Health Wellness and Business Summit
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Health Wellness and Business Summit
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Welcome to The Health, Wellness & Business Summit

The Health, Wellness & Business Summit is designed to Bring Speakers, Authors and Coaches to Educate the Audience on Self Care practices, Well Being habits and overall Lifestyle changes and tips to better living.

This Summit is an offspring of our Health, Wellness and Business Expos to attract Businesses, Services and Product Professionals as well as Health Practitioners, such as Conventional Wellness-Oriented Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Natural Chefs, Massage Therapists, Nutritionists, Naturopaths, Psychologists, and Fitness Experts, as well as thousands of health-conscious and upward-mobile consumers.

The Attendees of this Summit are those who are ready to take responsibility for their health, life and freedom, and upgrade their well-being to the next level. People are becoming rapidly aware of the necessity of an empowered lifestyle, and the natural health and wellness and professional industries that support it.

We are dedicated to promoting and sharing WELLNESS EDUCATION through breakthrough SERVICES, PRODUCTS and INFORMATION in Health, Wellness, Organics, Sustainability, Spirituality, Financial Wellness and overall Healthy Lifestyles, as well as contributing in our communities to the QUEST of SUCCESS. Don't MISS OUT! Speakers and Sponsors wanted!

Networking, Celebration, Music and Fun Surprises for Everyone!!! Get your Tickets NOW!!!

Benefits of Speaking at the Health, Wellness and Business Summit:

  • Get in front of Hundreds of Attendees who are Health and Wellness Conscious
  • Speaking Spot of 25 Minutes
  • Meet up to 60 Other Speakers who will also know you and be able to network and create relationships and referrals of mutual respect.
  • Promoting your Talk on all of our Social Media Platforms
  • Get a List of Podcasts where you can be a guest
  • Get the List of all the Registered Attendees with their email.
  • Requirements to be a Speaker at the Health, Wellness and Business Summit:
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  • Must be available during the one of the dates (We will try to accommodate everyone but first come first choice)
  • Fee of $197 must be paid in advance
  • Must promote event 3 times by email + promote on social media
  • Must Submit all information, Headshot, Bio, Talk Title and Attendee Takeaways within 5 Days of Registering
  • Must Attend the Whole Day of The Date and Time You Speak (Ultimately attend the whole event of course and support your fellow speakers)
  • Gift a Digital Giveaway at the Event (Optional) Note: If you choose to donate a Digital Gift we need a Picture in a JPEG format for the Event.

Event Date: October 12-14, 2022
FREE to Attend the Event

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99% of Doctors Don't Talk About This!
Annette Gayle The Health Disrupter

The goal of this presentation is to share the knowledge I learned on my own however, verified with science.  Our bodies were created miraculously to heal themselves when given what they need. 

If we  activate and use what our bodies already have, we can successfully change our health, many times without artificial substances.  I partner with many doctors across all specialties who have pivoted from “drug it out or cut it out” to “there must be a different way, a better way.'

We must take responsibility for our health because we're spending more on “sickcare” than ever before. What we have been doing is not working.  Let's talk about why we are where we are and what we as individuals need to know and do to make a positive difference in our lives and the lives of those we care about.

Full-Bodied Success Mastery for Top Performance
Avital Miller Galactic Experiences Creator

Today we can get overloaded with information and tips on how to be successful. Ever have days where you feel overwhelmed, don’t know which strategy to follow, and lack motivation or confidence? In this interactive experience explore the top four strategies on how to attain greater success to boost your productivity, effectiveness, drive, and enjoyment.

Through the health and happiness of your body, mind, and spirit you can produce greater results with your goals and love what you do. Picture yourself waking up every day with boundless energy, enthusiasm, and the confidence you are on the right path. 

You will learn how to:

  • Stay motivated and joyful everyday.
  • Instantaneously raise your energy, increasing productivity.
  • Overcome roadblocks no matter what challenge presents itself.
  • Create a roadmap to success that is fun and easy for you to follow.
  • Establish a mindset that magnetizes more success.
Health & Well-being Mindset
Health Wellness +1
You Gotta Reveal It To Heal It
Beth Daniel-Jones Founder & CEO Healing Solutions

What your body can see it can heal. While most people are unaware of what and why the are stuck in the terrible pattern of chronic illness--Beth can help not only get them unstuck but on their way to thriving in life. If you want to get well you can. If you're ready to not just survive but thrive in life Beth's presentation is for you! 

