Lori McDowell
Dr. Lori McDowell she/her/hers
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Lori McDowell is Founder and CEO of Reimagine U Strategies. She is the author of The Reinvention Mindset, a highly anticipated book to be released in May 2024.

Lori is passionate about helping individuals find joy in the world and reach their full potential. Lori loves to share her inspirational stories to help individuals get past any roadblocks and find fulfillment in their careers and their lives. Lori is a also mindset coach.

As a speaker, Lori shares her story, including how she was able to reinvent herself after a horrendous firing, by tapping into her faith and belief system. She believes that God has a plan for all of us, and leaning into that plan is a recipe for success. Facing her fears allowed her to find success. The Reinvention Mindset shares her story and stories of others who have faced tragedies and reinvented themselves. It is a book that takes the reader on a journey to find a life filled with love and joy.