Chad Austin
Chad Austin
Personal Trainer, Consistency Coach, Best Selling Author, Owner of Priority Fitness
Chad has been know as one of the top personal trainers in Kansas City since 2010. He has 15+ years experience in personal training, 6+ years experience as a studio owner, and he is a 2x Best Selling Author. Here’s why Chad is the best choice for your next event… Chad understands exactly how to help busy individuals, not only reach their short term goals, but how to help them make fitness a priority for life! Attendees always walk away with a realistic plan that they can fit into their busy lifestyle. Chad does more than present, he creates an experience for his audience. View Chad’s Speaker One Page:

In a world that is flooded with promises of instant gratification, short cuts, quick fixes, and easy buttons, Chad helps his clients stop constantly starting over so they can improve their quality of life with long term fitness success.  Chad’s clients include busy entrepreneurs, athletes, and celebrities. Whether speaking in front of large groups, or delivering live or virtual workshops, attendees always walk away with a plan that they can use immediately. 

Chad Austin has been a leader in the fitness industry since 2003. He is the owner of Priority Fitness in Overland Park, KS, and is also the best selling and award winning author of the book series, “Make Fitness A Priority.” Chad is a regularly called upon fitness and wellness guest expert for local and national media. He was the host of the talk radio show, “Be Fit...For Life”, and has been featured on over 20 podcasts. 



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The Formula to Fit Fitness into Your Lifestyle if You're a Busy Professional
If your goal is to get long term success and not just temporary results, then what you do for fitness must fit in your life.  If it doesn’t fit in your life…it simply won't be in your life very long. You can’t fit a square peg in a round hole.

When setting our expectations for our own workout program, we tend to look back at the time in our lives when we think we were at our fittest. We pay no attention to the fact that this was before we got our first real job, before we got promoted, before we got married, and before we started a family.  We had much more time then than we do now, but still that is where we put the bar. We have to realize that spending less time on fitness now, does not make it less of a priority for us.  It is just how it best fits.

This talk will help you get off the rollercoaster of inconsistency, stop starting over, and finally figure out how fitness best fits in the life you are living now. 

You will learn: 
  • You will learn what instant gratification really is and how avoiding it can help you stop starting over.
  • You will figure out how fitness best fits in your life right now so you can use it to become your best self.
  • You will learn how Chad’s 4-step Fit Fitness In Your Life Formula can help you Make Fitness A Priority in your life.
  • You will learn what you will G.A.I.N by fitting fitness into your life. 

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