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Food & Wholistic Health Expert, aka 'That Gutsy Lady'
BS, Foods & Nutrition/Communication Arts, Cornell University

Do You Really Have the GUTS to Be Healthy?  asks Nancy Lee Bentley, veteran Food & Wholistic Health Expert, Healthy Private Chef, Speaker, Author and Mentor/Coach,  aka ‘That Gutsy Lady’.   She helps conscious, busy people, especially mature women,  with shortcuts and longhaul strategies to jumpstart and stick with healthy eating, get together around our food and Remember Who We Are. 


A Grandmother of the Organic Movement and Founder of The Food Circle, like her moniker, she’s been “calling-it-like-it-is” ~ writing, speaking, cooking and championing healthy food and sustainable community for over five decades. 


With spoon in one hand and mouse in the other, she’s gone “full circle” in her colorful “out of the box”  career ~ from Madison Avenue food styling, organizing the Organic Trade Association & the First National Food Day, to running one of the first Mail Order Allergy Foods businesses and feeding people at Woodstock, (now twice.)  


That includes plenty of Celebrity Food Support, from starting an organic food co-op with the Ozark Mountain Daredevils and co-authoring Dr. Mercola’s Total Health Program, to catering organic for  Aveda’s founder, baking Prince’s purple-flowered birthday cake and developing wheat-free recipes for Cher. 



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Do You Really Have the GUTS to Be Healthy?

Realize you need to be making better, healthier eating and lifestyle choices, but are challenged starting or sticking with it?  Don't be too hard on yourself, it's not just about willpower!   Eating, Feeling and Being Healthier, moving toward Total Health, is a "Body-Mind-Heart & Soul" Issue.   Let veteran Nancy Lee's in-the-trenches food/ health experience and refreshing 'let's get real' insights and down-to earth approaches help you find your own way. 


 * Now more than two years into the global health crisis,  well over half of all Americans ~ 65-68%  list “Being Healthy” as their Number One priority and “Healthy Eating” as the top, the best way to achieve it. 
 * Yet, while so many people agree that Eating Healthy is a Key to enjoying more energy, resilience, better immunity and longer life,  all too often they’re expressing frustration and asking “Why Then Does it Seem So Hard? 


* It’s not rocket science, but with all that's going on these days, it literally takes GUTS ~ a healthy GI tract, courage, conscious food & lifestyle choices and community to really be healthy in the full sense of the word. 


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