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Creating Sacred Smile Moments for Entrepreneurial Leaders
BS, CEC, CPCC, CPBA, NLP, EFT, Emotion Code, Body Code

Introducing Terry Wildemann, an esteemed business and leadership expert, certified coach, energy practitioner, and speaker, renowned for her distinguished expertise spanning over three decades in personal and professional development. Her holistic approach emphasizes intuition, mindset shifts, and clear decision-making, setting her apart from her peers.

Terry passionately believes that accessing one's intuition and clearing mindset blocks lead to well-informed, successful choices in both personal and professional aspects of life. As an accomplished certified professional in various coaching styles and holistic healing modalities, and author of two solo and seven co-authored books, Terry's unparalleled expertise has earned her the title of "Intuitive Truth Detective" among her clients.

As the innovative founder of the SMILE Initiative Hub, Terry seamlessly integrates her three brands—Intuitive Leadership® Coaching, SHIFTology™ Lab's extensive range of courses, workshops, and masterminds, and the immersive summit and expo experiences presented by Sacred Healing Events. This all-inclusive platform provides entrepreneurs with a comprehensive resource for cultivating harmony and synergy in the spiritual, personal and practical sides of business.

Engage with Terry Wildemann, the "Intuitive Truth Detective," to dive deeper into a transformative entrepreneurial experience with clarity, purpose, and passion. 



“Terry is a phenomenal coach and that is probably an understatement. She is uniquely skilled in getting to the heart of your professional or personal issues, in many cases revealing that the true issue is not what you originally thought. Not only does she help you identify your true issues, she can break through so quickly and effectively you won’t hardly know what happened. You won’t be disappointed. 
WARNING: Only go to Terry if you are ready to take your Business or yourself to the next level.”
Pat Cerchio

“I have witnessed the transformation of small business owners who worked with her 1 on 1 as well as in a group setting. She has the talent for taking people in a serious rut and helping them get out of their own way to lead productive and satisfying businesses. Terry genuinely cares about the people she coaches and has infinite patience during the process of helping people be better personally and professionally.”
Mary Brimer


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Reignite Your Prosperity Power: Regroup, Reconnect, Recharge With Yourself

Discover and release what stops you from attracting your success

“Reignite Your Prosperity Power: 4 Steps to Regroup, Reconnect and Recharge Yourself to Succeed” is a transformative look at how to reignite your inner potential to transform into a prosperity magnet.

Terry provides a step-by-step approach to regrouping thoughts, reconnecting with yourself and recharging energy to relieve stress to achieve success in all aspects of life.

  • Step 1- Regroup –      Work/Life Balance
  • Step 2 -Reconnect – The Power of Emotions
  • Step 3- Recharge –    Attraction Power
  • Step 4 -Succeed -     Shiftology™ Process

This is an “Unlock the Power In You” Series Masterclass.

To enhance your experience please take the ProsperityScorecard.intuitiveleadership.com to gauge where you are now and where you desire to be.

Business Leadership +1
Business Entrepreneurship +3
Zap the Stress: Shift the Chaos
  • Is working super hard, tired and constantly putting out fires?
  • Struggles with making wise decisions?
  • Ignores  gut feelings –  and regrets it afterwards?
  • Lacks trust and belief in your yourself?
  • Is always looking for direction outside of yourself ?
  • Is living in fear and judgement?
  • Is tired of being tired and in mental, emotional and physical pain?
  • Tired of carrying a ton of emotional baggage and you can’t put it down?

    If you find yourself working excessively hard, feeling constantly drained, struggling to make wise decisions, and ignoring your gut feelings only to regret it later, you may lack trust and belief in yourself. Additionally, always seeking direction outside of yourself, living in fear and judgment, and carrying a heavy load of emotional baggage can lead to mental, emotional, and physical pain. It can be exhausting and overwhelming, leaving you tired of being tired. 

    In this masterclass Terry guides students to understand how trapped emotions, and the baggage they carry, can control all areas of our lives. Learn how to release those pesky saboteurs and shift into mind, body and spiritual freedom in all areas of your life, career and relationships.
Business Health & Well-being +2
Business Change Management +5


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