The Intuitive Leadership® Summit
The Intuitive Leadership® Summit
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Organizer Terry Wildemann
The Intuitive Leadership® Summit
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Welcome to the one day Intuitive Leadership® Summit hosted by Terry Wildemann and SHIFTology Live! 
We are excited to bring you world class speakers who will answer your questions about Intuition and it's role in business and life. 

About this Summit:  
Working with Intuition is smart, delicious and feels really good when surrendering to the messages that come. Entrepreneurial Leaders who listen to their inner guidance lead with confidence, competence and credibility. Yet, fear of listening to the messages the emerge stems from society filled messages of its woo woo, not practical or logical. In fact, our greatest leaders listened to their “gut” and other intuitive message to achieve their success. When we do listen we work smarter instead of harder, decision making becomes easier and we surrender the hard stuff which amazingly falls into place. 

Are you an overwhelmed Entrepreneur, Manager or Leader who is doing it all and struggling because you aren't listening to your inner guidance? Does your spiritual, personal, business life or career feel unfulfilling? Could you possibly be self-sabotaging yourself and getting stressed out by ignoring the intuitive messages that come to guide you towards the success you seek? 

Once you connect with your intuition, and combine it the personal and practical sides of your business an career, your leadership expands in a positive way.

Our speakers are all experts in their fields and use intuition throughout all aspects of their businesses. Their goal is to deliver great tools, strategies, and information on the missing link - intuition - that is lacking in the workplace, entrepreneurship, management, leadership and life in general. 

We currently have a full slate of speakers. If you are interested in speaking about intuition, leadership, entrepreneurship or entrepreneurial wellness for a future event please contact Terry at

Following Your Intuition To Achieve Your Goals
Abby Gooch Intuitive Success Coach, Author, Speaker

Discover how to follow your intuition to achieve your goals in business and in life. In this presentation you will learn how to activate your intuition, experience it's wisdom and guidance to support you in your best next steps. Enjoy a fun and interactive experience of trusting yourself to your core.

Business Education +1
Business Clairvoyance +11
Discover the Power of Spiritual Selling
Joe Nunziata Discover the Power of Spiritual Selling

Spiritual Selling offers new insights and valuable tools that will change the way you view sales and business. This revolutionary new philosophy will transform the way you conduct business. The result of this process is the creation of the Attractor Sales System ™. 


You will discover:

-How and Why, You Attract Specific Types of Clients
-How Your Fear Stops You from Expanding Your Business
-How to Change Your Energy and Attract What You Desire
-The Power of E-squared
-How to Build a Winning Sales Process and more


Business Marketing
Sales Chakra +4
Intuitive Writing Processes
Lee Milteer President, Lee Milteer, Inc.

Topics to be discussed:

Lee's Background on writing 12 books and 4 BEST Selling Books.

  • How do you get in the Writing Zone?
  • How does Info Come through you?
  • Why You need a editor
  • How to Organize your materials to write from and where to gather information.
Business Intuition +1
Intuition and Life Lessons
Rev. Dr. Lesley Phillips Psychic Development Trainer

Opening your intuition is a self-healing path that naturally allows your psychic abilities to be revealed. If we seek to unleash our gifts without healing, we only get so far, and then we must face our limits before we can progress. There are 7 common intuition blocks everyone must deal with. Dr. Lesley will reveal what they are during this interview. Your chakras also encode specific life lessons for your personal growth. These are unique to you, and your psychic abilities naturally emerge as you transcend these chakra challenges.  Dr. Lesley has a special gift to help you discover your unique path and gifts.

Education Health & Well-being +3
Education Energy +29
Intuition & Decision-Making: Honoring Self, Embracing Innate Wisdom
Sherre DeMao BizGrowth Maestro

How much do you trust yourself … really? How often do you doubt yourself or question what your intuition is trying to tell you? How often do you ignore an urge or feeling? There is a direct link between intuition and taking initiative that begins with awareness. Once embraced and you begin to trust your own sense of wonder, insight, knowing, and curiosity, you unleash a powerful tool for manifesting your ultimate desires.

Business Entrepreneurship +1
The Leader's Inward Journey
Terry Wildemann Intuitive Success Navigator

As leaders we are in a special role that affects other's lives. It's an important role that is so much more than barking orders. You see, management is about the practical side of business. Leadership is about the spiritual and personal side of business. When we lead 

So often we create our own self-sabotage because we don't really listen to our inner guidance system. Life gets complicated and we can make it even more so by how we react to what is going on around us. We get into resistance and allow our emotions to rule the day (which they do!)

In this segment, Terry will share with you the exact same tool she uses daily - and has been for 23 years - to lead with positivity, focus, clarity and direction that organically harmonizes your business and life 

Business Leadership +1
Business Intuition +3
Intuition and Innovation
Tonya Hofmann CEO

Using your intuition to help with not only grow your business but create more innovation for massive growth!

Business Intuition +1