Gut-Health-Immunity Summit
Gut-Health-Immunity Summit
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Organizer Ann Metcalfe
Gut-Health-Immunity Summit
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Thank you for considering being a speaker at my Gut-Health-Summit – Sowing the Seeds of Health and a special thank you and honour it will be to have those of you who have already accepted my invitation. I am looking for 1-2 more speakers.

The purpose of the summit is to provide knowledge, solutions, and a sense of hope and empowerment to men and women who need support to get over their health hurdles during these trying times.

I am welcoming speakers whose expertise revolves around Gut Health and Immunity including the following: 

• Diet and nutrition/healthy eating, Environmental/outside and hidden inside issues that hijack our natural balance and immunity, to learn the importance of stress management and gaining a better understanding of our total body, mind and spirit relationship to stay healthy and how our body's systems, ie lymph, are so important to our health. 


• In the form of a one-day pre-recorded mini-summit with a 35-45 minute interview with me. The recordings will be up for 24 hours, with VIP access to the recordings. Free Gifts for Guests are recommended, as well as a VIP gift. 

My Commitment to You: 

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How to Heal Your Gut By Focusing on What’s Easy
Andrea Hayley-Sankaran Ayurveda Digestive Health Coach/Vegetarian Chef
  • Five traits of easy-to-digest food, and how to cook for smoother and more comfortable digestion on-demand.
  • Which food combinations are difficult to digest, so you can avoid the big toxic no-nos.
  • Two things you can do right now to support your gut health that take no time.
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Gut Buddies: Your Body's Internal Support Team
Ann Metcalfe Gut Health Advocate

Your body's best defense system begins in the hidden realms of your gut microbiome, and your gut buddies are there to support you.
What you will learn from Ann:

* How to choose foods that strengthen an immune system weakened by stress
* Best foods to avoid to reduce stress in your gut
* Other ways, such as sleep and exercise, to support your gut microbiome

Education Health & Well-being +1
Health Gut Health +2
Vagus Nerve Massage demonstration
Claudia Muehlenweg Holistic Vision Improvement Coach
  • The vagus nerve is the main highway of the parasympathetic nervous system
  • our vision is best when we feel relaxed and feel safe
  • when we're stressed, our vision is a little bit more blurry
  • all our organs are connected to this nerve.
  • using breath and massage to help yourself get into that relaxed, happy vagal tone, * which will also help your digestion
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Oral factors in gut health
Dr Oksana Sawiak DDS.IMD. MAGD. AIAOMT

Your mouth - the front door to your health.

Dr. Oksana Sawiak The Health Detective

Dr. Sawiak addresses:

  • How oral  health and dental procedures affect gut health.
  • How acupuncture meridians are affected by what goes on in the mouth?
  • How IBS and Crohn’s are affected by what oral issues?
  • What choices you can make personally and at your dental office to protect your gut health?

Your health is your business. Not your doctor’s, not your government’s not your insurance company’s.    Making the right choices takes knowledge.    Learning how is a life-long process.  If you keep investing in knowledge, you and your family will benefit.

Elaine Easdale Holistic Nutrition CNP,NNCP

What is the Lymphatic system

  • How it works with your immune system
  • What is the function of the Lymphatic system
  • How does your Lymphatic system keep you healthy
  • Do you have inflammation ?
  • What happens if it becomes stagnant \ backed up
  • What are things we can we do to regenerate and help get our Lymphatic system moving again
The Benefits of Plant-Based Eating
Elaine Easdale Holistic Nutrition CNP,NNCP

Your body's best defense system begins in the hidden realms of your gut microbiome and your gut buddies are there to support you. 
Stress on the job can seriously affect the peace and harmony in the digestive system, your first line of protection. 
What, when and how you eat makes a big difference to your overall health, often unseen at first and presents later in life. 
3 key points: 
* choosing foods to strengthen your immune system weakened by stress
* foods best to avoid to reduce stress in your gut
* other factors like sleep and exercise to support your body and your gut microbiome

Education Health & Well-being +1
Health Gut Health +2
Radiant Skin from the Inside Out
Jennifer Fisher Plant-Powered Products Producer

 •  the skin is the largest organ in the body 

  • the gut gives direct signals from the inside that something is not quite right.
  • The body is constantly communicating with us that we need to pay attention
  • alternative to whole fresh food in a powdered form
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Clear Your Mind. Change Your Life!
Ken Martz Psychologist, Author

Life can be a whirlwind of work, household maintenance, bills, preparations for school, travel to activities, and more. This chronic and acute stress impacts the body and mind.  As a psychologist for 20 years, I have trained in a wide range of techniques and tools to support our stress management.

