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Don't fake it til you make it, Believe it and Become it
Master (6th degree Black belt), cCTM

Coach Raja is a Triple Talent- Science for the MIND, Karate for the Body, and Music for the Soul. Over the past 4 years he has provided FB live coaching on Mindset and personal development and helped thousands. His past year the beta launch of “Mind-SHIFT Mastery” yielded a 100% success rate in guiding clients to face their fears. After 37 years of Tang Soo Do training he understood a pattern in moving white belt Mind-LOCK to black belt Mind-SHIFT and translates that into business, life, and relations. Now he is a Professional speaker who Keynoted TEDxJNJ, recently won the Toastmasters International Speech Competition (Area) twice, is in multiple Black Belt Hall of Fames, starred in the martial arts documentary movie "The Martialist", and about to release his new book “UN-Box ME Today.” All of this despite a lifelong stutter which he saved for last to show you that any obstacle can be overcome with the right MIND-SHIFT. Are you ready for YOUR Mind-SHIFT?


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Parents - turn your kids from White belts to Black Belts in Life (works great for adults too!)

After 37 years teaching martial art Master Raja Vaidya (6th degree Master) saw a pattern in helping children go from White Belt mind-LOCK to a Black Belt Mind-SHIFT…   When parents learn these key strategies to encouraging and empowering their children, the children become the best version of them selves and achieve black status not just in karate class, but in life.. 

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Bullying Business Development +19


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