What Will You G.A.I.N
Chad Austin Personal Trainer, Consistency Coach, Best Selling Author, Owner of Priority Fitness

My ultimate goal as a personal trainer is to help my clients become what I refer to as a Fitness Fisherman.  You have probably heard the popular phrase, “if you give a person a fish you feed them for a day, but if you teach a person how to fish you feed them for the rest of their lives.”  For years I thought I was making my clients fit for life by simply teaching them how to exercise and eat healthy.  What was slipping through the cracks was that I wasn't teaching my clients how to deal with life's changes. After over 15 years in fitness, I have learned that it is life's changes that cause us to fall off track with our fitness plans.  In this presentation you will learn my 4-step formula that helps you hit the fitness reset button after an unexpected life change. 

Health & Well-being Leadership +1
Health Personal Development +2
Living life on the terms "YOU" created inside and out.
Clare Turner-Marshall Change Maker | Connector | Creating Life

Being human comes with it's own set of rules...the ones you create! How does creating your life based on that sound? 

Let me ask….

Can you even remember how you got to where you are today? Was it all planned out and now you are living the life of your dreams? Maybe right now you are laughing, laughing because it’s a big NOOOO. What you are really feeling is this.”I ended up here because life took over, I lost control and now I am not sure if I even know where to start finding my way!” 

Living a life on your terms, being happy, being well and feeling like you want to live this day ahead isn't that common. What I do is truly help people create this with the critical foundation of wellness to build it all on. 

Helping Introverted Executives with Unstoppable Confidence
Coach Raja Vaidya Your Greatest Gift...

After 37 years teaching martial art Master Raja Vaidya (6th degree Master) saw a pattern in helping children go from White Belt mindset to a Black Belt Mind-SHIFT…   When people learn these key strategies to encouraging and empowering themselves and their teams they become the best version of them selves and achieve black status not just in business, but in life.. 

Business Health & Well-being +3
Bullying Client Attraction +19
Live and Leave a Lasting Legacy: The 5 Step Launch to legacy Blueprint
Cynthia Gallardo Esquire, JD, MBA

Viewers will learn the 5 Step Launch to Legacy Blueprint to overcome fear, overwhelm, and previous failures to live life to the fullest and leave a lasting legacy. Entrepreneurs struggling with transforming a business idea at any stage in their business lifecycle to a vision to a reality to a profitable business will be inspired and empowered to discover their unique business DNA to launch, build, and protect their legacy. 

Business Law / Legal +2
Mindset Entrepreneurship +4
Finding your P.A.T.H
David Chametzky Follow your P.A.T.H

While we often walk our paths and experience some dark roads and even get lost.  Finding resources and a Pathfinder who has found the right path under the most challenging roads. Ram Dass has said we all walk each other home and when you have the right mentor the roads seem less dangerous.

2 steps to unlocking your brain's potential
Dr. L The Parent Whisperer Dr. L, The Parent Whisperer

Understanding your brain's development and evolution is necessary to know how it works and how to make it function better, so you can reach your true potential.

Health & Well-being Healthcare +1
Health Wellness
Uncover 3 secrets to reclaim your health with food
Dr. Laleh Talebian Co-founder and CEO of DNA Wellness

During this presentation, I will share with you my three principles:

  1. Everyone has a unique genetic blueprint for life –Uncover your own nutritional healing magic by simply eating the right foods. Uncover your very own unique blueprint to healing your body without drugs.
  2. Discover your optimal formula to your permanent healthy lifestyle, not a short-term cover up. Feel amazing, healthy, and pain free while avoiding medications.
  3. Find how real support and accountability is packed in a person not in a pill.  Imagine how it would feel if you had your very own expert Health Encyclopedia who would find solutions to your unsolved mysteries.  Imagine your life with little to no pain and discomfort, so you can happily and freely engage in activities you love and thought was never possible.

