Jan Robberts
Mr Jan Robberts he/him/his
Transformation Specialist, Self Leadership Strategist, Coach
Author, Coach, International Speaker, Leadership Consultant

Jan knows what it feels like to be ridiculed, bullied and to feel insecure. Even in business, He has experienced the impact of companies and clients not respecting or understanding each other in the pursuit of achieving money goals and success. Most of those missed the point!

That drove him to learn the secrets of leadership and Speaking from John Maxwell and Les Brown and brought him to South Africa. “I know that, in order to uplift and realign the way people interact, they need the skills to Find their Voice, know it is their time and create their story to influence others, positively”. 

Jan offers Keynotes, leadership development, presentation skills, behavioural analysis, self-care, and personal development workshops, individual speaker coaching, and train facilitators in an impactful values based program which is transforming entire countries.

“I believe in a world where people are inspired to use their voice and lead, rather than suffer in silence and follow.” - Jan Robberts

Jan speaks about:

  • The I.C.E. Maker - Unusual strategies to become a global influencer
  • The Upgrade - Staying relevant in an ever changing world
  • Intentional Living - The present you give to yourself
  • Values based Living - How to build a solid foundation for your life, business, and Leadership Development.
  • Self-Care isn't selfish - Becoming healthier happens by choice, NOT by chance

Stages and speaking opportunities he looks for:

International corporate stages (both Physical and virtual), Corporate business leaders, managers and business owners

Recent accolades:

Global Presence Ambassador -2020 (USA), Strategic Partner – CKH Network (Bangladesh), Cubimo Entrepreneurship Platform – Strategic Partnership – (Sweden), Inducted in the World Book of Greatness 2021, Inspirational Man of the Year 2021 - Mo2vate Magazine (UK)

Co-Author - Relationships for Men by Men

Co-Author - Living without Limitations - 30 Mentors to Rock your World

Author - Self-Care isn't Selfish. Becoming healthier happens by choice, NOT by chance (Ebook)


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