Suzanne Taylor-King
Suzanne Taylor-King
Life Coach, Mental Fitness & Positivity Mentor
Suzanne holds a BA in Applied Science, MA in Positive Psychology, 25 years experience in dentistry, has certifications in Life Coaching, Corporate Wellness Coaching, Nutrition, Mind/Body Fitness, Stress Management, Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Flourishing Skill Group Coaching, and is a Certified Optimized Living Coach with additional trainings in Energy Medicine, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Duality, Public Speaking, Marketing, Social Media and Leadership/Personal Development.
A Life Coach for Entrepreneurs, Mental Fitness Advocate and Positive Psychology Practitioner who supports people to activate the full potential of who they really are. I help executives create their visions, entrepreneurs to live more in balance,  discover their passions, and live healthier and motivate Network Marketing Pros to step into their power and share their gifts with the world. I’m fully committed to embodying my potential and leading this life by example, and mentoring you to do the same!  I guarantee your life will gain radical momentum, balanced personal growth and the peace and calm you deserve! 

Suzanne ignites ideas, conversation and connection...her motivational talks and workshops are a combination of innate wisdom, modern tools and humor to grow communication, connection, leadership, emotional intelligence, productivity, strength, positivity, grit, resilience and a life you love! 
Suzanne has condensed 35 years of experience/study in positive psychology, emotional intelligence, holistic living and delivers it in a 10 step process for living your best life. This practical approach to wellbeing can be delivered be within the containers of coaching, workshops or seminars for individuals and corporations. 
Suzanne is described as an "authentic connector, hilarious inspirational thought leader" sharing personal stories, triumphs, struggles with science and research-backed content and the modern tools that you can implement in real life!!


These are example talks for Suzanne Taylor-King

Understanding your Saboteurs ~ Encouraging the Sages
1. Understanding those negative voices and why they are trying to protect you can be a powerful weapon in your emotional intelligence toolbox. 2. What is the voice, who is it for you. WE all have 10 different types of self sabotage and those saboteurs come to rescue us at different times. 3. Learning the sage superpowers we all posses and how to encourage them.  This informative,inspiring and motivational talk will leave you thinking about your personal negative voices and the Sage wisdom you can bring forth to help your brain be rewired for positive thinking! 
Life Purpose Coaching Mindset +1
The ROI of Confidence

The 3 Foundational Steps to Confidence, Interactive, Activities and Workbook

Body Confidence Confidence +1


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