Imagine if you could turn your IMPOSSIBLE to YOUR POSSIBLE.

Health & Well-being
Addressing Thyroid Issues Naturally
Emanuela Visone CFNC, CHC, CLC

•Why conventional methods for addressing thyroid imbalance are not addressing the REAL issues and what you need to focus on instead.

•How ignoring your thyroid is leading you to more severe and chronic health issues in the long term.

•How to address Thyroid issues naturally.

Who is it for?

•This is for women and men who are struggling with debilitating symptoms of thyroid imbalance (nodules, fatigue, weight gain, brain fog, low libido, infertility) even if you are already on thyroid medication.

•Individuals who are experiencing many symptoms of thyroid imbalance but have not been diagnosed and are frustrated because you don’t know what’s going on.

•Those who’ve been working on their health for awhile and you’ve made some progress, but you still don’t feel like yourself even though you’re doing “everything right”.

Health & Well-being
Your Choice: A Drink Or A Mulligan
Gil Jones

In this talk Gil shares how to powerfully create a culture of second chances in a walking on eggshells world of perfectionism and cancellation.


Gil will show you how to create endless room for joy and passion that runs far from living with soul-crushing fear of disappointing others and yourself.


You will learn how to:

·       Kick Toxic Perfectionism to The Curb

·       Take Risks So You Can Discover the Adventure Of What Stepping Into A World Of Second Chances Offers 

·       Create A Buzz in Your Community That Gives Others Hope

Conquer Your Communication
Harriet Bratt Speaker & Firewalk Instructor

Speak up and Shine is a very brief summary of Harriet's signature event - Speaker Mastery.

Understanding that EVERYTHING starts from within, Harriet will discuss and look for reflection on how you are speaking to yourself.

What is your Internal Dialogue and is it supporting you - or holding you back?!

How can we speak to ourselves in a way that supports aligned action and magical momentum?! 

5 min reflection and visualization 

Then understanding that Confidence and Communication are the foundations of our success - we look at external communication.

Feel the Fear and Speak up Anyway 

Understand how to feel confident expressing yourself - but even more than that - doing it in a deepy effective and engaging way for those that you are interacting with.

Friends, family, work, team, clients - etc - Tony Robbins shares that ‘The Quality of Your Communication - determines the Quality of your Life’ so how can we communicate internally and externally in a way that again - supports our desires.

True love, efficient communication, personal success, and the one thing that is holding you back from having them all
Ionit Sabatello Relationship Healer, Success Mentor

By developing a loving relationship with yourself you can then experience better and more effective communication with others, you can enjoy healthier relationships and you can achieve any personal success your heart desires.

In this presentation you will discover what is the one thing that holds you back from having it all right now.

Education Family & Parenting +3
Communication Spiritual Growth +30
Get Out of Your Own Way and Get What You Want Faster
Jackie Simmons

Are you dealing with stress, anxiety, or overwhelm?
Are you struggling to see results in your life?
Are you ready to quickly improve your confidence, focus, and even your profitability?

This session is for you if now’s the time to finally free yourself from the busy-ness and the frustration of not getting what you want. 

Join Jackie for this hands-on demonstration of how to create the self-empowering beliefs that’ll allow you to get the results you crave - almost effortlessly.

Be ready to unplug from the rest of the world with your notebook and pen in hand.

You’ll be glad you did.

How Health & Wellness Experts Profit By Speaking from the Stage
Kelley O'Hara Speaker Relations Director

There are millions of stages out there just waiting for you—on a vast number of platforms—live and virtual stages, conferences, podcasts, radio shows, videocasts, virtual summits, TEDx events and more. And as someone in health and wellness, if you’re not taking advantage of them, your business could be underperforming!  Access them as a speaker and you will see an instant return-on-your-time investment.

First, do you know what tools you need to get booked for any of these? 

Secondly, finding and getting on these stages can be daunting and feel intimidating. And, honestly, who has the time to do this research?!? 

 So how would you like a shortcut?

Come join How Health & Wellness Experts Profit from Speaking from the Stageand hear booking expert, Kelley O’Hara on all the shortcuts available to you to help you get booked on all of these platforms! 