However, meditation is my favorite. In this session, learn how a few minutes of meditation can help to clear our minds and even be time-saving.  We will explore how quieting my racing mind, helps me to heal my gut and body.

Intuitive Fitness
Lisa Peranzo Intuitive Fitness Coach

All of us know that moving our bodies is an important component of a healthy lifestyle. However, with all the pervasive trends in the fitness industry, it is hard to know what to do that will serve us.

In today’s discussion we will talk about:

  • Debunking current fitness myths and how they work for us
  • How to address your ego in your workouts
  • The concept of Intuitive Fitness
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Health Fitness
"Your Health Is In Your Control, Despite What You May Have Been Told!"
Melissa Deally Integrative Health

This talk will focus on: 

  • Our gut is the epicentre of our health
  • 90-90% of all disease is caused by the environment YOU create inside your body!
  • You can create a  body that is in-hospitable to disease,  you just need to learn how.
  • It's easier to do than you might think when you know how

Your health is your greatest asset, don't wait to get sick and then use bandaid solutions to mask symptoms, work with a practitioner that looks at your whole being plus your lifestyle factors and the power of functional medicine labs so we can discover the root cause, your imbalances and guide your body back into balance at which point it will heal itself! 

You have the power, your health is in your control!

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Do You Really Have the GUTS to Be Healthy?
Nancy Lee Bentley Food & Wholistic Health Expert, aka 'That Gutsy Lady'

Are you realizing you need to make healthier eating and lifestyle choices for your GUT and whole health, but find yourself challenged starting or sticking with it?  Don't be too hard on yourself, it's not just about willpower!  Eating, Feeling, and Being Healthier—moving toward Total Health—is a "Body-Mind-Heart & Soul" Issue.  Let veteran Nancy Lee's in-the-trenches, practical food/health experience, refreshing Let's get Real' insights and down-to earth approaches help you find your own way. 

What you will learn from Nancy:

  • Why does Healthier Eating Seem so Challenging?  
    How Our Food and Lifestyle choices impact Our GUT Health
  • Is it What you’re Eating or What’s Eating You?  
    How Our GUT affects our whole health and immunity and vice versa.
  • What can I Do?   How to “Get REAL, Get Gutsy and Get Going” on Eating Healthier 
    with some Simple, Savvy Choices to Jumpstart and Stay with It

Well over half of all Americans ~ 65-68% ~ now list “Being Healthy” as their Number One priority, but are all too often confused and frustated asking “Why Then Does it Have to be So Hard?  It’s not rocket science, what and how you eat does affect your gut health and your overall well-being.   But with all that's going on these days, Nancy says it literally takes GUTS ~ a healthy GI tract, courage, conscious food & lifestyle choices, AND community to really be healthy in the full sense of the word.  She's got clues for you.

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Trust Your Gut: Learn How To Tune Into Your Inner World Masterclass
Peter van Twuyver Healer

We have all heard the cliche “Trust Your Gut” for as long as we have been alive, but the science behind what that means has only been recently discovered.  Your Gut, or your gastrointestinal tract, is a powerhouse of nerves and bacteria that work together to not only digest food to sustain our bodies, but also create the feelings that we experience, like happiness, joy, and anger among others.  In our tech-heavy society, we tend to stay too much in our heads, ignoring the signals our gut is trying to send us.  

Do you feel stuck? Do you suffer from pain or anxiety?  Not sure what to do next? Your Gut can help you figure out why.  But you have to learn how to tap into this Inner World.

The good news is that everyone can do it.  You just need a simple technique to get you started.  It can be simple and quick with the proper practice.

In about 30 minutes, you will learn about the importance of the Gut with experiencing feelings and how we can learn how to listen to those feelings.  See how Western Medicine and Science meshes well with Eastern Philosophy!

What are the benefits of trusting your Gut?

  • Improved decision-making
  • Improved self-care
  • Avoid missing important opportunities
  • Pick the right partner, friend or colleague
  • Receive the right answer to your question in the right way and at the right time

Join us for a discussion and meditation that will help you change the way you think and feel!

Education Health & Well-being +3
Science Healing +10
Digesting your thoughts - The interrelation between your mental & physical health.
Zsa Zsa Tudos Esoteric Knowledge Expert

I would like to introduce the mind, the unique essence of earthlings, as the governing place of their existence. It is the place where physical health is decided. It draws the path of life, creates emotions and makes vital decisions in everyday existence. Since the gut is the centre of survival, the mind channels all its contents straight into it.