Health Wellness and Business Summit
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Organizer Orly Amor
Timezone: Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Fri, Sep 23, 2022 8:00 PM (1 month 3 days from now)

Open: Accepting Speaker Applications Until Tuesday, 20 September, 12:00 PM

Welcome to The Health, Wellness & Business Summit
The Health, Wellness & Business Summit is designed to Bring Speakers, Authors and Coaches to Educate the Audience on Self Care practices, Well Being habits and overall Lifestyle changes and tips to better living.

This Summit is an offspring of our Health, Wellness and Business Expos to attract Businesses, Services and Product Professionals as well as Health Practitioners, such as Conventional Wellness-Oriented Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Natural Chefs, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Psychologists, and Fitness Experts, as well as thousands of health-conscious and upward-mobile consumers.

The Attendees of this Summit are those who are ready to take responsibility for their health, life and freedom, and upgrade their well-being to the next level. People are becoming rapidly aware of the necessity of an empowered lifestyle, and the natural health and wellness and professional industries that support it.

We are dedicated to promoting and sharing WELLNESS EDUCATION through breakthrough SERVICES, PRODUCTS and INFORMATION in Health, Wellness, Organics, Sustainability, Spirituality, Financial Wellness and overall Healthy Lifestyles, as well as contributing in our communities to the QUEST of SUCCESS. Don't MISS OUT! Speakers and Sponsors wanted!

Networking, Celebration, Music and Fun Surprises for Everyone!!! Get your Tickets NOW!!!

Benefits of Speaking at the Health, Wellness and Business Summit:
Get in front of Hundreds of Attendees who are Health and Wellness Conscious
Speaking Spot of 25 Minutes
Meet up to 60 Other Speakers who will also know you and be able to network and create relationships and referrals of mutual respect.
Promoting your Talk on all of our Social Media Platforms
Get a List of Podcasts where you can be a guest
Get the List of all the Registered Attendees with their email.

Requirements to be a Speaker at the Health, Wellness and Business Summit:
#wellness #wellbeing #success #business #sustainability #education #people #networking

Must be available during the one of the dates (We will try to accommodate everyone but first come first choice)
Fee of $297 must be paid in advance
Must promote event and have 20 People Purchase a Ticket to be able to get the FEE Back
Must Submit all information, Headshot, Bio, Talk Title and Attendee Takeaways within 5 Days of Registering
Must Attend the Whole Day of The Date and Time You Speak (Ultimately attend the whole event of course and support your fellow speakers)
Gift a Digital Giveaway at the Event (Optional) Note: If you choose to donate a Digital Gift we need a Picture in a JPEG format for the Event.

Event Date: August 17-20, 2022
Cost to Attend the Event $20

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Uncover 3 secrets to reclaim your health with food
Dr. Laleh Talebian Co-founder and CEO of DNA Wellness

During this presentation, I will share with you my three principles:

  1. Everyone has a unique genetic blueprint for life –Uncover your own nutritional healing magic by simply eating the right foods. Uncover your very own unique blueprint to healing your body without drugs.
  2. Discover your optimal formula to your permanent healthy lifestyle, not a short-term cover up. Feel amazing, healthy, and pain free while avoiding medications.
  3. Find how real support and accountability is packed in a person not in a pill.  Imagine how it would feel if you had your very own expert Health Encyclopedia who would find solutions to your unsolved mysteries.  Imagine your life with little to no pain and discomfort, so you can happily and freely engage in activities you love and thought was never possible.

Imagine if you could turn your IMPOSSIBLE to YOUR POSSIBLE.

Health & Well-being
How To Get Out of Your Own Way and Get What You Want Faster
Jackie Simmons

Are you dealing with stress, anxiety, or overwhelm?
Are you struggling to see results in your life?
Are you ready to quickly improve your confidence, focus, and even your profitability?

This session is for you if now’s the time to finally free yourself from the busy-ness and the frustration of not getting what you want. 

Join Jackie for this hands-on demonstration of how to create the self-empowering beliefs that’ll allow you to get the results you crave - almost effortlessly.

Be ready to unplug from the rest of the world with your notebook and pen in hand.

You’ll be glad you did.

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4 Steps to Eliminate Imposter Syndrome
How Health & Wellness Experts Profit By Speaking from the Stage
Kelley O'Hara Speaker Relations Director

There are millions of stages out there just waiting for you—on a vast number of platforms—live and virtual stages, conferences, podcasts, radio shows, videocasts, virtual summits, TEDx events and more. And as someone in health and wellness, if you’re not taking advantage of them, your business could be underperforming!  Access them as a speaker and you will see an instant return-on-your-time investment.

First, do you know what tools you need to get booked for any of these? 

Secondly, finding and getting on these stages can be daunting and feel intimidating. And, honestly, who has the time to do this research?!? 

 So how would you like a shortcut?

Come join How Health & Wellness Experts Profit from Speaking from the Stageand hear booking expert, Kelley O’Hara on all the shortcuts available to you to help you get booked on all of these platforms! Whether you plan to do the booking yourself, or outsource the outreach, she’ll give you answers to all the roadblocks that have stifled your speaking—and sales--in the past!


  • How do you identify the right podcasts and get booked on them?
  • Where do you start when it comes to live and virtual speaking?
  • Talk to us about conferences and events.
  • What if you want to concentrate on just one niche?
  • Virtual summits are going gangbusters—how do you get on them before they’re all booked?
  • What’s a speaker one-sheet or a podcast sheet and why are they so important?
  • What do you do if you’re not confident in your pitching skills, and how do you write the pitch or proposal letters that get you booked?
  • What if you don’t want to book yourself. What are your options?

Today is your opportunity to see what’s out there for you and what you’ll need to get on more stages faster and with greater ease!

Your Network Is Your Net Worth
Orly Amor Business Coach for Public Speakers

The rise and success of any company relies more on the network it supports then Marketing, Sales or any other department.

Orly Amor is the founder of the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce and has started and maintained 5 Companies.  For the past 20 Years she has helped over 200,000 businesses and sales professionals double, triple and quadruple their sales.

In this talk you will learn:

  • How HWNCC started and what is the glue that holds it together
  • Why networking is an untracked part of any business
  • What are the outcomes of Networking and creating Raving Fans without leaving your home