How To Achieve Your Business & Healthy Lifestyle Goals and Sustain Them Forever, GUARANTEED!
Matt Travis CEO

Have you ever wondered why you have tried so many strategies and plans to change your health (diets, exercise, supplements, etc…) and/or business (posting, messaging, blogging, etc…) and maybe get some results but have trouble making it stick long term?

In this presentation you are going to learn how important it is to create an individualized plan for your health or business transformation that is in alignment with your identity, beliefs, values, habits, and skills to ensure that you achieve the results you want and finally keep them!

Business Health & Well-being +3
Health Business +24
How To Eliminate Anger and Stress, Without Yoga, Meditation or Other Stress Management Techniques
Mort Orman, M.D. Anger & Stress Elimination Expert

In the world today, many people experience stress and many also have trouble controlling their emotions.  There is also a ton of misinformation and misunderstandings about anger, emotions and stress which even highly educated people are not aware of.  In this talk, you will discover the truth about anger and stress and how you can live, love and work without them, even if you think this is impossible.


Magnetic Vitality: Discover The Energy Your You Never Knew You Had
Neil Cannon Author, Speaker, Vitality Mentor

Are you ready to become magnetic? Do you have a chronic symptom or illness that might be zapping your energy? I firmly believe the body can heal any chronic health challenge and have been helping people to do this since 2015. A wonderful side effect of reversing illness holistically (other than symptoms disappearing), is your energy increases. More energy means more Vitality, which means more magnetism.

Discover what I have called The Four Pillars of Vitality, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic.

Most people start with diet, and as one goes on their “Vitality Journey” and peel back layers of the onion (so to speak), it is possible to “reverse engineer” your symptoms, by reaching and addressing the cause.  Once you address the cause, and remove it, you can allow your body to heal itself. It is always healing, we just tend to stand in the way of that.

Health & Well-being
Holistic Health
From Zero To Wealth: How To Become Wealthy In All Areas Of Your Life
Omar Periu President

How to become wealthy in al areas of your life. Learn how to overcome fear, failure, and handle rejections. 

Your Network Is Your Net Worth
Orly Amor Business Coach for Public Speakers

The rise and success of any company relies more on the network it supports then Marketing, Sales or any other department.

Orly Amor is the founder of the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce and has started and maintained 5 Companies.  For the past 20 Years she has helped over 200,000 businesses and sales professionals double, triple and quadruple their sales.

In this talk you will learn:

  • How HWNCC started and what is the glue that holds it together
  • Why networking is an untracked part of any business
  • What are the outcomes of Networking and creating Raving Fans without leaving your home
How to Monetize Your Message Through Public Speaking
Orly Amor Business Coach for Public Speakers

Many Speakers, Authors and Entrepreneurs don't know How Much Money they are leaving behind by not Speaking and Spreading their Message.

Orly Amor is the founder of the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce and has started and maintained 5 Companies.  For the past 20 Years she has helped over 200,000 businesses and sales professionals double, triple and quadruple their sales.

In this talk you will learn:

  • What is Missing in the Industry Right Now and Why You need to be in the Game NOW
  • How Much Money you can Make and by When if you only Understood the Investment in time and money
  • How to still Make Money this Year by Getting Hired to Speak for 2022, 2023 and Beyond
Business Consulting
How to Build Your Own Tribe
Orly Amor Business Coach for Public Speakers

The rise and success of any Coach, Author, Speaker or Entrepreneur relies on their ability to build relationships that in return can build a following that converts.

Orly Amor is the founder of the Health and Wellness Network of Commerce and has started and maintained 5 Companies.  For the past 20 Years she has helped over 200,000 businesses and sales professionals double, triple and quadruple their sales.

In this talk you will learn:

  • How to Use the C.A.S.E. Formula to Building a Solid Tribe
  • How LinkedIn can be your Greatest ASSET when you do THIS
  • Why You Need to Host Your Own Events
Successful in Business but Struggle in Love? The Mindset for Success in Life, Love & Business with Coach Riana Milne
Riana Milne Cert Global Life, Love & Mindset Coach

Learn the Top 10 Unconscious Childhood Traumas and How they Impact Adults in Life, Love, and Business today, and How to go from an Unconscious, Fear-based or Negative Mindset to a fully Aware Conscious Mindset to Create a New, Successful, Happier You. It's Time - to Create the Life You Desire & to Have the Love You Deserve!

