Global Intuition Summit
Global Intuition Summit
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Organizer Terry Wildemann
Global Intuition Summit
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Timezone: Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Registration ends: Sun, Nov 6, 2022 5:00 PM (5 months 1 week from now)


Working with Intuition is smart, delicious and feels really good! Yet, we often fear listening to it because it's not practical or logical. When we do listen we work smarter instead of harder, decision making becomes easier and we surrender the hard stuff which amazingly falls into place. 

This summit brings intuition experts together to help you, the entrepreneurial leader, to work with it in every area of your business and life!

The Leader's Inward Journey
Terry Wildemann Intuitive Success Navigator

Whether in business or life we often run away from our intuition because we lack trust in our Inner Guidance System. 
In this presentation Terry shares the importance of reducing stress to listen to the guidance that comes.

Entrepreneurial leaders will gain insight on:

  1. The work/life balance myth
  2. The “I need to do it all” syndrome
  3. Listening can change it all!
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Business Intuition +3