self-Leadership Expert

* Understanding the process of creating results from thoughts and beliefs.
* The benefit of slowing down to speed up.
* It's never about what you're doing, but who you are being.

Leadership Mindset
Personal Development Personal Growth +7
The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly About Websites.
Haley Gray Marketing Geek

Marketing frequently starts with websites. We're going to be cutting through the BS and the hype, and talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly around websites. What to expect, what's hype, and what's not. 

Supercharge Your Content Strategy
Keith R. Reynolds Founder & CEO

All the great publishers in history have been visionaries, innovators, and leaders. They build and monetize an audience. Traditionally, publishers sold advertising and sponsorships to “rent'' the audience. Today, brand publishers monetize based on the value of a lead.

In this program, Keith Reynolds, Founder & CEO of Publio, will highlight a system that he calls the “Publisher’s M.O.™”, a 7-bucket marketing strategy that connects your marketing materials and storytelling to clearly-defined business outcomes: new customers; better service; and increased revenue. Learn about his unique approach that takes the mystery out of content marketing ROI!

Key Takeaways:

  • Why and how to build a “Content Hub” strategy that creates a unique and powerful content experience for your target audience.
  • How your content strategy will drive leads and sales in your niche -- on and offline -- and focus on your customer’s journey to improve results.
  • How to create an ROI model that everybody understands — especially your CEO — even if that CEO is you!

Empower your team to follow your North Star and achieve results. Attendees will learn how to use content to:

  • Build your pipeline and drive sales
  • Launch new products & services
  • Deploy marketing and sales technology
Leadership Marketing +3
Digital Marketing Social Media Marketing +3
The Power Of Reciprocity
Sheryl Plouffe Video Strategist
  • What is reciprocity and why will it be important in client relationship development over the next decade?
  • How to use the practice of reciprocity to consistently get more clients (without being on the social media hamster wheel).
  • How to build relationships with people who you might think are 'out of reach'.
Business Leadership +4
Social Media Marketing Content Creation +8
5 Must Do Conversion Secrets to Bring You Grand Success
Susan Jarema Internetologist & Conversions Expert

Having a conversion mindset is critical for the success of your business. In this talk Susan will identify 5 elements that make a difference in turning prospects into paying customers. This is very often the shift you need to bring you a consistent funnel of ideal clients. 

Business Marketing
Marketing Business +4
All You Have To Do Is Talk To People
Ziza Natur Public Speaking & Voice Coach

A talk where I put the focus back to the real money-making activity in the business, which is getting in front of as many people as possible, and talking to as many people as possible - with strategy and intention, of course.

PR & Communications
Communication Marketing +2