Self-Care Mastery for Ultimate Success and Fulfillment
Rosemarie Couture DeSaro Peak Performance Leader

Imagine You Had Self-Care Principles That Give You The Edge To Be Successful And Fulfilled In ALL Areas of Your Life Without Sacrifice and Stress. Learn the 5 main principles you need to incorporate a life full of joy, vitality, abundance, happiness, and wealth with soul fulfillment. You can have it all! This talk will show you how to: 

Discover the NEW models of mindsets, habits, behaviors, support, and structures needed for YOU to thrive, 

Learn what refuels you rather than takes from you. And how to replenish your resources without depleting someone else’s.

Learn how to move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset that allows you to implement the right self-care you need to put yourself first 

Move from need to’, 'should do' to 'choose to' and ultimately 'love to' & find true mastery of caring for you so you can feel juiced up everyday & be unshakable.

Speaking Publicly is Good for Your Health, Well-being and Mental EQ
Shelley Goldstein International Public Speaking Coach

Some of us let our inner self critic do all the talking. When it comes to public speaking we let our fears chip away at our identity, building stress and leaving us feeling like we are not good enough.

Stress and negative self-talk, over time, can take a toll on the body and heighten anxiety.

Find out how learning public speaking skills can counter stress so you increase your mental EQ and improve your health; speak with more confidence and self-expression; and feel really good about yourself.

Business Health & Well-being +3
The best kept secret in healthcare
Shiri Gabriel Broker and Business Consultant

Your Solution to the Rising Cost of Healthcare.

Finally, a way to take control of your healthcare expenses.  Impact Health Sharing is a caring community of people who share in each other's medical bills.  Impact is for anyone who is interested in sharing, acting responsibly together, and saving on their health care. 

Impact Health Sharing delivers a modern and affordable alternative to health insurance. 

In a lot of ways it acts the same as your current health plan, but it's different in the ways that matter. Come learn how!



Find Your Pot of Gold with The Rainbow Diet
Sue Saccardo Wellness Advocate

Over the years, there have been many different diet trends and fads.  I'll be sharing what happens when you eat a colorful “rainbow” diet.

The Intuitive Entrepreneurial Leader: The Secret Keys to Creating Wealth Health and Success
Terry Wildemann Intuitive Success Navigator

4 Easy Steps to 60 Second Stress Relief and Work and Life Harmony

  • Create clarity about harmonizing your business and life
  • Ramp up positive energy to  stay aligned, motivated and focused on attracting your desires.
  • Release resistance and emotional baggage
Business Leadership +1
Business Intuition +3
Misery To Freedom: Your Guide To Getting Off The Hamster Wheel
Trent Hogg Misery To Freedom

It’s easy to be settled into your comfort zone where everything seems to be just going along. We find ourselves sleepwalking through our lives. It took me fifteen years to break the chains in my own life. And that was after the fight of my life.

If I were to look at your life from my objective view, what would it look like ?

Groundhog Day?

You on a hamster wheel?

If so, you're in the cycle of misery. If you have found yourself waking up and thinking … "I can’t do this another day" or "there has to be more to all this" or you feel you are living someone else's life, then this workshop is for you. I’d like to give you some actionable steps to move away from misery and step into your own space.

You were born to be free, but you choose misery and I want to show you how to choose freedom.

In this presentation, you will learn to:

Identify and break your cycle of misery

Overcome the fears holding you back

Name your influencers (no, not from FB, IG or Tik Tok)

Looking forward to seeing you on the inside!









Use Your Own Assets to Claim Your Success
Trish Perry CEO, Harmonize Coaching

How to Create More Success in Your Career Using the Assets You Already aHve.

Success is what most of us strive for, yet we get in our own way. We think, "when I have another degree or when I have more experience, THEN I'll be successful.  What if you had everything you need right now to experience success? You DO!

In this presentation you'll learn to:

  1. uncover your assets and how they are helpful
  2. create evidence of your success
  3. the “when and now” exercise to shift your mindset